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  1. I use to use that as well. I'm completely out of my depth using the vanilla. It's way too small for me.
  2. Over the years Ive attained most if not all of the camos like these. A good many I don't have the ships, but I've got them in case I ever do. I specifically went for the ships I had first just in case I didn't finish this event, but I ended up completing all of them.
  3. I gotcha, prolly ones I'm not using. Just found out Aslain is back home from the hospital and working on an update. I assume it'll be out in a day or two, if he's running on regular schedule.
  4. I think Notser on Youtube might have some stuff like that. I'd check with him first. Flamu, and iChaseGaming might have something as well. Generally, they all do individual ships and they comment about the whole line. Check the dates to make sure they're after line breaking nerfs. Hit the top left lines to choose.
  5. Wow, that's odd. Mine are working without issue. List of what I'm using.. I've got a replay uploading to Youtube now. It all seems to be working fine. Which ones broke on this update?
  6. If your issue is Aslains not being updated due to him in the hospital, you should be able to change the file name in the res_mods folder to get them to work. I haven't updated yet, so i haven't tested it out.
  7. WG does, but I've never used it.
  8. Well, I won't run these on a DD at least. I could at least let them swim to an enemy to try and scare him and he'll back off buying time for my team. If he knows they won't hurt him, he's gonna push in without fear.
  9. Both Co-op mission I ran in DDs. When I got my two kills each, I'd tell everyone i got my two. I'd then disengage. The problem was everyone around me were full on Scrubs. I expected it going in, but wow! I had to start playing it straight after seeing the same thing over and over. I shouldn't get Kraken in co-op in a DD regularly.
  10. DLing too many Corgi pics broke it...
  11. Once you get to a certain number of battles, it's near impossible to show movement. If you do, it'll be in the .001%
  12. Panno, Ammo.. National Lampoons European Vacation!
  13. I have been thinking along the same lines .
  14. 6 posts in this topic Captain_Dilbert 290 Members 1,422 posts 5,823 battles #1 · Posted 5 hours ago · Looks like you get 10 oil for each container you unlock. So my calculations are the number of containers needed (multiply by 10 for amount of oil). 2,000 to increase clan size from 30 - 40 10,000 to increase clan size from 40 - 50 200 (for each nation) to increase XP earned by 3%. So 200 for USN, 200 for IJN, etc. 400 (for each ship type) to decrease service costs by 10%. So 400 for DD, 400 for CA/CL, et. 5 to reduce research costs 10% for T5 ships 20 to reduce research costs 10% for T6 ships 100 to reduce research costs 10% for T7 ships 500 to reduce research costs 10% for T8 ships So based on this I think that iChase's "Cash Grab" video has some validity regarding Clan size. 400 containers for each Clan member so you can increase from 30 to 50 is a big number.