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  1. Had two items collected from special containers of the French Destrpoyers collection. (Legion of Honor Collection.)

    Had sixty-four daily containers, collected in ones and twos and occasional threes over the last month or two.

    Drew twelve new items, and 11 duplicates.

    2 + 12 + (2 x 5) = 16, all done; with 15,000 credits for the last duplicate.

    1. Khafni


      I ended up spending 15 dupes to get the last three items and finish the collection. This collection just doesn't seem noteworthy like others before it. The history is all good but the whole French DD launch has been meh. Outside of the Jaguar and Guepard missions that I lucked into I've not bothered with that grind in the least.

      But I did get my 1,000,000 free XP and now have Friesland. Good fun is gonna come with that ship! I reset my 19 pt Blys captain during the free respec in the last patch and tailored him to work with both ships.

    2. Estimated_Prophet


      Guepard seems to be trying to draw my attention with occational flashes of brilliance; otherwise my experience with the MN destroyers has been pretty bad.

      WR hovering somewhere around 40%.

      Quite possibly because I never liked the RU destroyers, or really addapted to their open water shooting meta.

      To me, all destroyers have been the same; the only real difference is some are better at hiding than others.

    3. klymar8


      Good job . I am working on that one but casually ; at 11 of 16 with 3 dupes . I did buy 1 premium container to start it but was working on the Overchecken (?) captain one at that point so started it after that .