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  1. Estimated_Prophet

    Thanks for the free Port Slot WG

    And...? That sounds like a plus to me; I like Emerald.
  2. Estimated_Prophet

    Thanks for the free Port Slot WG

    Yep. Like outscoring every single T7 and getting top spot in a win in my Konigsburg recently.
  3. Estimated_Prophet

    Thanks for the free Port Slot WG

    This. No matter what discount might be offered, nothing is ever cheaper than ‘free.’ (Outside the token or doubs for the draw chance, I suppose.)
  4. Estimated_Prophet

    Old ships you still love.

    St Louis, Wyoming, Marblehead, Pumpkin, Bogue, (even if I can’t play it,) Old Pyramid version Furutaka, New Mexico, Warspite, Colorado.
  5. Estimated_Prophet

    The Captains Log Book

    Vampire is good culture. That’s a tough little bote, and its AA isn’t bad for a T3.
  6. Even so, I apparently have no idea what exactly is going on. Going to need to read the patch notes again, maybe then my sorry tushy will get a clue about what’s going on. On a side note; the ships are so ugly to me it’s a huge turnoff. Like Anshan and Lo Yang, why get the RN heavies? Exeter is good enough. Don’t forget uphill, both ways, in the snow.
  7. Estimated_Prophet

    ARP "Premiums" Are Actually Premiums Now!

    lol When they first came out they were called the East German Nightclub ships.
  8. Estimated_Prophet

    Blyskawica still sucks

    At first I was the same. Then after the owsf nerf, when someone said ‘play it like a Russian,’ and I started treating it like my Gnevny, I decided it wasn’t so bad. In any case; I didn’t get ‘Concealment Expert’ until after the skills rework, so I had Blys, but never drove it skill maxed back in its heyday.
  9. Estimated_Prophet

    Blyskawica still sucks

    With a 60% wr, you’re not going to get much sympathy, crying that Blys is no good. (For the record, my wr in Blys is 41%, mostly from 100 games played before OWSF was nerfed.)
  10. Estimated_Prophet

    Best feature in a patch - ever!

    If you mean the black glossy one, it’s not so bad. Better than some floating around with tonnes of gold gilt hanging off them like some 70s disco gigalo’s gold necklaces.
  11. Estimated_Prophet

    Feeling better about the British cruiser event

    Randoms no longer appeals to me.
  12. Estimated_Prophet

    Is anyone else happy?

    NP on my end. I’m dealing with the aftermath of PR, Snowflakes, and Christmas, and how they effect my gameplay, (minimum of five PvP and five PvE for any new ship, plus playing any ship I pick in five game blocks.) When I get caught up with that, I’ll worry about ‘next.’
  13. Mind you, I have Marblehead and like it, but...

    You know you must have a lot of the available premiums, when on your last through of the dice for Christmas Containers, one drops a ship, the program runs down its list, and stops at Marblehead Lima, because that's the first thing it finds that you don't already have...

    1. BladedPheonix


      could be worse, you could've gotten a  kreaspy krem!:cap_wander_2:

    2. Estimated_Prophet
  14. Estimated_Prophet

    is it possible to undo research bureu line resets

    You’ve pretty much done the right thing. Can’t hurt to ask. Don’t touch anything, because reversing that change, IF they do so, will remove anything you were given for the reset. (Research points, etc...) It’s late, so you might not hear back until in the morning, at the earliest. I’d play a phone game, or something else on your computer, and just relax.
  15. Estimated_Prophet

    Aircraft carriers

    I expect that will be the case. 0.8.0 is likely going to go down in Warships history as the ‘Sky is Falling’ controversy with the longest legs. By when the beta tests began it’s over a year old. By calendar it’s a year old this month. By release date there’s a week or so left. NOTHING else has remained at the forefront even a quarter as long; and the only thing that generated more short term toxicity was the PR event. Submarines may actually manage to get players to forget carriers for a while, but I wouldn’t count that chicken until it’s hatched.