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  1. metus_regem

    Which Coal ship to buy and Why?

    Well, I can only comment about the Georgia, since I recently bought it, even with only a 7 point commander, she is a ball to play, 40 knts is just stupid fun and she's pretty agile too. The guns have solid dispersion and what's not to like about 457's?
  2. Technically she is a St. Louis sub class of the Brooklyn class, but it would be highly confusing to have three St. Louis class ships in game, two of them in the same tech tree...
  3. metus_regem


    I've been seeing the same thing since the last patch, I usually find it's worse in the evening rather than early morning.
  4. metus_regem

    Ship Suggestion: The case for HMS Renown

    But when has that ever stopped WG from doing something... I mean look at half the Russian tech tree...
  5. metus_regem

    Massive nerf to secondaries coming

    Sounds good. I was going to use my 7 year old son's socks after soccer practice...
  6. metus_regem

    Massive nerf to secondaries coming

    0.9.11 is a long way off for now and this is going to go through testing, I doubt it'll make it through in this state... just like the AP damage buff for BB's that boosts fire and flood durations... In the same vein I think the air drop torp negating 15% absolute torp protection isn't going to go through in the current state either. If I'm wrong, well I'll chew on a sock.
  7. metus_regem

    Ship Suggestion: The case for HMS Renown

    This seems like a well thought out argument, with facts that support it I'd set her up likely as a FXP sheep, similar to the Alaska ormaybe as a coal ship... perhpas add her sister Repluse as a RB ship too?
  8. metus_regem

    Graf Spee is amazing at co-op, at least

    The Hipper is... well... the Hipper. She's decent enough, but every once in a while you're going to eat a citadel from a really strange angle and be in a world of pain. But if you can get her to work, she is amazing. My best match with a Hipper I put down a Baltimore, Cleavland and a Pommern, oddly enough I got them all with Torps....
  9. metus_regem

    Booted to log in

    Thanks Brush, I'll check with the mods first then run repair. I'm using an azus ROG strix laptop that I got just this past year, so I know it's not that at least.
  10. metus_regem

    Booted to log in

    Hi, thank you for taking the time to read this... For some reason since the last patch, I get booted to the log in screen before matches start about half the time and booted to log in after a match ends about two-thirds of the time, I was wondering if there is something I can do to remedy this? Any feedback on this would be most welcomed.
  11. metus_regem

    Graf Spee should be buffed

    I'm on board with this, move it from BB dispersion to CA dispersion would help greatly. The only other thing I'd really love is just to get her over that 30knt hump.
  12. metus_regem

    Time For a New US Destroyer Line?

    If you are looking at a DE line, a solid argument could be made for the Atlanta class to be shoved in there....
  13. metus_regem

    Graf Spee is amazing at co-op, at least

    It's a beast when things work in your favour, but it can also be a bad time when it doesn't.... Still, she's my favourite boat.
  14. metus_regem

    POMMERN [Is she worth it?]

    And just think, WG reccomend playing at medium to long range with a main battery focused build...