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  1. Estimated_Prophet

    Now we finally have a exsuse to add ARP i 401 submarine

    Hopefully we’ll at least get a premium I-400.
  2. Estimated_Prophet

    We don' need French DDs!

    Still unsure what to think about the Froggies. Sucked wind in Randoms, (20%wr in the T2, 40% wr in the crate drop T6 Guepard,) but of course doing better in PvE... Sigh...
  3. Estimated_Prophet

    The Mandalorian (Star Wars series) coming Nov 12th (HYYPPE)

    Thought that was the new one shot like Rogue One and Solo. Stream series then?
  4. Estimated_Prophet

    BB 36 on the move

    I heard earlier this year she may wind up as far away as Mobile to get drydocked...
  5. Estimated_Prophet

    Toxic Ranked

    I play the only T9 ship I believe in, my Fletcher. (I like Buffalo, but refuse to use it or any of my battleships, because I have no confidence in my doing so.) Differences between the two of us; you have the ambition to drive higher, and the confidence to take risks; all I tend to do is play to secure the season flag. Mostly that involves playing to win by maneuver and objectives, rather than direct confrontation. Just five games this season; 1 loss, 4 straight wins. 34% mbhr, 11% thr, 3 kills, 47.8k avg dmg, 100% survival.
  6. Estimated_Prophet

    Why do I have 10k research points?

    Didn’t notice when I wan on before work. Guess I’ll have to check when I get home. Too busy doing T2-5 to fill in ships missed by drawing Guepard to care about resets anyway.
  7. Estimated_Prophet

    Submarines and CVs. An Insteresting Video.

    Great stuff as always.
  8. Estimated_Prophet

    I'm calling it now; subs are a joke.

    My thread from three years ago. I suppose they might work even better now with the new single squadron control mechanics, but with AA/small calibur gun mechanics so messed up, maybe not.
  9. Estimated_Prophet

    Ranked is rigged

    Maybe if their sorry cruiser behinds did their bloody jobs instead of farming battleship damage you wouldn’t have to? As for as I’m concerned ANY ship is the right ship to kill a destroyer. The sooner all of the Red destroyers are dead, the sooner everything else becomes that much easier.
  10. Estimated_Prophet

    I'm calling it now; subs are a joke.

    Wouldn’t necessarily say that. Even still, my faith in WG’s ability not to screw up is somewhat lacking...
  11. Estimated_Prophet

    WG AA Giveth and Taketh Away Pt 3

    Point and click, AA stays focused on planes, no matter what they do, until you pick another target, they die, or return to their carrier, (under RTS.) Hmmm... Compared to having to click the target every 20-30 seconds, which one is more work now?
  12. Estimated_Prophet

    Ranked is rigged

    Been playing Fletcher in Ranked, but still very much this. Lots of destroyer players who freak out when they realize that dumb battleship is actually hunting them.
  13. Estimated_Prophet

    Ranked Experience Comparison

    Same here, Fletcher all the way. Five battles, five days, one loss, four straight wins. Went from 16 to 13, and I’m done.
  14. Estimated_Prophet

    Hammer and Nails

    Story of my using French DDs, I'm mostly the nail. 40% wr in Guepard, (finally played it in Randoms.) 25% wr in the tier 2, (filling in the ships I missed by getting Guepard in a container.) Pretty much already at the 'To hell with this garbage,' stage.
  15. Estimated_Prophet

    The New Autopilot is Great!

    Pretty much the only thing I liked about the 0.8.7 PT rounds.