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  1. I loved my Enterprise and yes it was too easy to nail DD's Now it has made it challenging but not impossible. I swapped all my skills and modules away from the Attack aircraft as you need to really time it now and not just reflex swing at targets. You cannot endlessly throw planes at the poor DD's now as they are in the air a lot longer taking more damage, so you have to plan your attacks carefully. They are better as dedicated attack spotters now, rather than assault craft first, spotters second. The delay does take a lot to get use to and I am far from being comfortable with it. We'll see how it all plays out.
  2. Depraved_Miscreant

    Why I deleted the game after enjoying it for years

    If you are only 720 battles played over 3 years, do not worry you did not loose much time. Some of us out there are still in the slog and are 10,000 battles played. If it is all a bit much, find the game that you want to enjoy and just remember the good times. I hope your next game played is a more enjoyable experience sir Good luck and all the best 07
  3. Depraved_Miscreant

    9/12 players in the red...

    well i'll be, Get that monkey a claw hammer stat
  4. Depraved_Miscreant

    9/12 players in the red...

    152 Million Kilometers from the Sun So what is an eco system then. 'Life feeding on life' That is natures version of harmony and there is a balance with that, when one species dies out another becomes dominant. Survival of the fittest means what ever dies becomes something else's fuel source. That is the balance. We break that balance with the cremation of human remains, strip mining, general construction, irrigation etc.... Name one other species in nature still in existence that is able to burn fossil fuels or use tools, Humans are an anomaly outside of the natural order of 'nature' and could now be classed as a cancer to the planet.
  5. Ranked is used for this very purpose also.
  6. Depraved_Miscreant

    9/12 players in the red...

    Human Race?
  7. Depraved_Miscreant

    Let's Talk About Short Sightedness

    good lord. If people think match maker is bad now. It would be terrible with that level of players.
  8. Depraved_Miscreant

    Nakhimov's Peculiarity

    Most likely it will be like Midway and a 50's Era post war design
  9. Depraved_Miscreant

    New soviet cvs good addition for game

    Hey bud, just take a breath, you know you cannot put everyone under one umbrella. I would like to think that there is no cheats in this game, but I do know there are some out there. However Wargaming should be keeping an eye on them and trying to have them banned. I do agree there are players out there that know how to 'game the system' and that is just dishonorable. There is a middle ground, where 'some' of what everyone has said here is true. Proving it beyond a shadow of a doubt and with proof, is very different and next to impossible unless you are a developer, but then the proof to certain claims have to be provided because liars are rife on the internet, also people fall into their own belief structures and cling to them for the sake of wanting to be right. Not everything is clean cut and black and white.
  10. Depraved_Miscreant

    New soviet cvs good addition for game

    The changes they make are getting them more inline to be balanced, but when you have ships like the FDR and low tier ships with no AA, it is harder to get balance so to speak. Safety in numbers does not work in lower tiers. The FDR does not care about safety in numbers and can only be dealt with by the absolutely best of the best AA ships. So more can be done to 'balance' them. But the new Soviet CV's have the right idea about balance looking at their initial stats
  11. Depraved_Miscreant

    Player Abuse & Ship XP Problems

    With ever post you show people more and more what is going on behind the scenes. There is a psychology to written and verbal language and how it is constructed. You're gonna be very surprised what a lot of people now know about you and how you act IRL based on how you conduct yourself online. The apple does not fall far from the tree. I am not expecting you to understand
  12. Austin cannot easily break line of sight when discovered. But it has the ability to melt unsuspecting DD's if you pop a corner knowing someone is there. pew pew pew pew pew pew
  13. Depraved_Miscreant

    To the death of fun! - Rocket Planes

    You brought a tear to this old BB main, Well said.
  14. Depraved_Miscreant

    plea to WG, make AA skills/modules actually useful!

    I respectfully disagree, FDR, low tiers, there is plenty that needs to be done with AA.