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  1. New Admiral in town!

    The ones that make me have to check to make sure i didn’t accidentally log into Tanks, and start reading the so-called ‘Daily Missions.’
  2. So you want to be toxic in chat?

    Yeah, been there a few times... Supposed ally; ‘Blah blah blah, go back to co-op you don’t know how to DD noob...’ Me; (Don’t know how to DD...? I just placed first and am still alive; wth else should I have done?!?)
  3. For a tier I despise and won’t play unless there’s no choice for some reason, or I just feel like it; Groz is the only T10 I like, (more so than Gearing and DM, my only other T 10s.) Personally suck at cap fighting, so Groz is stealthed and support, w. RPF and DF. Been quite a few sneaky lolibotes surprised.
  4. How to Des Moines by Yuro

    Now if only my original experience with DM hadn’t been so unrecoverably bad; I wouldn’t have zero faith in it, and even less desire to play high tier games.
  5. Getting Frustrated

    Never. I don’t object to the presence of clans like I once did, but their Raison d'être is competition at a tier that as far as I’m concerned can go to hell, because playing there is all chore and no fun. Fine by me; at least I win more. Except in Co-op and Ops, my division record is worse than when I play solo. Grinding it out in Co-op. Except for one accidental Mission 1, Task 3, (sink a DD and win,) I’ve finished Mission 1 with four each, Task 1 and Task 2 completions. I’m playing more Co-op of late because I feel I’m not sufficiently competitive to really enjoy Randoms, because more bang for the proverbial buck, (more games in ‘x’ amount of time,) and because Co-op is the only place I can have ‘fun’ playing carriers. Play Co-op when you need to relax, or just want to bash things after a bad day in Randoms.
  6. Wisdom Wednesdays - Commander Air Group

    Dive bombers are pathetically useless RNG hostages (unless you’re a bot; then you can get damage, and a fire, with a single bomber, even in the face of DFAA it seems,) seemingly good only for the scouting they can provide after killing whales, krill, sharks and tunas. Torpedo bombers will at least cause damage if you get some hits; so my TBs are often off first for a quick scout, and or attack, before settling down for the long haul.
  7. Except that radar and the training Ching Lee put the crew through, are what made Washington’s reputation on 11-14/15-‘42
  8. Say that all you want, with NC in the game there's no point to having Washington unless it gets that.
  9. Washington would either need radar, or some night fighting spotting range bonus that represents such.
  10. The Cantankerous Nature Of The Player Base

    Pretty much... Very rarely personally witness anything worth using them on, much less anything like the game in the OP.
  11. 6 radars around B cap - 6 stop watches needed

    lol Like before, been on both sides of that as well; seems I can’t shoot worth a flip sometimes, but stalk and point blank torpedo ambush? Love the heck out of doing that.
  12. 6 radars around B cap - 6 stop watches needed

    That being somewhat the point... All these DD drivers talking about how easily they troll Atlanta’s... Bald-faced liars; or they’ve never encountered a smart Atlanta driver who knows how not to be seen... Such fun to surprise the lolibotes at effectively point-blank range and tear them apart, (have been on both sides of such...) Kind of like Tenryu drivers who think they’re all that, until some poor, dumpy, slow St Louis suddenly appears and pummels them to death.
  13. If you mean Huanghe, I actually kind of like it. Maybe not so much in PvP, but I do in Co-op.
  14. Kidd/Fletcher build help

    Used LWM’s recommended AA build. Fighting over caps is nothing more than an almost certain trip back to port.
  15. World of Warships retro version

    Been there myself. Also with Tanks, (Jadgpanzer miniature rules.)