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  1. Wulfgarn

    State of the game

    Please don't let this conversation end with the prior few posts.
  2. Wulfgarn

    State of the game

    No worries, Bruh. If there was an issue, it would be handled.
  3. Wulfgarn

    State of the game

    I guess I need to check previous conversations a few years ago. Don't really remember names, but remember icons. If you're the same from the past, we should be on the same page. Not to mention you and I have been the only ones viewing this thread, and somehow out of nowhere, Rolling commented..
  4. Wulfgarn

    State of the game

    I find it kinda odd an "offhanded" comment that doesn't really mean anything, has somehow been given the need for a few reply's. I need to check for WG paychecks?
  5. Wulfgarn

    State of the game

    Wow, uhhh.. Umkay..?.
  6. Wulfgarn

    State of the game

    I was only stating my opinion on the "current state" of the game, or at least the opinion of a good many "OG" players from Alpha to open beta. Many of us have stayed in contact, and have Alliances on many different games on PC, Console, and Phone. Where we first met here is kinda a sore spot with us. We all watch the state of what was our love, has ultimately become..
  7. Wulfgarn

    State of the game

    Happy for you!
  8. Wulfgarn

    State of the game

    State of game..
  9. Wulfgarn

    Just About Done / WOW

    Haven't played in maybe 3 or 4 years. I was someone back in the day. I left because,you will as well. If i started back, my Umi would be revoked..
  10. Bruh, you just dum... Almost everything has a counter to DDs.
  11. Wulfgarn

    Who will actually uninstall and quit?

    Heck, even if I wanted to play again, my stats would be so wrecked with this meta, it's not even worth it. Most definitely wouldn't touch ranked for sure.. Ranked has nothing to do with skill, it has to do with intestinal fortitude..
  12. Wulfgarn

    Who will actually uninstall and quit?

    Kids these days take a lot longer to make realizations than the older crowed. As parents, we have wisdom that we try to show, but we are discounted for some reason. I've had 40 years of gaming under my belt. Console, PC, MMO's, etc... Love the game, has been something I've wanted for my whole gaming life that interests me. Everything is perfect, but those that hold the reigns. Everyone here enjoys this game for one reason or another. That enjoyment always get changed regardless of what main you are. Back in old fart days, we wanted to keep things on level terms. A DD wanted the Cruiser to be viable, as well at the BB. We advocated synergy , giving everything it's due, but not taking away from anyone. This craptasicular junk that I've witnessed over the past few weeks of checking in has made my balls shrink up to the size of raisins. What the heck has happened!? Get out now!!
  13. My 5yo and 7yo grew up with me playing, at least 3 years ago. My eldest wanted me to get back into it, but now he knows better..
  14. Wulfgarn

    Struggling with T6 ranked

    Ranked was, and still has nothing to really do with how good of a player you are.