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  1. Is the Nelson a good credit-grinder?

    Typical or not, I just like it. Maybe because of all my games in Dunkerque? (Haven’t played Izumi.)
  2. Broken game

    For all my own laziness and other faults related to the game; THIS I can wholeheartedly agree with.
  3. Co-op difficulty needs a boost

    For some it can be a matter of recognizing they’ll never survive in Randoms. For some they’re completely casual players and don’t want the stress of Randoms. For some; (like me,) they can’t play certain unit types at higher tiers in Randoms, (carriers,) but can do well enough with them in Co-op. Some, I think, are just plain tired of Randoms, (‘reasons,’) and still want to play, so it’s Co-op. Harder Co-op? As several have said; only Randoms can prepare you for Randoms. If you want harder Co-op, then when your account level is high enough, play Operations...
  4. Helena Found

    ninja’d (...and what I believe I’ve read.) iirc, most of the wrecks we’ve heard have been stripped are all in relatively shallow waters. <500ft or even less. I think PoW and Repulse are less than 200ft. Perth, some of the other wrecks from the Java-Celebes area, are basically within free diving depths, which is why they’ve been so easily plundered.
  5. Helena Found

    No biggie. We needs some Hiei, four particular carriers, USS Edsal, USS Langley, and a whole host of others Mr. Allen!
  6. USS Dallas, I actually like it....

    Even if you are; I am as well. For me; part of my liking Dallas is I just like the ship's looks. As I've said before; I like that it's kind of a cross between the old Treaty cruisers and the new Helena/Clevelands.
  7. Dunkirk collection complete.

    If I had any faith in Belfast, maybe I'd use him there. Have Jack on Gallant.
  8. Collission where 1 ship drags another

    If you say so; I've seen such 'easy shots' all fly off into Never-Never-Land, or score nothing but overpans.
  9. The New WGC Launcher

    In all seriousness, even counting the few ‘positive’ posts; this is just about the only subject I’ve seen so many people agree on as it relates to ships... (...and that reaction is almost universally NEGATIVE.)
  10. TYL Try YOUR Luck - Time to remove from game?

    Don't have any issue with it. Only take it one out of three (now one out of four with the new recource container,) picks anyway, (the pattern I use to choose which container; basically all of them in the same repeating order.)
  11. The New WGC Launcher

    Don’t play Planes; don’t intend to EVER do so because I suck at flight simulators; barely play Tanks at all because I’m sick to death of being nothing but an xp piñata for primadonnas with 10, 20, or 30k+ games; therefore don’t NEED the effing Game Center launcher. wth ever WG.
  12. Get rid of strafe and a carrier won’t have to worry about its bombers so much... ...oh, but wait... ...the biggest CV screwing ever should happen before too long; and when the changes bomb completely I doubt anyone will have to worry about CVs anymore afterwards. Some older players will hate the new controls and not play; and new players won’t go much beyond trying things out because a new batch of elites will just ruin the reworked system like they did the old one.
  13. Beat a Missouri with my Myoko!

    GJ! Unfortunately, Myoko is yet another supposedly great mid-upper tier cruiser that completely confounds me. Have I had good games in them? Certainly; especially the East German night club colored ones; but do so regularly? The whole snipe HE and fade thing they share with Atago/Takao just escapes my understanding...
  14. Poland

    Because it’s a ship you can actually go see? (Especially since it’s (relatively) close to the actual game developers?) Because those responsible for it apparently didn’t obstinately object to its inclusion in the game like those of another recently added premium destroyer? That makes it easy-peasy to add to the game.