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  1. Part of why I love Co-op so much...

    Nowhere else can you go in deliberately seeking a brawl, for a secondaries hits mission; and as long as you don't completely derp against the bots; get away with just sitting there letting your secondaries beat the enemy to death.

    Already had about 300-ish of the 500 needed; this finished it up.

    The lovely finish was also getting the 40 plane kills task. Always fun to sidle up to a bot carrier, and shoot its planes down, almost faster than they can launch.

    About 180 hits versus the Amagi, 200 versus the Implacable, and others here and there.




    1. USMCGal



      I guess I am in a trough with all of this grinding. I am just not as interested as I used to be where I could hop on and complete a couple dailies a night.  Without having the long and drawn out multiple tier grind that this has become. It's just not for me. :Smile_honoring:

    2. Khafni


      Well done! Co-op is my go-to battle for those kinds of missions as well.

    3. Estimated_Prophet


      USMCGal, oh, I'm not really grinding so much as just playing.

      Just finished the second Directive with that game, and not doing much more than; 'Oh? That's close? Massachusetts then.."