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  1. Estimated_Prophet

    Web site stats

    Yeah, the main site only keeps stats for your most recent Ranked season, for whatever reason. Your total battles (on your profile page or next to your avvy on a post,) should be correct. I’d say look at a third party site for your overall Ranked stats, but there’s been some kind of issue/lack of support/something from WG of late, so I’m not sure how reliable that might be.
  2. Estimated_Prophet

    New Sub changes for 11.6

    Especially in Co-op…
  3. Estimated_Prophet


    I know, Co-op, Haze; but I’ve been loving Vermont for its lolpen. Get pitched in, despite its slower speed, and start deleting things. Been a blast using it. Preussen is the closest equivalent, with 20-ish second reload on 18” guns, it tends to zot things as well, though its secondaries help.
  4. Estimated_Prophet

    PTS 0.11.6 pt 2

    Yeah, the changed the (legendary?) mods back (two years ago now?) when they switched from mission/task based acquisition to Research Bureau. A few are still useful, but all of them got nerfed… …too useful/strong, and we can’t have that!
  5. Estimated_Prophet

    The Proper Way To Put Out A Fire

    Wut?!? Wasn't too clear, (because phone I guess,) but did that ship just barrel roll?
  6. Estimated_Prophet

    Milestone Reached (PVE Thread)

    And I thought I’d played a lot… (I remember seeing someone with 40k+ games…)
  7. I have a couple that were removed? Plus whatever Santa brought me. So 30k+ battles and no, I don’t have all the Coal ships. What I don’t have I don’t care enough about to get. (Mil+ Coal. Having coal isn’t the issue.) No idea, but I think no. Ghost clan effectively, with just me and 2, 3 others even pretending activity.
  8. Estimated_Prophet

    players say one more time...

    As long as they make an I-400 class I can put my Iona or Gunzou on, they can have my money. I’ll never use it in Randoms, but at least I’ll finally have one.
  9. Estimated_Prophet

    More Operations..

    Spreadsheet Overlords claim they’re going to, but we’ll see.
  10. Estimated_Prophet

    San Diego out of NDA: First looks from various people

    Perception is everything, right or wrong; and is pretty much why I feel SAP and RN CL AP are both garbage. (Inconsistent damage dealers.) Things is, my best work in Randoms with Atlanta has been suicide close, where her torpedoes matter more than the AP. That close, just beat a destroyer to death with HE; but anything that lets an Atlanta get close, does so at their own peril. Yes to both. Maybe if the earlier cruisers hadn’t been such junk, I would have reached them by now and might believe that. Minotaur would be a relevant example. Though I’ve reluctantly grown fond of Minotaur, I pretty much hate RN CL AP. Leander was such an inconsistent joke it killed the line for me. How long have the RN CLs been out? I only got Minotaur last fall. And then, only because I needed another T10 for a five-block for the SCs they gave out last year, (anniv or Christmas,) and it was the easiest to get. (I’d slowly worked up the line, giving RN CLs ‘one more chance,’ and just needed to fxp past Neptune to get it.) I expect it will be at least as long before I get to Venezia.
  11. Estimated_Prophet

    San Diego out of NDA: First looks from various people

    Time for work, will watch when I get home, or maybe during break. SAP a huge downer though.
  12. Estimated_Prophet

    Mini's Reviews: San Diego

    Agree. Pretty much because of this. As much as some folks sing the praises of SAP (or RN CL AP for that matter,) HE has the virtue of not really caring what angle the target is at.
  13. Estimated_Prophet


    The point is to be entertained. Winning helps with that, more than anything else. Damage and kills also help, but don’t necessarily lead to winning.
  14. Estimated_Prophet

    FAQ about the Economic Rework

    Where will that be shown/listed? In the block over on the left?
  15. Been into anime since the '80s, so the collabs don't bother me much, if at all. Part of the reason I like (most of) the different collab captains is the same reason I like Dusty Rhodes, (the event commander for WeeVee '41, who's wearing an 'At Sea' uniform,) they're different, and not just another dude in class As/dress blues.