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  1. Salvo_Creative

    Hiding stats

  2. See Ace here has the right idea, Me on the other hand, I like getting into a bit of trouble. I am a bad man and have done horrible things to this ship, When he starts getting more confident in his ability we should be bad people and teach him how to do a full secondary build and brawl. So these are the stats in my Massa Not saying their spectacular but the build I use is effective and a ton of fun. This is only a build I would go for once you really know how to Battle Ship. most people advise against full secondary builds. Me on the other hand, I never run anything else on 'Good Brawling Ships' My goal as a Battle ship is the move in, protect my Destroyer and bully the cap, but you have to do this smart, try anticipate what ships might have spawned across from you, I always take priority target so I know when I am targeted. Make sure as a Battle ship you zig zag and constantly go from Full speed to 1/4 or 1/2 to help bounce incoming fire, a 25 degrees angle towards another Battleship usually is ok, Unless it is one of the new Battleships that have the death star lazer..... you will know when they belt you.... Else just keep doing what ace said, then revisit this if you want to get the most from your secondaries when you are confident in your ability to help push. 07
  3. Salvo_Creative

    Explain to me Secondaries Pommern

    yeah I figured it was something like that, but I was not gonna berate you for being wrong either. I am glad you're loving the game though :) Just had a great game in Ranked, myself another another tirpitz just went rolling in and bullied their frontlines and rolled them back. Much fun was had :)
  4. Salvo_Creative

    Hiding stats

  5. Salvo_Creative

    Hiding stats

    Yeah man, I am happy to show my stats to anyone whom wants them. But I consider it vital intelligence data that I can deny from my enemy. They believe hidden stats are always Potato's
  6. Salvo_Creative

    No Russian bias? PLEASE

    Multiplayer Online Battle Arena seems to fit IMO.
  7. Salvo_Creative

    Explain to me Secondaries Pommern

    what it might have been is actually 11.3km ? and the font was not being displayed correctly? Unfortunately the longest ranged secondaries are on the French ships and not the germans. Longest german secondaries are on Kurfurst and Odin clocking in at 11.6km So I really do mean no disrespect, I just think it was a mistaken in what was seen, unless I have misunderstood and you have been speaking about french ships?
  8. Salvo_Creative

    Explain to me Secondaries Pommern

    I think it was just confusion and would not read into it much
  9. Salvo_Creative

    Explain to me Secondaries Pommern

    I love it! ever since the Germans were first released I have run secondary builds, I got a little obsessed with Tirpitz, and got it up to 1400 games..... love them so much, DD's wanna fling their noob tubes, sweet then, I am gonna pepper them from 11km away [If they were spotted ofcourse]
  10. Salvo_Creative

    Explain to me Secondaries Pommern

    hehe they're great builds, I still love them and use them in PvP and have great success, everyone seems to think you wouldn't have a secondary build, then they get close and you can see the moment they regret their life choices
  11. Salvo_Creative

    Explain to me Secondaries Pommern

    Yeah I cannot explain that sorry, can you link the video as I would love to have a look I linked the pictures of my 'Pom Pom' Build, Yes, coining the name 'Pom Pom' for this ship, I love it, everything I wanted in a BB
  12. Salvo_Creative

    Explain to me Secondaries Pommern

    You should only be able to get the ship to hit out to 11.5km You need advanced firing training as a commander skill and the secondary module on the third slot of your ship
  13. Salvo_Creative

    why do we need more cartoon little girls?

    I have a question then, How can we stop this content from appearing in our news feeds within the game and the wargaming center? Because this is a concern that it cannot be entirely avoided. I can turn off the voices commanders and skills, yet there is no way to opt out of the news cycle promoting this content which is in hot debate currently due to individuals here not just accepting they should have these images and related news articles fed to them. I do not go seeking this content in game, so efforts to block it further would be appreciated else the simple 'ignore it' does not work.
  14. Salvo_Creative

    PSA: Trojan issue with mxstat

    These are all quality products and if they're ok with it then no issue.
  15. Salvo_Creative

    No Russian bias? PLEASE

    I like the cut of your jib, There is a lot of that coming from a handful of CC's