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  1. 'Worst Iowa ever...'

    (First game, in Iowa, In Randoms...)

    And yet I scored third on the team, (a loss, unfortunately,) tanked 2-1/4 million potential, and, admittedly, only did 68k damage, and kill stole, er... secured, one kill with a measly 800-ish damage.

    The complaintant ranked worse, and scored no kills...

    Only three players scored kills, #1, (five,) #2, (one,) and #3, (me, one.)

    The Reds were terrible shots, and I probably broke my record for tanked in a Random...

    ...obviously the Greens were worse... :Smile_sceptic:

    1. Chien_Lu_Anderman


      Unfortunately these types are out there and I just ignore them since they are only brave enough to do it due to the anonymity of the internet . Be of good cheer my friend you are obviously better then they are in all ways !