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  1. Elder_Lee

    Unofficial subs poll

    warheart1992, Great question; here is my answer to it. 3. 3+ hours/day But a better answer option would have been and is: 5. Same amount of daily game play as before Sub update.
  2. Elder_Lee

    Birthday Coupon

    Bortt, The amount in world currency you spend in the Premium shop with the use of the "Birthday Coupon" selected at time of purchase will be converted into the amount in doubloons on your account at the exchange rate of 1 to 250 doubloons. Example: You spend the amount of $50.00 UDS in the Premium shop with the use of the "Birthday Coupon" you will receive in game the doubloon amount of $50.00 USD at the exchange rate of 250 doubloons per $1.00 USD which is 12,500 doubloons.
  3. Elder_Lee

    Has Subs hurt your clan?

    Capt_Jack_Sparrow69, No. The addition of Subs has not impacted my Clan. If anything it is more active since the introduction of Subs.
  4. Elder_Lee

    Twas a Great Anniversary, WG

    WG and WOWs staff, I agree with the creator of this forum post. This year's anniversary was one of the best in rewards for the community. Thank you and looking for Anniversary Year 10 to see how you top year 6.
  5. Elder_Lee

    New Code

  6. Yes!! I would like to see it reinstated ASAP; it never should have been removed.
  7. Elder_Lee

    Free Code

    Thanks for the code; it worked, yet I have no idea what in game goodies it provides.
  8. Fellow commanders, The following code is from the 0.10.8 port screen of the computer's screen. irosgfbyrympwuh
  9. Mademoisail, I would to report that in out current live server version 0.10.7 the following ship does not have any ASW weapons. Making it quite a challenge to counter any subs in battle; please pass this information on to the devs. so it can be addressed. Thanks for your time with this issue. Yours, Elder_Lee
  10. Elder_Lee

    Bonus Code gives you some stuff

    Thank you and still active.
  11. Elder_Lee

    PTS 0.10.7

    0.10.7 Submarines and Commander Skills Feedback SUBMARINES: General Impression: The WWII Submarine such an iconic class of ship; demonstrated how an important role it played during the war: from it's scouting/intelligence gathering and reporting, ability of stealth to infiltrate enemy shipping lines, along with it's powerful surprise torpedo attacks. I am so glad that WG WOWS staff sees how the Submarine class of ships once integrated into the game; not only brings new attack tactics and defense roles, but also how it will open up different battle modes and modifications to our current line of surface ships. I would like to thank WG WOWS staff and developers for the amount of dedication, time and plans invested in bring the Submarine class too the live game, someday in the near future. What I like: Updated Sonar ping mechanics. This new presentation just adds to the effectiveness and enjoyment of ship game play. It is now more reliable and gives the sub player grater effective ping on targets to increase torp hits vs the old system. Battery charge mechanics. I love this mechanic from how it limits the subs dive time duration; while allowing the sub to recharge it's battery for continued late game play. This change not only give the sub player the ability to continue to be effective though the full battle duration; but also makes the sub more accessible at being attacked while on the surface recharging. Love this balancing effect. ASW Aircraft Depth Charges. I love all the animation and great details for this needed anti-sub defense for Heavy Cruisers and Battleships; the deployment and delivery of Depth Charges from the Aircraft along with the drop patter can be very deadly to subs. ASW Aircraft Depth Charges Deployment. I love the easy that is created by the mechanics of the ASW Aircraft Depth Charges from; selecting the drop zones placement to how HUD's ASW Icon's active information on cooldown and deployment charges are clearly provide. Dive and Surface mechanic. I greatly enjoyed the increase in dive and surface time now needed with this version; I feel it was a good change and adds to a more immersive and less arcade like game play. The great change from needed constant player dive or surface control keyboard pressing; to a single keyboard control presses to dive/surface to pre-set levels. This change will greatly aid the player in better sub control while in the heat of battle; thank you for this needed modification. What I dislike: Underwater target aiming view. The overall underwater target aiming view in relation to lining up torp shots on surface ships and underwater subs. It is extremely difficult and off given the lack of 3D spatial information on your location plain within the water in relationship to your targets' 3D's spatial plain location within or on the water. Underwater turning rate. The overall underwater turning time of subs. Subs were known to have had great underwater turning rates and speed which made them so deadly in attack runs and escapes. However, in this current presentation they are extremely slow at turning which makes lining up attack runs much more time consuming and unenjoyable. Suggestions: Underwater turning. Increase the turning speed of subs while underwater; I feel an increase by 50% in underwater turning might correct this aspect. A new mechanic known as "Silent Running". This mechanic will allow the subs to become undetectable by surface or subs within detection range when at a complete dead stop while underwater and at Deep Dive depth (40+m); only as long as, the sub does not move, pings or fires torps. This would be a last escape move for subs being actively hunted to prolong their game play within battle. It might even be introduces as an expendable mod with limited charges and long cooldowns to limit use. COMMANDER SKILLS: General Impression: Since the major over hall of the Commander Skills seen in 0.10.0 from the base 19 to 21 commander points and the associated skill modification and additions; we haven't seen any significant changes, tell now in 0.10.7. These more subtle but yet effective modifications continue to show WG WOWS staff is still working hard at polishing the new commander system. What I like: Continued Commander skills development. It is very reassuring seeing the WG WOWS staff continues to work hard at fine tuning the new commander skills; not only does it show their drive to provide effective and relevant usable skills but more importantly, that the game is still being develop. Relevant ship skill refinement. Love to see how hard WG WOWS staff is focusing on delivering more effective commander skills related to the different ship classes. These modification to the commander skills not only make them more relevant and meaningful but create new and diversified commander traits opening up a wider range of game play. Pre-selection testing ability. The ability to select commander skills and see how they all will work together without having to lock in the selections. This gives the player the ability to tryout different pre-builds without having to pay to redistribute the commander points. New commander skills. The new commander skills added just continue to enhance and refine the current commander skill system. The more skills a player has access too; the more diversified ships will be, making overall game play more unpredictable thanks to these differences among the ship's commander skills. What I dislike: Nothing. I could not find any dislikes with the 0.10.7 Commander Skills; in fact, I find all the changes, modification and new content great additions which just continue to make commanders more diversified and effective. Suggestions: New Battleship level 4 commander skill name. Given that this skill's abilities are only active as there is and are fires on the Battleship; I feel this commander skill should be named "VENGEANCE", since that is what this commander skill is providing with each additional fire given how it is decreasing your main guns reload time while increasing your enemy's fired shells dispersion. Onward and upwards. Continue to refine and polish commander skills so as to increase ship diversity and game play options.
  12. Fellow Commanders, Please post a THANK YOU to our Forum Mod. Hapa_Fodder, WG and the NA Server community for bring us this great tradition of a "Hunt for X" battle weekend event. I for myself am glad to see it's return and hope to see additional one in the coming months. Once more Hapa, NA and Pirates thank you for your time and dedication to the NA Server community.
  13. As of this post the Code is still active and working.
  14. Elder_Lee


    I would like to be a Pirate!
  15. Elder_Lee

    Is AA Really that bad?

    Fellow Commanders, NO. AA is not really that bad at all.