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  1. Yeah i do think that DD's or other support like cruisers feel like Damage/Caps is the only way to contribute and feel the contribution.
  2. I think there needs to be more rewarding aspects of the game other than doing damage and getting kills. Instead of a single spotting ribbon, maybe a spotting ribbon timer that directly benefits your exp and credits. When a match ends what do people do? Look at the scoreboard, and if you're supporting your team and strategically assisting your team get a win, but end up on the bottom half of the scoreboard with people calling you loser it'll never bring people back.
  3. I dont think removing division play will solve anything. I personally wish there was any amount of MM considerations when making games. I dont mind sitting in a queue for 1 minutes in order to get placed into a match that makes sense instead of being instantly queued in a game with people ranging from 10 matches to 20,000. There is absolutely no way that match will go good.
  4. Yeah I can feel this. With the airship mode release I think it has been extra aggravating just because there a lots of players who absolutely do not care about objectives or playing the game mode as intended. It also does not seem that players are actually rewarded for staying in the escort zone other than a few lousy achievements. There should be a noticeable reward for playing the game appropriately.
  5. Thank you all for your opinions and taking the time to add to the post. I agree with a lot of what I've read. I do think there has been a major lacking of knowledge or even interest in learning the game. I join games and watch cruisers sail broadside taking citadel after citadel after citadel, go back to port, rinse repeat. I didnt think that the Sub update would push that many players away but I definitely feel like they opened up MM to the masses. I literally just joined a game with someone who's played 4 random battles total lol its like impossible for that person to have any amount of fun in a t8 match, and 100% guaranteed to ruin the game for others.
  6. What changed Wargaming? Something has to of changed. In the last month I have hardly had a single close and enjoyable match. Nearly every match I play is a total one sided blowout. When the scoreboard pops up you have 3-5 ships with less than 100 points and for some reason over half of those people have played less than 25 games. Did you change a matchmaking algorithm or what? Not long ago you'd have at least somewhat close matches occasionally and some really fun games to watch but here lately its been a misery fest filled with toxic chatters and hate. I know I am not the only one to feel that way so please figure out what it is before people stop logging in.
  8. Some great points made in this thread, thanks all for responding. I would say that MM should take into consideration someone with less games. I dont really understand why MM would ever place people with less than 100 games vs people with upwards of 5000. Sometimes after matches I am looking at players Profiles not to give them hell, but to get an idea of why my BB's are driving full speed into the enemy or sailing broadside for Citadel after Citadel until they go back to port. Last night I played 3 games back to back and they were complete wash outs. When viewing the score you see players with no Clan who have less than 200 points even on the winning team, upon closer inspection they all have less than 200 battles played and facing some people in good clans with upwards of 15,000 games. It's incredibly unbalanced.
  9. I'm not new by this standard, I have about 5k games played. My friends that have recently joined though, not such good results. The game has gotten more and more complicated over the years which isn't a bad thing, but trying to get into this game when you're being paired up against people with 5000+ games is pretty impossible. The matchmaker is terrible and doesn't give new players a chance.
  10. I don't come to the Forums often, apparently this is an old rant but I am very curious if Wargaming made some changes recently to matchmaking because it has been terrible. For the last few months, games are absolutely one sided, its rare to have a match that's actually close and enjoyable to be part of. Naval Battles on the weekend are crap because games end in 6 minutes so you don't even have time to meet bars. I have close to 5,000 games played and I'm getting paired up against people with LITERALLY 50 games TOTAL! I just played a match with 4 people on each team with less than 100 games! How is that supposed to be at all enjoyable for new players? You're creating a floating shat off where new players get deleted in the first 30 seconds and new players don't have good matches to keep us coming back. I dont know what changed, but this is killing the game for me and my friends.
  11. Elevven

    Low Tier 10 Minute Queues

    Good to know, wish it was more informative. I guess you just run Coop mode until t3/4 . thank sfor input
  12. We finally convinced some friends of ours to try out World of Warships and we've been sitting in a 3-person 3 cruiser tier 2 division for nearly 10 minutes now waiting for Matchmaking to put us in a freaking game. This is not a very good new player experience.
  13. Bump. Every time I have to move the Division Window in order to click something useful, I should bump the thread.
  14. Ive been playing this game for many years now, and by far the MOST frustrating part, is this awful Division window covering up EVERYTHING!!!! For the love of god, is there a chance this Window could be docked somewhere in the Port GUI? There is tons of Free space at the top of the screen between the 'Ready' button and Port Selection. At the very very least, when Im the damn Division Leader, can the 'Battle' button double up as 'Ready' !?!? Keep up the good work, enjoying WoWships, just hoping for a little QoL :D