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  1. Estimated_Prophet

    Forts in regular maps

    But I want to fight as Fort Drum!
  2. Estimated_Prophet

    practice, practice, practice

    Unfortunately; as an unrepentant (Co-op) Strike Bogue fanatic and owner of Ise and Tone, I’m already doomed...
  3. Estimated_Prophet

    Anybody else staying in bronze on purpose?

    Haven’t bothered with Ranked since the format change.
  4. Estimated_Prophet

    ENOUGH with 4DDs in PvE!!!

    What annoys me the most in respect to CVs in Co-op, is knowing you can beat all the remaining bots that much faster, if not for the mosquitos that keep buzzing around every minute or so and spotting you; and of course the bot ships all ‘magically’ have their guns pointed right at you…
  5. Estimated_Prophet

    What Port Do You Use? Why?

    Tend to be satisfied with whatever the current default is, but tend to pick Fjords if I don’t like that.
  6. Estimated_Prophet

    ENOUGH with 4DDs in PvE!!!

    Ise has been a bit so-so in Co-op, but Tone has been a great cruiser. Oh-so-lovely tight shell drops, with the gun mounts so close together. Pretty much this. Or with anything but carriers. How I play Co-op usually gets me wins, unless the rest of the Greens, humans and/or bots, all die so fast it winds up five or six to one...
  7. Yeah, clubbing I suppose, but the Reds had one or two doing that as well. T4 Alighieri on Solomons, (been so long since I've seen that map, I thought it had been removed.) Severn achievements; Kraken, 2 CQE, DevStrike, Double Strike, Confederate, High Caliber. Fourteen planes shot down with that (bad) T4 AA. Three point captain. (Do skills matter? Or is it just that experience matters more?) Brag post maybe as well, just one game, and yes, a loss, but just had to share. T4 Alighieri on Solomons. Ping to @Khafni, @UltimateNewbie, @Wolfswetpaws.
  8. Estimated_Prophet

    Ever eat your own words?

    Sorta kinda... So, so, close to being toxic in chat about getting sunk tonight... ‘You played well Orkan.’ Comes over all chat... ’...’ ’Thanks.’ (Hand out the totally deserved +1 karma.)
  9. About the same; seem to average maybe one every 3-4 weeks?
  10. Estimated_Prophet

    Farragut, Pensacola or Dallas?

    And as someone above mentioned, it leads to Fletcher.
  11. Estimated_Prophet

    USS Cod vs the US Coast Guard

    What’s going on? Just moving? Going to dry dock? Or heaven forbid; scrapping?
  12. Estimated_Prophet


    Pretty much. Tone is even worse than Ise. Three minute for the first use. As a Hybrid, Tone is a pretty good cruiser. That all forward guns arrangement makes for a pretty tight drop, and it’s hell on destroyers you catch up close.
  13. Estimated_Prophet

    Who have you seen in game

    Just a shout out to @dedwa_02, who bettered my grumpy mood in an all but certain loss with an all chat complement.
  14. Base on that reasoning I wouldn’t disagree with you.
  15. Estimated_Prophet

    ZF-6, AP vs HE

    HE blast damage versus modules? I don’t trust destroyer AP versus other destroyers. I’ve seen the sparks from ricochets and pathetic damage amounts from overpens float up, and the failure of destroyer health bars to reduce in any meaningful way, too many times to ever believe it’s of any use in that situation; even against fatties like Khab and some of the Germans.