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  1. I actually don't post any videos on a regular basis. I only post those that could be if interest to the community. You are welcome to check my topic history. You see, not many peeps have the time to search through the forum for information, even at that the discussions always go another way than the creator intended. I get many pm's thanking me for posting and likes that show they're helpful. Along with what I've said above, I appreciate your position, but if you don't like these, simply don't reply. There are far worse threads on a daily basis here that aren't trying to help get information out. I enjoy the information that you yourself put on these boards. You yourself help get the word out. I don't see a great deal if difference, but to each his own. I post vids from Notser, Flamu, iChase, PanzerKnacker, Faz, etc... Never just from on source all the time. Even then as I have mentioned, I don't post daily. You are also welcome to check my topic history. Not everyone knew of the differences. I find it laughable that everyone should automatically know whats up in the game. There is a great deal more info in that vid than just those particular points btw. I actually post topics like this for discussions, however (as we see so far) some peeps just like to complain about the Tuber and not what these vids are discussing. Overall guys, the reason I post that little tag about not complaining about the vid is because it was recommended to do that by a Mod. You see, if things get bad by a poster, or someone regularly derails posts, well... there's something that can be done about that. Glad this vid has been of help to those that find it, and I look forward to the next one.
  2. Flamu discussing the differences between the Anshan, and Gnevny. If you have issues with this Tuber personally, or you don't like videos being posted on these forums, kindly do not reply to this thread. This thread was not created for those discussions.
  3. Anything is possible..
  4. Awesome! I'm sure this game will be better for it. Suxs to be you.
  5. We will never really know unless WG tells us. Even then, we can really never be 100% sure. If life has taught me anything, it's anything is possible.
  6. To my knowledge, WG didn't/doesn't/won't nerf premiums (directly) because back in the day there was an issue. I think they got sued (or something along those lines), so many here have assumed that's why they don't. I suppose another thought could be that if that becomes the norm, peeps might think twice about spending thier cash on a pixel boat. Take a look in my sig. That thread was started earlier this year to show a general consensus on that particular subject. I keep it there more as a warning to those thinking of making a purchase. As far as the deck armor goes, I still don't really see a reason why they're changing it. LMW, you mentioned the difficulty fir main guns hitting the deck, so the only other thing that makes sense are DBs. I would think if this was just a test then why use a premium? That's just gonna get everyone up at arms.
  7. Didn't WG say they were going to nerf BB AP towards DDs? Seems like i remember that, but I don't pay attention to WOWS like I use to. If they do that, and lower the Sims armor, wouldn't that be double good for it?
  8. Discussion about an old Q&A where WG says Radar would be only an option for Cruisers. PT 0.6.14 release notes.
  9. All great answers above.
  10. I'm not very interested in commemorative flags because I always run the Military Month flag on everything for bonuses. I can totally understand the want of collectors to have them though. I don't feel that WG is really mainstreaming them, it's prolly just something extra to add that you get when you purchase a ship. More things usually equals a perceived better value. I'm not a fan of WGs business practices by any means, but I wouldn't see the harm for them allowing owners of the ships to purchase new items if you already own. This thread shows theres a market for it. They made a flag for "saving the Texas" available for sale. They should allow others to be available as well. Overall I think it would be not only beneficial for we the consumers, but also for WGs bottom line.
  11. Kami -R and Kutuzov.
  12. We should have some new Lines by then.