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  1. Estimated_Prophet

    Report Your Local CV

    Unless you’re a reroll, then the number of battles you have likely means you missed the anti-destroyer vitriol from a few years back, from before everyone started dumping on carriers.
  2. Estimated_Prophet

    Thoughts on Georgia in Co-op?

    No problem whatsoever hitting things with Musashi, not constantly overpenning is another matter.
  3. Estimated_Prophet

    Which line should I choose?

    Dresden. Emden (if available in the shop or the Armory,) is it's famous sister and a premium ship. Love both.
  4. Estimated_Prophet

    No way...

    Nice. Same way I got my Graf.
  5. Estimated_Prophet

    Time to get to tier 10?

    I personally think I suck; but apparently (with premium,) I do well enough not to lose credits. I just loathe Tier 10 gameplay and refuse to participate in it without some outside motivation. Clan Battles? SCREW THAT. I got kicked out of my previous clan for refusing to participate in them. Partly why I'm in a small clan now; they're too small for anything but Naval Battles, which I don't mind playing.
  6. Estimated_Prophet

    Any time I play, I leave feeling like I should delete the client.

    Be nice to get such battles,,, Mine are usually T10, against player who actually grasp the concept of WASD, who are smart enough to stick together, or some combination of all three.. I hate the rework for reasons that are likely much different than apparently most others who complain about it. I'm not too far from this right now. The only real motivation I have right now for playing (Randoms at least,) is to tag blocks in Naval Battles. A secondary motivation is I want to break 10k games in Randoms and Co-op at about the same time. After that; it is entirely likely I'll go back to playing mostly Co-op again.
  7. Estimated_Prophet

    Where to see torpedo cd countdown timer?

    Gear icon in the upper left in the port - Settings - Controls - (bottom middle) click the box for 'Show both main battery & TT load indicators.' If that doesn't do it, then I've no idea what may be wrong that you can't see the loading/cooldown indicators.
  8. Estimated_Prophet

    2 CV's per team is killing the game slowly

    Hate the rework and think the devs wasted the last two years of their lives, but even I understand their ain’t no going back.
  9. Estimated_Prophet

    A question about DD tactics please advise!

    This... ...and this. One of my better capping games I nearly got blapped in the first few minutes trying to cap. I pulled away at less than 25% health, then wound up actually getting four caps that game by paying attention, and spotting Reds without shooting for my team to zap. (Faultline. A, (failed.) B. C. B again. A, finally.)
  10. Atago. Most played cruiser, wr really isn’t that bad, but my average damage in it is pretty pathetic.
  11. How I was before, and how I am now. Carriers never bothered me much under RTS, and they don’t really do so now.
  12. Estimated_Prophet

    Fed up with Anti-CV hate

    My first destroyer game after the rework dropped I scored a Kraken... (admittedly, a Nicholas,) effectively by playing support the whole game. Maybe just because of playing carriers myself, under RTS and now, I just don’t have trouble with them to the extent some seem to claim. I don’t really no why they don’t seem to bother me otherwise.
  13. Estimated_Prophet

    What If Wednesday!

    Nagato, as piko said; because we couldn’t have had Yamato or Musashi.
  14. Estimated_Prophet

    Fed up with Anti-CV hate

    I may be adapting to the mechanics, but still hate the rework. As far as destroyers are concerned; I’ve not had much trouble from carriers while using them.