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  1. They'll never see me coming, though I'd only blend in at a costume party.
  2. Tsukiumi_Chan

    Wows Nightly News 25: 8.2 delay

    So, it won't cure or prevent CVs?
  3. Tsukiumi_Chan

    If you could get rid of ONE map which one?

    Shards. I'd remove it if I could do it and put the old one back in place. I had a lot more fun on that version of the map If I just have to remove a map, and can't replace it with a different version: Straight. I like the concept of forcing players to make a battle group with what's around them, but it just doesn't work in practice on Random Battles
  4. I'm not a recruiter, but you still seem like a fun person! Check us out on Discord- you may love our casual clan [CLOVR], but if you just want to come and hang out with us and division up, no problem! We're a great group of people that always loves bright and happy faces to play ships with!
  5. Tsukiumi_Chan

    Thank you Wargaming

    Any good sealclubber can do it almost as easily in a tech tree ship as a Premium. Look at how many Clemson clubbers there are for example. The biggest advantage most Premiums give a clubber is the ability to move a skilled captain to the ship. But.... if you really want to sealclub, you'll probably have a really good captain on that ship anyways. You'll never change sealclubbing by changing the club. All that may do is get clubbers to use a different ship. Grinding a line to Tier III, IV, or V doesn't take much time either. The way you stop sealclubbing is with the carrot, not the stick. New, fun game modes, operations, and the like.... If you want me to not play mid tiered battles, offer me something else fun to do with those ships. This is why I'm excited for Space Battles again
  6. Tsukiumi_Chan

    Torpedo aiming alert

    A good DD player (I play torpedoboats a LOT) will often just leave the torp launchers focused on you or not go to guns. If I want to go to guns, I'll usually put the torp indicators on another ship, and then unlock on him. If I really want to be dirty, and don't have a line on you where I can hit torps (Say you'll go behind an island), I've been known to intentionally blip the indicator, which sometimes causes the enemy to make a turn.... which now puts them in a path where I can torp them. That's a little bit of trickery though, so YMMV if you try it
  7. Tsukiumi_Chan

    Shards as a T10 map. It is not fun at all.

    I believe Okinawa was a community design. It needed a little tweaking, but I really don't think it was a bad map. I'd like to see it happen more often. A lot of the maps that I find as fun (Two Brothers, Soloman Islands, Trident) have been here for ages. Some fresh stuff would be nice, especially with cool battle modes. I'd like to see a battle mode where you one team is trapped in a cap by AI, and the enemy team has to help them to get out. I don't want to look at the guy on the other team as my moral enemy. I'd love the idea of both teams working towards a common goal in some type of battle scenerio
  8. This so much. I'm not going to argue that it's illegal for Wargaming to do this. It's their game, and they can do it. It's an utter slap in the face of the players though, and shows no morals IMO. I find it to be a terrible move that SHOULDN'T be done, not a move that couldn't be done. The fact that Wargaming is even considering it has soured my opinion of them as a company a whole lot already
  9. Tsukiumi_Chan

    Shards as a T10 map. It is not fun at all.

    Agreed so much. The first time I played the map, I thought "Hmmm, this new map kinda looks like Schards. Should play similarly" The lack of color just makes it dull, but frankly, I like the old Shards so much more. I'd just bring that map back for mid tiers, and make a modified one like this for Tier X games. It doesn't strike me as a terrible map, but there's nothing about it that stands out. The old Shards had that factor that just made it a blast to play. This one doesn't IMO
  10. Alright- in the "Say one nice thing about the idea of reworking Premiums" challenge, I'll steal your point. At least it's not full steam ahead on submarines.... yet. Wargaming has a hard time making four classes balance out. The last thing we need is a fifth class added into the mix
  11. Tsukiumi_Chan

    what nation has the best cruisers

    I like the French ones personally, but if you're looking to grind for a Tier X trophy, go for a Des Moines. She's a load of fun
  12. Exactly- a skilled enemy can often render a Kamikaze as useless. Kami just REALLY punishes those who straightline, but then again, I've landed a lot of torp dev strikes in really odd ships (Tashkent 8 torp kill for example around an island). A lot of enemies can be killed just by using the grey cone to aim. But, just know those torpedoes like the back of my hand. Often, if an enemy is making a turn, I can calculate where they're going to be if they keep up their turn. I really don't think Kamikaze is a super-overpowered ship. Her winrate is high, but it's because she's played primarily by good players. Remember, Kamikaze used to be a slightly slower version of the Minekaze. When they nerfed the Minekaze, I honestly didn't feel that she needed much of a nerf.
  13. Both. Radar really doesn't hurt me much due to the way I play DDs. I can usually work around them, or bait them to use it when they can't shoot. Doing it with Tier VIII radar really wasn't much different than with Indy or Atlanta. What makes me do it not as much now is the torpedo belts and now flooding changes. I've devstruck a Tirpitz and Bismarck with Fujin for example. You can do it, but you have to land all six torps on one. You have to remember that using my stats on the Fujin to compare is a bad argument- I'm a lot better at it than most Kamikaze players I see in Randoms. I honestly feel that I could have earned the last two Krakens I've had in Fujin in a Mutsuki or even a T-22 in the same game. My torpedo aim is really good for the most part when I've played a ship enough to know how to do it by "feel" almost. I lower my torp hit ratio a lot though by RPF torping smoke and even island corners. It doesn't work all the time, but my reload is so fast, so.... why not?
  14. Weird- Soloman is my favorite map to be one in. I always loved that map.... With Radio Locator, I hardly ever run into ambushes on most maps, and the close nature means that I'm not spending a lot of time chasing something to get in range to torp it. Kamikaze can work in Tier VIII just fine- I used to faildiv her all the time. My problems with Wargaming considering these moves is on principle, not whether the ship would work. But, honestly, I think you could balance a design like Kamikaze to work in almost any tier- higher tiers would be harder with radar, but a "Kamikaze Kai Ni" with fast loading triple launchers say, with 9km torps in Tier X.... That could be quite the blast to play
  15. This is why I proposed my solution that I think is the best of both worlds (In another thread, so here it is:) Don't change these ships that people own, or if you MUST, cash refunds or a doubloon refund plus coupon in the Arsenal (Player's choice). Leave those ships as is, and change the name to make them a "Collector's Edition". Maybe make a cool camouflage or flag for people who have that ship. NOW, go and re-balance them, and resell that version. People who already have a Belfast now have a "Belfast Collector's Edition" that they can continue to love. New players who maybe saw the real thing and want her- they can have a Belfast too! Just, it's the new one.