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  1. Never mind... (edited my own post...) Just; whatever WG...
  2. This is potentially a worse liability to a team than the Musashi...
  3. Never Give Up - Fighting to the End!

    Generally; what many people seem to say. Grinding higher in the trees, (I couldn't care less about reaching the tier ten ships; the reasons for which are their own story...) and collecting credits/fxp aren't motivators for me; (not when I have comfortable levels of both already, and little reason to spend them) Fight and die; run off and hide... ...either one works for me.
  4. Again, Nice vids... Despite that; I'm in a funk/lull right now; and just don't have any motivation to progress up the RN BB line...
  5. Never Give Up - Fighting to the End!

    Nice. Most o9f the times I've 'given up' though have been because my team was so abysmally bad it just sucked the energy and will to fight right out of me.
  6. I think I'm going to take a break

    Finished what I wanted to do in Ranked (R15,) on day 3; had to quit to do something I should have done last October, (a long story why I didn't...).. ...haven't missed playing; especially after the frustration of trying to get a measly three turret hits for that task two weekends ago... (why I couldn't do so is itself; another long story...)
  7. Scharnhorst...AP-HE ?

    Normal BB targeting/shell type usually works, but you'll likely spend more time shooting HE at angled bullybotes when you get uptiered.
  8. DD Insanity

    More stupidity from mission writers I swear were seconded over from Tanks...
  9. Good stuff as always Lert. (Poor Anson; probably the most unknown of the KGVs...)
  10. Missions like these are those I swear have been written by Daily Mission retreads from World of Tanks who have no earthly idea how Ships works...
  11. NC & NY Campaign Done

    Yeah... I've been upset with my salty-self and things in game recently as well... As a specific event related to one of your beefs; watching EVERY SHELL from a Ceasar straddle against a broadside, grounded, unmoving battleship-sized target was some serious HUH?!? WUT?!? Maybe I've reached a breaking point as well; I haven't missed playing the game. I'll jump back in when I'm done with that overdue work.
  12. The Triggering of the Century

    On a related note; somewhere out there in the forum ether is a post about a guy that ended a game in a Sims (I think,) with a single hit point left... If someone spit, dropped a tool, or fell down, the ship would have sunk...
  13. Sticky Islands still?

    Think being stuck in a regular ship is tough; try getting stuck with a carrier in the overhead view... Could not figure out why I was stuck, on the SW corner of the port in Killer Whale, (where the Nassau starts,) until I finally hit the Z key and realized I'd managed to wedge myself against some dock that couldn't be seen in the overhead view. Couldn't move, and was basically totally screwed.
  14. The Triggering of the Century

    So been there... Not like it happens every day, but I and a few others have posted about it in the forums...
  15. Duke of York campaign help. :S

    Lucky you... I tried too hard like an idiot... Took me twenty games because I kept trying to get close enough to other battleships... When my molasses for brains finally remembered I could get that against cruisers and destroyers as well, it took me one try. One turret hit was actually, FINALLY, against a battleship, and the other two against a cruiser.