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  1. Pull A.I CV's out of Co-Op

    lol that was some serious suckage... Thing so many cv drivers have trouble with; dropping when there’s barely enough room... ...so of course the bot does it perfectly...
  2. So... the Texas... wow.

    Never had any problems with NM, and it and Warspite were the two supposed ‘slugs’ I learned to brawl in. Too slow and can’t influence anything? More like a lack of patience and planning. seconded,
  3. Straffing

    Which means there’s no need for it any more? Langleys and Hoshos don’t need it/can’t use it any more; so most of the time it’s just used to screw over Bogue’s and Zuiho’s in T5/6 split games. Beyond that, I haven’t seen a four carrier mid-high tier game in so long it’s not even funny, much less one with split-tier carriers.
  4. Azur Lane?!

    Been an anime fan since Battle of the Planets and Macross/Robotech came to the US. Game or not; I’ll certainly welcome having some pretty faces across more of my fleets. Bad luck with computers makes me extremely leery of mods, but I may have to try yours out Chobi.
  5. Pull A.I CV's out of Co-Op

    Map awareness? Never been tk’d by a bot cv; but then I run CVs pretty often in Co-op, and am pretty hip to how they act. My biggest kvetch is the bloody bot flying half-way across the map to annoy me as you’ve said; when I’m trying to get back in the battle, and there are closer targets already shooting at the carrier. This is why it happens; map a awareness and WASD, which it seems you used, are how you deal with it. Aas I said earlier; never been tk’d by green bot cv myself... ...watched Reds zot their own guys though... Been in all sorts of CVs in Co-op at Solo Warrior odds or worse; love the heck out of it for the opportunity to rack up massive damage and xp. ninja’d.
  6. Carrier future rework/nerf thread

    Part of my kvetch is finally learning to play carriers well enough to go into Co-op after a (smelly byproducts) day in Randoms, and being able to relax just blasting things. Maybe my micro sucks too much for Randoms, but it's perfectly fine for Co-op and Ops. Having it turn into something as potentially dumb as a box of rocks... ...yeah; that doesn't make me happy.
  7. Carrier future rework/nerf thread

    Too early to say with certainty...? ...but right now sounding like time/effort spent learning to carrier will have been an utter waste of such.
  8. A Small Milestone

    lol, a billion credits, and I thought my 725 mil was a lot! Congrats Kahfni!
  9. I swore I would never play carriers, BUT...

    I completely don’t understand this, and the only reason I can think of is I’ve never played rts games before. To me the controls are the controls; good, bad, or indifferent.
  10. I swore I would never play carriers, BUT...

    Yeah; CVs will become as dumb as a box of rocks, the skill level average will get even worse, and many who invested time learning to use them will just quit completely, dropping things even further... Working as intended comrade; WG doesn’t give a rodent’s bottom about CVs anyway.
  11. Any 12 kill games?

    Just looked at myself... ...max kills game is just seven... ...in Belfast, of all things... ...a ship I utterly despise.
  12. Any 12 kill games?

    The mind boggles at the amount of good and bad luck, potato idiocy, (on BOTH sides,) kill securing, map awareness, and skill that would be required for that to happen... ...such being said; I wouldn’t be surprised if 12-kill games have happened.
  13. Waterline: Episode 1.1 [Dev Video]

    So; carrier gameplay will be as dumb as a box of rocks? Mod need; only mod I want to see added is the relative bearing indicator.
  14. Concealment New Mexico is best New Mexico

    Fair enough; been a while since I looked at the numbers. Thing is; I don’t give a flip about Alabama. High tier games hold no enjoyment for me; except when I play them in Co-op; high tier games aren’t ‘fun,’ they’re a chore. New Mexico at least I can still have fun in.
  15. Playing solo...random.

    Part of the issue in Tanks is all lunatic level experienced players placed in the games with effective noobs. No real idea how to deal with that, just know constantly dying to things I couldn’t see completely sucked any fun out of that game for me. For solo play? I’m trending more and more towards Co-op. Despite my number of games, I can’t seem to read the situation strategically to save my life, and that inability to influence games in any meaningful way beyond the tactical is becoming a big moral crusher.