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  1. Fellow Captains, If you have not yet read the News story from WOWS on Fubuki Shirakami and Marine Houshou here is the link to that story: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/hololive-commanders/ And here is one of their VTuber shows: Here are the links to their Premium Shop sales page; both are each 11 point commanders with a specialization for Hashidate.: Marine - https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/main/15559/ Fubuki - https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/main/15560/
  2. Fellow Captains, Here is one of Fubuki Shirakami and Marine Houshou's WOWS VTuber shows:
  3. Elder_Lee

    More Rewards for Twitch Prime Members!

    Just adding myself to the growing list of Commanders that have claimed the Ashley Violet and Warhammer 40,000 containers yet have not received them. I know you at WOWS NA are working to resolve the issues.
  4. Elder_Lee

    Directive 1 tokens...

    Fellow Captains, So here are my numbers from completing directive one of the Soviet CA event. Received the total 9/9 possible Soviet containers from directive one. Container 1- 5 tokens Container 2- 15 tokens Container 3- 15 tokens Container 4- 25 tokens Container 5- 5 tokens Container 6- 5 tokens Container 7- 10 tokens Container 8- 5 tokens Container 9- 5 tokens Total of 90 tokens for an average for directive one 10 tokens per container.
  5. Elder_Lee

    Twitch Stream Code

    Fellow Captains, Here is the first Twitch Stream Code for an extra Container this is from the 03.12.2020 Stream. ASSEMBLYREQUIRED
  6. Fellow Captains, Have any of you not received the Twitch Drop personal mission "Battle of the Java Sea" that was to be dropped and started Thursday February 20, 2020 during the English WG Twitch stream? I have not seen it yet or any drops since the first mission that dropped on Thursday February 13, 2020 during the English WG Twitch stream. All accounts are linked and I have been actively viewing the stream. I would like to know if I am not alone. Thanks!
  7. Elder_Lee

    Who has gotten a Russian BB mission?

    Fellow Captains, Just going to add my data to the topic. I picked up a total 60 Standard USSR containers and only received one Mission for the T6 BB on May 28, 2019. However I did pull the T5 BB a few weeks back from the Free USSR container for the 15 log in daily event. So, drop rate compaired to the RN DDs was very very very small.
  8. Ensign_Cthulhu, I can't agree more so much time was lost due to not being able to requeue since you were forced to go back to port.
  9. awesomeartichokes, Sorry your having OS conflicts between Mac and Windows along with the fake Window environments you have tried. Seeing that WOWS might be the only or MAIN Windows based game you love playing and that you have invested $1000 in to it. I would recommend making an OzBox pc by picking up a refurbished I5 OEM Windows PC and putting in a desecrate Graphics card all for around $100 - 200 and then just use it for WOWS. I know it is an additional cost but given your love and investment into WOWS it will pay back in many many hours of issue free fun with the game you love. Check Oz out at:
  10. Fellow Captains, Yet another OPT IN event starts today. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/community/achievement-hunter/
  11. Elder_Lee

    Can I refund the Azuma?

    LupusMalum, Only if you have not played the ship.
  12. Elder_Lee

    Azuma the new port queen

    Fellow Captains, I am driven to post due to my frustration players still expect or demand that a Prim ship should be better aka STRONGER than the Tech Tree Tier equivalent. Prim ships SHOULD never be better/stronger than the standard Tech Tree Tier ships; they are meant to offer the advantage of a lower operational cost and a slight higher XP generation option for a monetary cost. Along with a possible different play style. If Prim ships were to be better/stronger than their standard Tech Tree Tier equivalents' then we would have a PAY to WIN issue.
  13. Elder_Lee

    Update 0.8.2 - Bugs Report

    Armory Issue- Once you move to the SPACEPRIL section and buy a Commander the purchased Commander does not go inactive. It continue to show as available for (re-)purchase. I purchased the Queen Bee Commander and as you can see it still shows available to purchase. See screen shots below. How to recreate issue- 1. Navigate to the Armory 2. Now select the SPACEPRIL FOOL'S DAY Specials 3. Scroll down to the Space Commanders and purchase the Queen Bee Commander. 4. Exit Armory 5. Re-Enter Armory and navigate to SPACEPRIL FOOL'S DAY and scroll down to Space Commander and notice that the Queen Bee Commander is available for purchase.
  14. Fellow Captains, I agree WG outdid themselves with this round of rewards for directives.
  15. Fellow Captains, My first few hours of game play into 0.8.2 has been issue free and enjoyable. As for Space Battles; an awesome mode, sure there are many newer or less establish players that have access to T7 without the developed tactics and skills. Which is being seen in the increased "Potato" teams, but this is a normal and given when we have such events. My advice is just plan on it and just enjoy the battle anyway.