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  1. Depraved_Miscreant

    AFK ship on one side in a Ranked battle

    Depends if you get the right kind of AFK on your side ;)
  2. Depraved_Miscreant

    Do we have to pay to win?

    Define his version of P2W., Is it Premium time which is obviously just an economic bonus Or is it Premium ship purchases?
  3. Depraved_Miscreant

    Why are the brawls down?

    They have start and finish times
  4. Depraved_Miscreant

    Which ships for upcoming 1:1 brawl (T9)?

    Get your crews to your ships. May the best Captain win.
  5. Depraved_Miscreant

    Convoy, disappointing?

    I'm loving it and I am getting enough XP and credits to make it worth my while
  6. Depraved_Miscreant

    wg my compliment about the game

  7. Depraved_Miscreant

    Match Maker rigged.

    Stay away from Coolaid.
  8. Depraved_Miscreant

    Ranked Time Gating

    I am in New Zealand and you guys really did get a raw deal, If I finish work at 5pm, I get 2 hours of ranked games until 7pm all going well, Then 'You cannot play for another 8 hours because we say there is not enough players even though there is still 2,000 players online' Reeeeeeeeee!!
  9. Depraved_Miscreant

    Premium Ship Review - Brandenburg

    I love my Brandenburg to bits
  10. Depraved_Miscreant

    Need some help troubleshooting my PC

    If it is a mod or a soft crash the other guys here will be able to assist, If it is an actual blue screen where the PC restarts follow my below guide, [This is copy and pasted from a tech support thread I have on steam which helped someone else when their PC blue screened] [This will only help with blue screens as it is specific to them] If you have experienced blue screens be perform the following, Navigate to C:\windows\minidumpThe .dmp files in there need to be opened with WinDBGDownload that tool from the Microsoft storeIt is FreeWhen installed open WinDBGOpen the App,Then open one of the Dmp files,There will be underlined blue text saying analyze!Click that then it will spew out more information.Process_NameModule_NameImage_NameAre what you want to pay attention to,If they are all the same then that file caused the issue,Research that file, find out what it is, driver etc... update those specific drivers etc...If process_name is different to Module_Name then One caused the other to crash and you have a small mystery to solve however googling will sort you out still.If you are really really stuck screen shot the report and paste here and I will look at it for you.Also if there are multiple .dmp files in C:\windows\minidump, read them all, and if they are ALL different files, then likely you have a hardware fault or a chipset driver causing all kinds of random issues.Any questions let me know.
  11. Depraved_Miscreant

    Mecklenburg Review

    Love your review, If you want some constructive critique, write yourself a script to follow when recording, Just some of the wording you used eg: "has 305mm guns, giving it a lower..... gun that a lot of other battleships" That is my only critique Good work and I am personally looking forward to this ship.
  12. Depraved_Miscreant

    Favorite Warships memory.. GO!!!!

    I have 2 recently
  13. Depraved_Miscreant

    This Is Why Many Players Feel The Game Is Rigged Against Them At Times

    Well said,
  14. Depraved_Miscreant

    Why are subs THAT fast underwater?

    If the Subs are going at speeds faster than what they did historically What is still the reasoning for the USA BB line still only going 20 knots WG picks and chooses what they want to use from history vs what they want to change for game play. There is no consistency. Either go Full Arcade game or Full Realism Having this hybrid is confusing, especially when "this is realistically/historically what they could do" USA BB line is terribly slow, for history "this was done for game play as this is an arcade game" Subs travel speeds not inline with history, for game play.... Pick a lane.