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  1. At original, wood-stock SKS is perfectly fine; but if you convert it to use an aftermarket stock (any of a number of various 'plastic' stocks,) it became an 'assault' weapon in some parts of the US, and thus illegal to own... Same action, same magazine capacity depending on the options you choose, but suddenly it is a scarier, more dangerous weapon, and is thus illegal.
  2. A rare time issm and I agree so completely.
  3. If I were to go by games played, then; IJN Atago USN Bogue RU Murmansk KM Konigsburg RN Warspite Fr Dunkerque
  4. Entire crews of a Zao could be dishonorably discharged, the ship scrapped, and the captain left alone in his gig, and it would STILL be too OP for my tastes.
  5. ...and here I thought I had a lot of Atago games when I was nearing 300... Well; not like I can really dis the OP for that; since I've done it myself a few times...
  6. At work so I can't actually check; is the PA tree actually out? Or are all the ships marked with 'SoonTM' or 'Testing' or some such?
  7. Obviously someone needs to do a Stalone/Rocky skin for Texas now... Remember though Mouse; what happened in said film... On a personal note; of late I've taken a likng to destroyering up to Nikkies in my Texas, and AP blasting them point blank... Seems to work rather well...
  8. Think I'm already using it on Emden and Dresden, (same captain for each,) and it's been a blast beating up bots in Co-op, (being a good 12k games + player, and not clubbing in low tiers... Unless I need a Random-only CV mission...) especially after I finally learned to aim better... this will just make things even better because more fires.
  9. Badly said, but the intent/sentiment is understood... After Belfast; the high-tier RN cruisers are an evil of Ragnarockian proportions that must be stamped mercilessly from the universe; more so even than destroyers... Hesitated a bit, then decided to not lemming with the mob and wound up pushing through C on Hotspot with a Konigsburg and actually broke into the enemy spawn area... ...lemming train dinked around North of A, never pushed down, or supported the few agressive ships trying to cap B, and were picked off one by one until my Bayern and the Konigs were all that were left... ...oddly enough; the two of us had top scores on that team...
  10. My tier 8 destroyer is quite pleased by such...
  11. Tanks... Easy... Such a funny forum menber...!
  12. Someone say Vampire? Will admit that tier seems a bit low; but then what do I know... I would imagine the Vampire currently in Sydney would have a slightly higher tier...
  13. Doesn't always take this long. Just a block time that the servers are down for the update to insure the least amount of trouble for all involved. Sometimes they get done early and the servers/game come back up early.
  14. Better yet; TURN IT OFF FOR ALL TIERS. Then add in level five skills again, and add a 'Close Bomber Attack/Ace Fighter Pilot' skill that will substitute for manual attack, and would force CV drivers to choose between that and all the other skills they might get at lower levels; or perhaps force a choice between that and 'Air Supremacy' somehow.
  15. Pretty much. And generally just in Co-op, to avoid any charges of seal-clubbing.