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  1. Another anniversary;

    It's been a 'tradition,' such as a thing might be, to get at least one more Tier 10 every time that rolls around;

    This year, those I'm closest to are; Shimakaze, Worchester, Khabarovsk, GKf, Z-52, Daring, and Henri IV.

    Many of you know my feelings about the carrier rework, so even though I've all the relevant T8s, those don't rate consideration.

    Anyone out there have a favorite from the above list?

    1. Atomic_Manatee


      Me? Not even close: my highest non-premium is T8 Amagi, and it's still a Loooooooot of XP before I unlock Izumo :Smile_teethhappy::Smile_sad:

    2. Estimated_Prophet


      The question will then become if you’ll hate it so much you’ll want to fxp past it.

    3. Atomic_Manatee


      Hate it? nah. I'm just leveling lower tier ships for now.