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  1. Protect T1-T3, and do +1/-1 for T4 and up. T4 will see T5 which at that point, Captains should be ready to see T5. Every other Tier would benefit from this as well. It always trips me out when a new line comes out and peeps review it. There's no need to review them against other ships in the same tier. I'd wager 90% of the time you're bottom tier anyways.
  2. When you get back in, it's always good to say that you were booted, or it took forever to login. Then at least let's everyone know and it'll help your karma. A few months back, I had problems logging into matches. The countdown timer would run, but I some times wouldn't get the button to enter battle. I figured out (for me) I should see that button with (at the very least) 15 secs left of the clock. If I got down to 15, I'd kill WOWS in task manager, and reload. It would save me some extra seconds getting into the battle. That hasn't happened in a good while, but some might have that issue.
  3. Turret rotation. If they're pointing at the bow and stern, they haven't logged in. If they're pointing anywhere else, they've logged in. Ultimately, if you see the turrents actively moving, they're live. It would be nice if there was an icon above each ship letting you know if they are logged in.
  4. When you get booted, don't try to log back in from the login screen it takes you to. Exit out of that screen, then reload and login. Something about logging back in to that screen always causes a hangup. It'll shave 6 or 7 mins off your login time that you've stated. It should also automatically log you back into the current match.
  5. +2/-2 is old and antiquated. It was a solution in the past that many don't feel is still needed. At the very least +1/-1 would be more beneficial.
  6. how 2 torpedo?

    @OP.. Check out iChasegaming, Notser, Flambass, and Flamu on YouTube. Even if they don't have a guide, just watching vids with DDs makes a world of difference.
  7. Flag question

  8. Spotting is always priority 1. Pushing isn't.
  9. Ultimately, it comes down to $..
  10. Chat banned while already being chat banned

    It's funny that you mentioned this. It reminded me that WG is closing one of their offices in NA, and moving the operations to another. @OP, if you think this is an extreme case and you're worried about the wait, I would contact a Mod here on the forum. The older Mods have always been there to help out in cases like this. I assume the newer Mods are the same, but idk. I consider contacting them as a last resort, a defcon 1 situation though.
  11. Too many DDs

    MM is the issue, we don't need to limit any ship types.
  12. Chat banned while already being chat banned

    Lotta threads lately on chat bans. Wonder why there's such an influx?
  13. Good Match Making Monitor link

    Shows the winrates and other info for everyone in the match.