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  1. Depraved_Miscreant

    How Many Do Not Want Subs In The Game?

    It is silly to think they would listen to people in North America as to what they think they want. The amount of people that actually are vocal on the forum, vs the thousands of players that say nothing at all, The quiet ones are far numerous, and have the stuff the vocal ones say are either completely nuts, or massive cry threads in general. Then you wonder why they do not 'act' on your suggestions or feed back. The term 'they do not listen to us' is silly, someone can listen to you, doesn't mean you immediately control them and are able to influence their decisions. Some people will never learn this.
  2. Depraved_Miscreant

    Weegee MM is at it again!

    Sub hunting is starting early
  3. Depraved_Miscreant

    Ranked AFK

    There is a crashing issue with the game at the moment also, might not be AFK but actually crashed.
  4. Depraved_Miscreant

    warships 4K res beauty shot(s)

    Thought I would include some action shots
  5. Depraved_Miscreant

    Thunderer and Stalingrad Nerfed Again

    Cries from the community that wargaming do not balance, The moment they start touching the Over powered ships THE FORUM LOOSES THEIR MIND Don't ever change forum.
  6. I am enjoying ranked more than randoms, I am loving the 7v7 format.
  7. Depraved_Miscreant

    Thunderer and Stalingrad Nerfed Again

    8 pages of crying because Thunderer deserved the nerf. Dry your eyes kids.
  8. Depraved_Miscreant

    we can bounce torpedoes?

    Wasn't that a video for Legends also?
  9. Depraved_Miscreant

    Zero damage for the Win!

    It is a beautiful little ship, it really rewards knowing your concealment and the overall mechanics of the game eg: radar ranges etc... You will love it
  10. So this is a thread about some dude getting a food smoker? If he stopped spending money on the game, and was able to save for a food smoker, I have a few financial questions. HOW MUCH WERE YOU SPENDING ON THE GAME BEFORE? WHY WERE YOU SPENDING SO MUCH MONEY ON THE GAME THAT CAUSED YOU TO NOT BE ABLE TO SAVE FOR A FOOD SMOKER? I feel a financial advisory is actually necessary at this point. Also gratz on the food smoker, pics of the tasty meals you have created thus far, Thanks
  11. Depraved_Miscreant

    The "GG" Again....

    If you are expecting more from Human beings, I am sorry but they/ we are all terrible. And what Lert said. If the game is working you up, I wish you luck in life sir.
  12. Depraved_Miscreant

    Vampire 2 Released for ANZAC day

  13. Depraved_Miscreant

    Vampire 2 Released for ANZAC day

    ANZAC day is the 25th of April Vampire 2 is being released on 23rd April which is the Friday coincidence... I hope we get a NZ or Australian flag, Wargaming FLAG PLEASE When is Anzac Day in New Zealand? Anzac Day is a public holiday in New Zealand on 25th April. If Anzac day falls on a weekend in New Zealand, it will be observed on the following Monday. Note that in Australia, the holiday is not moved if it falls on a weekend. This holiday marks the anniversary of the first key military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War. Anzac stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. The troops in those forces became known as Anzacs, and the pride in the name endures to this day.
  14. Looks like this mechanic is to replace Basic firing training for the cruisers