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  1. Salvo_Creative

    Audacious disconnects and aircraft recall

    One of the guys in our division is having this exact same disconnection issue with the CV
  2. Salvo_Creative

    HALL of Fame cheating

    God Damn Santa Claus! I knew it, that stat padding Elf Fornicator!
  3. Salvo_Creative

    Stealth Torps on Tier X CV's

    Ummm how does that magic work? Because what is the distance?
  4. Salvo_Creative

    Stealth Torps on Tier X CV's

    Yeah I thought it was fine, I was being hit, explosions etc.... just some good old stealth torpedoes coming out of no where to ruin ma day.
  5. Salvo_Creative

    Stealth Torps on Tier X CV's

    Yeah Im getting tired of trying to defend my encounters when I have even provided 2 videos of evidence 1 more clearly than the next. If no one wants to discuss the issue and the fact it is an issue I give up.
  6. Salvo_Creative

    Stealth Torps on Tier X CV's

    Yeah this is from a live video and not a replay. Seconds or Milliseconds, because the difference is pretty substantial. I was at 109ms that entire time, I connect to north america from New Zealand over Gigabit fiber (No Asia servers are not faster for New Zealanders) no lag to speak of, never ever had this in my 7000 games, then 0.8.0 rolls out and I suddenly only get this issue with the IJN Tier X CV, not the Midway, not any other CV, just that CV and it is consistent.
  7. Salvo_Creative

    Stealth Torps on Tier X CV's

    Thats interesting because it has been so common I have seen it in every game they have been in for me. I do wonder what the deciding factor is, because I have been in different ships and different maps. However I got hit, in that video and it shows that, so not sure you are watching the same video now. One hits the end of Musashi and detonates causing flooding.
  8. Salvo_Creative

    Stealth Torps on Tier X CV's

    Hehe yeah, but lets not annoy anyone or start any fights and just see this as funny. Im laughing because my souls dying LOL Im just happy we're all on the same page now
  9. Salvo_Creative

    IJN Tier X CV Stealth torpedo bug

    I think we all need Coffee, has been a long night. Im so sorry but some of the replies, then the redacted replies oh "oh whoops miss read" or "oh whoops didn't watch it" have actually made for some funny moments. Im guilty of doing that too, we should all have a laugh about it and just relax because it is kinda funny. Stealth torps are not a laughing matter though. They kill seamen.
  10. Salvo_Creative

    Stealth Torps on Tier X CV's

    Im kinda shocked that I got the replies I did. But the videos show what happens so I have faith someone will watch them and see XD
  11. Salvo_Creative

    Stealth Torps on Tier X CV's

    Yeah see I feel you are not following. You have to be on the receiving end of the torpedoes, as well as watching the video attached as evidence, there was also another instance of it in another video which I also posted from a game tonight. So as you were saying that you couldn't believe it to be even remotely true, good thing I posted 2 videos about it that I am sure you have thoroughly inspected. Please don't make another part of me die.
  12. Salvo_Creative

    Stealth Torps on Tier X CV's

    I wish, Im seeing it too consistently in games from the IJN Tier X CV's so that is when I took to the forum to ask if it was a bug or feature then took a while for people to watch the video each time a little part of me died. Also shameless plug because a little part of me died in this thread, follows on twitch appreciated LOL
  13. Salvo_Creative

    Stealth Torps on Tier X CV's

    Yeah all good bud, watch when you get a chance and I promise it is as I have described.
  14. Salvo_Creative

    Stealth Torps on Tier X CV's

    Yeah, watch the video, the other guy tried that explanation, the video blows that out of the water. Please not when the rest of the torps that are moving away from me finally get the red marker it is the one furthest from my ship that lights up first. So anyone actually watching the video knows what is happening, everyone else whom is saying something totally contrary, just shows you have not watched the video evidence. This is a common occurrence with the Tier X IJN CV
  15. Salvo_Creative

    Stealth Torps on Tier X CV's

    Yeah see, I feel you're not really following the conversation at this point. I was pretty clear what I said in the first post, Had to provide a video and only after I directed you to watch the video for a second time (it was 1 minute long and you didn't watch it till the end) did you see the problem. As I said what ever you are referring to was not what I was talking about and have clarified 4 times now.