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  1. If they were to make the drop in addition to what we have now. I'm down for it. It could take years to build up enough for some of the purchases. I need FXP, etc.. now and it's more useful to me. Idk if I'll even still play months from now, let alone years. Pretty confusing too. I've read write ups, and watch YouTube vids and I still can't make heads or tails of it.
  2. Wow!! Yeah, kinda makes ya wonder why even bother playing.
  3. Congrats to you! I'm guessing you beat out Jingles and Flamu?
  4. Forum bug

    I'll throw out 2 more... I've had 1 person on ignore for over a year, and I can still see posts, and notifications from that person. Lately on my phone, I'll click on notifications for someone quoting me, or reacting to a post and it won't take me exactly to that post. It'll put me at the bottom of the thread and I have to scroll up and find it.
  5. Konig Albert available again?

    Try using If someone has been around long enough, they'll know. Gotta click categories.
  6. Is camping normal?

    As normal as breathing.
  7. I would like to still get the same rewards that we get now, but add a chance to get this new stuff, "in addition". If its gonna take a year or so to get these new ships, I'd rather keep getting what I'm getting now.
  8. We need a sandbox server so everyone's ideas can be tested. There are reasons WG won't do this, but it sure would help the game overall.
  9. Truth be told, I don't think there's really a fix for BBs camping the back line. WG has implemented so many things at this point, and nothing has really helped. This has plagued the game for so long, it's prolly better just to realize its never going to change.
  10. In truth, both ships should make the effort to get out of the way. The reversing ship imo has the right of way tho.
  11. The Economy...

    Something new to sell, or obtain. I agree, it can be confusing.
  12. Buy a lottery ticket, RIGHT NOW!!
  13. It's not a bad idea, but I've always thought a nerf to BB dispersion to be a better and easier fix. If you wanted something like this against fire, why not give a ship type the ability to heal other ships? Just like in scenarios.
  14. Another thought that came to me while driving around (not really thought out). A jammer that will blink the enemy in and out. Let's say the enemy is visible for x seconds, then not visible for x seconds. A jammer could also just jam the whole team from seeing the enemy. Leave everything as is, but maybe only allow friendly ships within x range of the radar ship to see. Maybe just the radar ship for that matter. Just some ideas to throw out there.