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  1. Made Rank 1.

    Unfortunately had to be carried, but I made it.

    Four games in New York.
    Four games in Furutaka.
    Two games in Pumpkin.
    Twenty-three games in Bogue.

    Felt as if I'd hit a palteau, and switched ships. Was originally going to go back to Pumpkin, but decided to gamble on a ship I'd not played in over a year...

    FIVE games in Gremyashy; one loss to start; four straight wins for the Rank 1.

    Shout out once again, (previously thanked them in Port chat,) to @bcbud , @jason199506, @Capn_Will, @RedCzar, and M113Scout for getting me over the top.

    Appologies once more, and thanks for getting carrying me Rank 1.

    1. Khafni


      Congrats Prophet! I still can't get excited enough to pursue even ranked blitz. Maybe one day...

    2. USMCGal


      Many Congrats!

    3. jason199506


      the game i ran into you happened to be the game i rank out