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  1. When you have 600 million credits (and climbing; more than a PTS account is given...) over four million fxp and climbing, (depending potentially on Musashi's cost,) and over eight million ship xp...
  2. Well, that perspective angle does provide a greater understanding of the terrain in question...
  3. Any low-tier carrier in co-op, because even someone like me can usually drag the suicidaly stupid bots to a win in 15-1 games... (15 bots, 1 me...) Also, St Louis. On a more PvP note; Gallant. Doesn’t seem to be used much, but I’ve found that she and I seem to get along and do respectably well together.
  4. For Katoti’s enemies, it’s often ‘death by a thousand (sometimes firey) pinpricks...’ For Katori itself, it’s usually the death of a fly under a flyswatter...
  5. Which is it Triela? You into girls with glasses, riding crops, or both? :P
  6. Well, my tinfoil 2¥, as it relates to the usual complaints, would be that I get 0.03% over a 50% WR, and suddenly I can’t buy a win... Trying to get the three wins to start the Guadalcanal missions, it took me THIRTEEN tries before I got my first win... Don’t know what kind of unicum player MM thinks I am; but I’m sure as heck not one that could have carried any of those sacks of spuds I saw; especially since I was likely in the sack too... (Despite consistently being in the top 3-5 in those games, I wasn’t THAT much better than everyone else...)
  7. Many people say Mino is great... Can't even get Leander to be worth a flip; so I'm just not going there.
  8. 8oz Sake flask, and this happened HOURS after getting home... Not like i didn't eat anything to help soak the booze up. In any case, not significant enough an impression about the incident to say anything more than; maybe i'm a quiet drunk?
  9. If the OP is feeling pangs of guilt; they could always just yolo out every once in a while and get shot to hell as penance. I'm sure anyone with two brain cells to rub together would obligingly shoot them up... ...but considering how terrible players in high-tiers seem to be at shooting at anything lately, that might not work... Would be funny in its own way though if OP's Khab appeared in a cap, and all the Reds just ran away like it was Uchuu Senkan Yamato, about to fire its Wave Motion Gun...
  10. Who knows... Never been drunk; drank some Sake at a Hibachi place once and woke up after going home and to bed and the room was spinning; but that's about it...
  11. Five games in Akizuki last night and this morning; 4 tier 10, 1 tier 8, (with tier 6 ships.) Than micro-example alone is 80% Going one tier down; the five games I played using Kaga; 3 tier 9, 1 tier 8, 1 tier 7, 80% of those game were uptiered. 90%? Even if it is exaggerated, whoever is getting these games where they say they aren't always getting up-tiered, it isn't me. Z-23, Kidd, Benson, Akizuki, Micky K, Atago, all tier 8s I played over the last several days, pretty much every game was tier 10, 9, or 8... Games where I'm clearly top tier? So few they don't stand out. The ships above represent 25 games, maybe 1-2 i was top tier. If you want anything more than that; I'll have to do as you said and keep track. Still don't believe anyone who says they get so few uptiered games.
  12. If you say so. Can't find the old image, but is Bogue going to get a 1-1-1 finally? Make it nice to know I can murder bots even more easily without having to worry about that stupid AS Bogue configuration.
  13. Except I seem to have a big target on my ship, and the instant I'm spotted even for a second it seems like "A ROACH!!! KILL IT!!!" which means hide and do what I can... Lucky you, more like 90% or more of the time I'm bottom tiered.
  14. For me it's reseve slots... Don't know how many I have right now; I stopped counting. Port slots I can at least pretend to need, but even for them, I have 6-8 empties, and just recently sold a ship, so I have that one too. Not sure if that's the case, (see just above.)
  15. If they ever get around to doing a Pan-European mini-tree it might not be alone, but until then? Yeah...Kind of like a tougher Gnevny with more guns.