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  1. when subs hit the DD population will shoot up
  2. Salvo_Creative

    This is Why We Complain about CVs

    I do not play the tiers below 6, and even then I stick to everything above tier 7 more often. It is a tad sad that the lower tiers are plane fodder, but higher tiers I rarely see 2 CV's per team anymore. 1 CV is good enough for the team IMO
  3. Salvo_Creative

    Great Tier 10 Players!-Best Ever

    Hit me up for a division one day :) I totally agree, I have the Hud off key bound to a button, so mid battle I turn it off for a second and snap a screenshot :) As long as you are enjoying the game is what counts
  4. Salvo_Creative

    Great Tier 10 Players!-Best Ever

    I found a solution to this problem. However I am yet to find another clear solution. I bypass this issue by using a CV. It is like herding cats, but it gets the job done. Even if the team acts like this, I harass, harass harass the DD's until they are dead. The teams tend to get some courage when the DD's are dead. If there is a lemming I play spotter in front of them and it works well for focus fire. But like I said. I have only found 1 solution to the above issue. Playing a CV.
  5. Salvo_Creative

    Patch 0.9.2 preview

    Every time I come in the forum, you guys act like the world is ending. I am loving the game, I am sorry you guys are not. Thanks.
  6. This is the same company in which you play the game of too..... See the same thing happen on this forum every week, someone takes issue with something in the game old new or up and coming new. They rant about it then end of thread. Game life continues. The Russian Dev's read reddit, not this forum. If I took what was said on this forum as fact, they would be "no one plays the game and everyone is unhappy with the game" Yet the game population peak during the days now is between 13k and 17k So looks fine by me. But yes, Back to this weeks rant about whatever was being complained about.
  7. Salvo_Creative

    The CV rework is just an excuse.

    just follow my lead, don't talk to players at all, Do all your communicating with your ship in game. no one is worth talking to, not in game not on the forum and not me. You will be happier for it and likely get more wins too without having to read everyone's cry threads about how they don't understand something and perceive it to be broken.
  8. Salvo_Creative

    MMM has nothing to do with MM

    Games are not rigged, you are just not the person on your team that carries. All the enemy Salvo's are on your mid ship because you are broadside. You are destroyed in most battles because you are not mitigating incoming damage by angling and maneuvering. These are all solvable issues.
  9. Salvo_Creative

    bruh I used to think soviet bias was a meme but

    Just shoot them. They sink like anything else. We'll see a lot of them on the battlefield after their release then that will taper off like all the other ship lines that have dropped previously.
  10. Fight hard, fight fair and have fun :)
  11. Salvo_Creative

    New Upgrade Modules

    I am looking forward to this patch, so many new things to play with.
  12. You will have to provide a lot of replays to prove this is a problem. In my 10,000 games I think I have seen this happen twice, but even if I saw it 10 times over 10,000 games, it is still not a problem. Just report them and move on. But I doubt anything will be done. If you see it again, just fight as hard as you can because that is all you can ever really do.
  13. Salvo_Creative


    Turned my in game chat off months ago still win over 50% of my games played. Communication on the internet in game is well over rated.
  14. Salvo_Creative

    BB vs DD

    It is like fishing, you need the right bait to catch them. Nothing a good lot of secondary batteries cannot solve, just hold your shots on the main battery till the DD goes broadside to dump torps then blap. no more DD.