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  1. Gasp, shock.

    Finally got to stage two for the legendary module on one of my Tier 10 ships, (Des Moines.)

    Only took me nine months or so to get 100,000 modified xp, boy howdy, I sure am racing along.

    If Tier 10 was any more exciting to play I might fall over.

    1. klymar8





    2. USMCGal


      I am sure you will finish that before I finish my Halsey campaign...Only on task 2. Been working on that since it came out...yeah...sucks carp it does.

      Good luck to you though. :Smile_honoring:

    3. Khafni


      I've gotten started on 4 T10 mods for DM, Wooster, Gearing and Shima but sold the ships a while back. Shima is just barely started with the first stage, Gearing almost finished the first stage, DM in stage 2 about halfway thru, and Wooster all the way to the third of four stages.

      I've just no interest in T10 these days. I only play my Salem, and now Yoshino, in Co-op.

      Good on you, Prophet, to finish one off! Is the DM mod any good?