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  1. Wulfgarn

    Stopped by to tip my hat

    Just checking in. Hope all my old friends are doing well!
  2. I got this email today from WG. I was wondering if this was a general email to everyone, or just to peeps like me that dont play anymore?
  3. Wulfgarn

    More loot box regulation news

    Looks like they're back at it again. 15 European gambling regulators unite to tackle loot box threat https://www.eurogamer.net/amp/2018-09-17-15-european-gambling-regulators-unite-to-tackle-loot-box-threat
  4. Wulfgarn

    How helpful is the forum for you

    I remember I was once like you OP. I no longer play the game, and I rarely visit the forums anymore. Best of luck to you.
  5. Wulfgarn

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Link to radar ranges in my sig. I know that 1 ship is missing, but I can't remember which one. I haven't played in 5 or 6 patches, but I updated the list after the USN split. I was working on polishing it up, but issues with Mods moving my post around made it difficult to have conversations about it so I just left it as is. If they don't want me to help the community, theres no point.
  6. Wulfgarn

    Ranked is dead

    I expect this season will have similar numbers to last season..
  7. Wulfgarn

    Email Promo?

    If so, I guess I missed it. I haven't logged in since before the Steel/Oil update. Best thing I ever did was to stop coming here daily and playing WOWS. Peace and stability have been achieved!
  8. Wulfgarn

    Your Karma

    Last I checked I was around 250. I haven't logged in since the Steel/oil update.
  9. Wulfgarn

    DD Play

    Brace yourself, its prolly going to get worse.
  10. Wulfgarn

    What Is Truly Wrong With Radar

    You mentioned the word Radar. This thread will likely be removed by @Radar_X
  11. Wulfgarn

    DD Play

    I agree, but... You mentioned the word Radar. This thread will likely be removed by @Radar_X
  12. The GZ ws given to CCs in one form. After the CCs gave their reviews, WG changed the GZ to something completely different. The majority of the community was upset that WG pulled another fast one, so there was major outcry and something needed to be done. They released it around the time of a major event, I think it was Gamescon or something similar. Theres a pretty funny interview of WG being asked questions about the ship. They did all they could to change the subject. All of that was before they started open testing with the community.