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  1. Depraved_Miscreant

    NA Server down?

    I just logged into port, I am based in New Zealand. I saw the port, Then it booteed me out. I then hit connect again and it has let me back in and I am now in the port.
  2. I agree with what you've said. What I have put forward is a very binary analogy however as you've indicated there is a lot of cross over as well as personal feelings on the matter involved. I put it forward to help people break it down into smaller less complicated decisions if that is what they need. I see a lot of posts where individuals work themselves into such a state and they are struggling to make any decision on what they should be doing. Then that results in angry, unhelpful rants, that serve no other purpose than to aggravate themselves and others.
  3. Absolutely agree about the word of mouth advertising and that will fall into the category of 'time' they are getting from you
  4. I am sorry to hear that sir, I wish you all the best and hopefully you are able to recover sincerely
  5. Depraved_Miscreant


    I loved my 1989 DX Toyota Corolla (KE70, 3-door station wagon)
  6. Yup, anything else you bring to the table is a derivative of those two options, ergo, there is still two options. 1.Stop Playing 2.Continue playing Complaining but still continuing to play is option 2. Complaining but stopping playing is option 1. Edit: i'll break this down a little further Wargaming can get from you 2 things 1. Your Time 2. Your money engagement is time, If you stop playing but continue to talk on the forum, wargaming still get your time. Any way you spin it, they still get your time or your money, You have to completely disengage from everything wargaming to stop them from getting your time, If you are yet to associate your time with a dollar value I would start doing so now, My time per hour is $250ish as through my profession this is what my time to people is worth, This is not what I get paid per hour, This is what my company charges to my clients and where I get my dollar value of what my time is worth. If wargaming have you posting on their forum, commenting on their Youtube or their Twitch, They have your time. What is your time worth, Are you happy giving your time to a company you dislike? It is like doing favors for your worst enemy, helping them move house, helping them with their shopping, Why would you spend your time [which is worth more] helping someone you despise? Because that just seems silly. So again, 2 options.
  7. How's the boycott going? We winning yet? We sticking it to the man? They feeling the hurt?
  8. Depraved_Miscreant


  9. I'll say this, For all those trying to predict 'the death of a game' World of Warplanes is still a thing, If that is still a thing then World of Warships will continue to exist, even if it is down to 1000 players online, War Gaming does not care about your feelings, Other players do not care about your feelings, Using the forum as a support group for your 'video game relationship breakup' is what is happening here, Ya'll need to quit and move on, or suck it up and play. There is only 2 options.
  10. Depraved_Miscreant

    Only two game options available

    I had the same issue, there was something selected in my Aslain mods, when I uninstalled it returned to normal, so I went through Aslain and reinstalled only selecting what I wanted and worked second time. That is how I fixed it for myself.
  11. Depraved_Miscreant

    NA Server Issues

    According to the article new season of Ranked went live with this update and should be available, however only Randoms and Co-op are selectable, not even operations. Edit: My issue seamed to be something in the Aslain mod pack, after uninstalling it was working, Likely some view mod for the game modes that was selected by default.
  12. Depraved_Miscreant

    Old Player Coming Back

    1st Minute you went in a straight line forward you were center spawn...... in a BB, in a Tier 8 BB, in a Tier 10 game... Focus fire is a killer, yet I never saw any motion to think [Maybe going this way is not a good idea] Once you got to full speed 1 minute in, you managed to continue to work yourself towards being isolated. [CV food] You decided to go to your right hand side to link up with the ships farthest from you. CV knew where you were as you were spotted at this moment as you had every indication that they knew where you were. Around 2mins in planes spotted you, no one shot at you in this time which was lucky. At this moment you slowed to 3/4 speed then back to full speed within 20 seconds, really you should have been running to a flank and not sitting in the center any longer, then you continued to slow down without getting to a flank. 3minutes in you are now alone, 3:30mins in Malta starts harassing you, and gets 2 full strikes on you with Torpedo planes, You never bother deploying your fighters in Malta's first run on you, they 'might' have helped.... 'might' You could see the planes coming across the map, really not sure how you thought you were going to dodge based on the angles you were sitting at, the turning rate of your ship as well as your speed... The more Malta attacked you the more you just zig zagged shedding more and more speed while you were alone, But when the Malta swung at you the third time, this was the first time you threw up your fighters, At this time you had already started being very vocal in chat, your ship was a little over half health and you were not maneuvering to save your ship, You were wiggling in open water while he attacked you. a tier 8 BB has no chance in this situation while alone. 5mins in you were now sunk. You blame the game for your own failures, which was reflected in the chat in game in your own replay provided. If you want to blame the game, blame it for actual issues, This match & your sinking, was all on you. There is no If's but's or maybe's, We only have the replay of the game you wrote the wall of text about. I saw you make ever decision possible to ensure you would sink, I then saw that happen.
  13. Depraved_Miscreant

    How many OG Players are still left?

    September 15th 2015 here. 12,400 battles in randoms