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  1. Salvo_Creative

    "Bravery" vs not being awful.

    Ummm not sure what you've been looking at. You might want to look at the W/R again. The math behind each .01% is 4 battles, 4 wins to be exact after you are at 9,000 battles. So please, condescend more. https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1015724122,Salvo_Creative/
  2. Salvo_Creative

    "Bravery" vs not being awful.

    Good lord, you give up very easily. Have a great weekend :)
  3. Salvo_Creative

    "Bravery" vs not being awful.

    Yup, totally do not listen to anything I have to contribute and just remember what people have been teaching here, relating to camping BB's. But while you are there can you have a look at the W/R. Just check out that steady climb up. You might notice over 6 months there is no decline or sharp drop off, I also play at tier 8 and stream a good many games with a good many viewers. But please, with someone with so much experience you seem to know everything there is, so please tell us more. However not much can be said about you sadly, how is tier 6 treating you?
  4. Salvo_Creative

    "Bravery" vs not being awful.

    lmbo oh dear, gotta come out swinging a little harder than that :)
  5. Salvo_Creative

    "Bravery" vs not being awful.

    So tell me how much my W/R has raised in the last 6 months and how many games I have to play to raise it by .01%
  6. Salvo_Creative

    "Bravery" vs not being awful.

    keep telling yourself that and it might one day be true. I have control over my W/R quite well and It is working. You do not have to believe anything I say but the wins do not lie.
  7. Salvo_Creative

    "Bravery" vs not being awful.

    Oh no, I am being stat shamed. Can you show me someone with better stats because I had a look at yours and they're quite bad also.
  8. Salvo_Creative

    What happened to the player base?

    I have also seen this
  9. Salvo_Creative

    Getting agitated with the Smolensk

    07 This is why it is our Job to Hunt the Smolensk in our USN cruisers. I have been using the USS. Des Monies to great effect. Good luck to you in your battles this weekend also 07
  10. Salvo_Creative

    Something amazing happened to me yesterday...

    Good work bud!
  11. Salvo_Creative

    "Bravery" vs not being awful.

    Bud I am not replying to shame you but I want to teach you a better way to be a Battleship main. You cannot sit back and plaster targets because your health pool on your ship is needed at medium to close ranges. Watch this and see how I approach my battleships and see what you think, Just remember that this method I am showing you nets wins frequently. 20191017_182432_PASB518-Massachusetts_35_NE_north_winter.wowsreplay
  12. Salvo_Creative

    what is going on

    Tonight is the start of the weekend players coming online, Prepare for the next 4 days of hell until the start of next week. If you want stable games, play when the population is at 2-3k players online. Else dry your eyes, there will be land slide losses. Some of the maps are sooooo bad for focus fire, as in wide open areas, where ships sail in thinking HERP DERP and die because they get focused by 7 ships.
  13. You should be using what you said to me as a counterpoint regarding the profiteering off Military veterans. The way you are framing it (while I understand where you are coming from) does sound like entitlement. The should give something better especially if they are gearing to make money off your service or not offer anything at all to Veterans. Try push home the values of not profiteering off veterans and I bet you will see a lot more people seeing your point of view. Good luck bud, wish you all the best.
  14. Salvo_Creative

    Some Thoughts on the Great Hosho Nerf

    Yeah, I heard of issues, I saw screen shots with lots of damage done, I tried to replicate the results but was unable to, I then tried playing other ship classes, I still did not get punished by a Hosho, so I never got to see the problem first hand.
  15. Ok that is a much better cause then. Just make it apparent that this is why you are doing it and I can see a lot more people agreeing with your point of view :) I'm not being sarcastic and I now agree with your point of view. I hope you have a great evening bud :)