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  1. Then you had destroyer drivers with at least half-a-brain; as opposed to the drive-through-widow rejects I generally saw...
  2. No CVs huh? Have fun trying to find the destroyers that perma-spot you, and who keep spamming torpedoes at you; and the cruisers who sit back in smoke or behind cover raining down fire and SAP on you; or the battleships even further back tossing citadels your way... The only reason any CV driver has it 'easy' is because THEY are patient; THEY pay attention, THEY seek out the opportunity provided by regular ship drivers who don't; and who also generally fail to use every means of defense, an also fail to act in a timely manner to defend themselves. Hey River! Got to see a GZ huh? What's it like? And do the torps drop in a long line like the rumors say?
  3. Seal-clubbing is a term that describes players who have already 'mastered' the game, who use lower tier vehicles to no better purpose than clubbing players who stand little or no chance against them because of inexperience, just to pad win rates. Using Kongo or Fujin in most cases isn't seal-clubbing... Using Fujin in a game against a bunch of new players and scoring 100k and more of damage, getting a Kaken, and maybe a few other things is seal-clubbing. My using a 19 point carrier commander in the recent Class event, and scoring 105k of damage with a Hosho, was seal-clubbing, pure and simple. Whatever you do, don't go over and play Tanks; you have no idea how much I wish I could take back all the time and money wasted over there.
  4. Many players seem to flit about handing out damage with that worthless RN SAP like it's nothing. It seems however that I am not one of those; so I refuse to waste further time and effort on a ship I can't manage to get anywhere near average damage with.
  5. Anything which smells even remotely like the salt-breeding, kill farming, new-player clubbing for stats garbage that goes on in Tanks? Um no... Enough of that goes on over there, and it can stay over there, as far as I'm concerned.
  6. Mildly agree x 4. Wouldn't know about tanks; except I dislike it so much it takes a x5 weekend to motivate me enough to want the suffer through playing it...
  7. Sigh... Whay does WG keep putting such garbage at tier six; Leander killed the RN cruiser line for me, and from everything I've seen and read; it looks like there's no point in getting La Gasoline...
  8. That's why you don't bring Mutsuki to a gunfight. With Mutsuki you either spot and stay at range while stealth torping; praying someone is an idiot and runs into your torpedoes; or you learn how to stalk close using cover so you can knife someone in the gut with a spread of torpedoes that can just about kill anything Mutsuki will face. Also; you use Mutsuki's guns to mercilessly kill-steal kill-secure any nearby poor soul that happens to be on low health; lest they commit the capital crime of remaining afloat and somehow sinking one of your allies. Mutsuki... I'm spoiled because I use Mutsuki's cousins; Apple, Blueberry, and Pumpkin, but it can be just as deadly as Mutsuki, and has the added bonus of twice as many guns; (though the traverse and elevation gears still seem to be lubricated with sand and molasses...) As much as I like Mutsuki, it does take a fine hand to do well with. If you can only afford one at the moment, I'd go ahead and get Minekaze, it's a bit more forgiving.
  9. A paying attention Bogue's isn't so bad either; but sometimes it's just potato destroyers; Got run into a corner once by a Nicholas after my team derped out; game was lost; I just hit hard rudder and went into a tight circle while I tried to delete the Nich before I died... salvo after salvo of his torpedoes missed me, who was using no more complex a WASD hax than hard rudder, to the point I was chat shoouting at him to 'stop being afraid of a wimpy Bouge, get in close and do the bloody job right!' ...eventually a cruiser came along and sank me.
  10. If you mean the map edge; yeah. Love to hit that at high speed and use it to turn faster than I could normally.
  11. WG staff members (in NA at least,) are secretly descendant of Spanish Inquisoitors, and love to torture players... If nothing else into making them like ships they want nothing to do with... Christmas containers; Sorta-kinda wanted ImpNik.... Crickets chirping... Things that did appear in my containers; Anshan, Lo Yang, Sims, (none of which I really wanted,) Ishizuchi, (which I sorta wanted, and has been its own kind of fun when drivin by my highest skill-point IJN battleship captain,) and the most despised, unwanted beast of all, Mikael Kutuzov, (which I hated with a passion because of the things it's done to me; and which was, just barely, amusing to play while I was actively trying to complete Honorable Service... Haven't played it since.) Had 8 Dynamo cotainers so far, (3 earned, five purchased,) and am slowly collecting the Dunkirk items. Best things in them are replacements for all the special Dragon signals I've used up.
  12. True; but my weakness at Strafe and mirco genrally means this mostly happens in Co-op; unless I'm slumming and clubbing low tier like I was recently in the Class event. My Hosho (Air Supremacy, so five-plane fighter squad,) and a Stock Bogue (1-1-0, didn't notice if he was AirSup,) made life quite miserable for the Reds on Standard-Strait.
  13. Oh, I don't know... Anthony has been the fount of all my abysmal failures in Operation Dynamo; while Clyclone has produced nothing but five-star wins... Maybe an indicator that I'll suck at RN destroyers, but not so much with French? Who knows... I have always liked slow firing ships with big guns, like Erie before the great T1 nerf, and Gaede with the big guns...
  14. The only control you have is how carriers get 'It's just a Flesh Wound' achievements; If you're about to be sunk, send your planes to attack something; ANYTHING; (as well as attaching your fighters to protect someone,) and then go to meet Davey Jones. ...always fun as a CV driver to watch the destroyer that just sank you, or someone else, get sunk because they let their guard down after your carrier sinks.
  15. ...maybe... Welcome aboard!