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  1. Pretty sure I saw a Tuber say after the patch there was two, but I could be wrong if no one else mentions it. I'm not keeping up on things as I use to. I will say that I'd prolly listen more to someone that has over 2k battles in a DD vrs 200ish.
  2. Keep in mind, some radar cruisers with the right Commander skills have a radar farther than their det range.
  3. You make a good point.
  4. The grind gets old after a while. Pretty sure it's to get more active players in the game due to lowering population.
  5. Sounds like hydro or radar to me.
  6. Submit the replay to WG and they'll prob take it off. If not, run battles in co-op to work it off. It goes pretty quickly.
  7. It's always been very helpful for me running in DDs, most especially in ranked. It's also effective in randoms. Not only against DDs, but you can also get an idea of radar users that like to hide behind islands. Very effective for and against radar ships and DDs that team up. At the very least it'll help you last longer in a battle. I'm more sly these days and I don't push in when I can gather that something is close by. It takes some practice to know what's going on. In ranked, i ping the areas that I know areas are near. It helps my team to be rdy. If anyone runs this in ranked. Let your team know you will ping areas that there are enemies. When it jerks one way, or the othere you have two ships close by. Again it takes some practice to read it correctly and how far out the enemy is. Nothing is better to thwart someone moving in to spot your cap. Also when it pops up in the exact spot you pinged.
  8. Also Flamu runs it pretty much on all DDs if the Commander has the points to use the skill.
  9. Ran 5 battles last night, lost 3. Teams were better a few weeks ago, so i assume many good Captains have ranked out already. I was oot for 2 weeks, so I'm trying to get back in the swing of things, but last night was pretty bad.
  10. I'm glad to see you say that, many others do as well because it's simply the honest and truthful thing to say. I've seen others still hold to the fact that it doesn't happen, but I got hit hard with at least 10 that told me it doesn't happen. That post was before the new forum and prolly take me forever to find, but it's common. I can't really say it's a whole ship type that nay says, but I can say that there are many individuals thatve ran DDs very little, to almost never who comment more on DD threads than anything else. Something to think about when you see them reply. I make it a point to quickly check their posting history when I see comments that don't make sense. They don't have to lie about it, or try to derail conversations, it's just a known thing. It's not likely to change anything anyways, so idk why even bother commenting to begin with.
  11. I run an add-on on my Firefox, my main cp browser call "NoScript". Basically, it won't load anything on any website that I don't allow it to run. I can't live without it especially if I'm viewing sites that you "delete recent history" after every session.
  12. It will change only if BB players complain.
  13. I don't remember that. Everything I saw was it being "in game". Where might I see that exact wording from WG and not a discussion?