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  1. nagasakee

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    A pretty good set of back-to-back games. Shot down 75 planes, a new personal best for me, with my X cruiser Worcester, and then set a secondary record for me in the X full secondary build battleship Schlieffen.
  2. Must the Twitch videos be watched LIVE, or can I watch them after the fact and still get credit for watching? I work at some of the times they are scheduled.
  3. nagasakee

    ST 0.9.7, Kitakami

    @Hapa_Fodder Digital Wind is right, a LOT (not all of course) of players still want this ship, but the general feedback from players in this thread is this: put it at Tier 7, give it a reasonable hull, not a T4 hull; make sure its concealment range is increased so it can fire its one weapon from smoke, and speed up the torps. If you do these things you can sell a ton of these for serious cash. And that's how I'd recommend you sell these, not for RB, not for steel, not even for coal...but as Randy Moss famously said: "Straight Cash Homie". Make this ship fun to play! And make it soon please.
  4. Like a lot (most?) of the folks that have answered, I play co-op, and almost exclusively co-op, because it is a lot more fun than Random mode. Random involves a longer game, with a lot of hiding, sitting behind islands, and cursing out the opposition and especially...teammates. I hate the toxicity of the Random mode. People call it "salty" to reduce the sheer nastiness you see in Random chat, but to be honest Random mode is just not a nice play to play. I play to reduce RL stress not to add to it. BTW we can tell when Random players enter co-op...they start giving orders or curse out others, either usually a dead giveaway. I actually think Wargaming would do better financially if they dropped Random mode and focused on adding flavors of Co-op...because to me Co-op IS the game. I played a lot of different games this year from RPG's like Cyberpunk, and AC Valhalla, to persistent MMO's...some are pretty involved and require a fairly long playing session, and as an adult I don't always have the time. Warships is just a nice fun quick game where you get into battle and blow pixels up. Its fast, a little brutal and great fun...in co-op, only.
  5. nagasakee

    ST 0.9.7, Kitakami

    Nice thread derail. This is about the Tier 10 Kitakami cruiser. Not cruise missiles.
  6. nagasakee

    ST 0.9.7, Kitakami

    Anyone know when the heck this ship is finally coming out? Did I miss an announcement? Seems to be a very long time since 0.9.7
  7. nagasakee

    ST 0.9.7, Kitakami

    Honestly I just hope it is released very soon. I also do hope we get the three torp options and like the idea of replacing the bow gun with something that you know...works, or at least some value. Finally, I hope it comes in next patch and WG doesn't suck the life out of what could be a very fun ship to play.
  8. nagasakee

    ST, changes to the commander skills system.

    Yep, a big, big nerf to the Bismarck and other German ships, the Republique and especially the USS Massachusetts and the Georgia. How did they think that a reduction from 60 % to 35%, a 25% nerf, was a good idea?
  9. nagasakee

    Any idea what resource will be kitakami?

    Actually between steel, coal, RB and free xp, I expect this ship to be sold via...none of the above. I expect it to be sold via cold, hard cash. $ 99 maybe? Free XP would be my second choice.
  10. nagasakee

    Any idea what resource will be kitakami?

    Is that true or a meme?
  11. nagasakee


    Got the Minnesota yesterday, and for the record I'm a BB coop player mainly, and American BB's specifically, and I'm a Minnesota Vikings fan, so on paper I should LOVE this ship. I will say the Minnesota with the gold camo is a quite beautiful looking ship. And when it hits, it hits hard! Well Done WG! But...it has a couple of very minor defects: its can't go fast at all, lets face it... 24.2 kts is some type of sick joke, and to make matters even worse its acceleration is abysmal. But that's ok because when you get within range you can't hit all that much because of the lousy dispersion. Armor is very, very weak at Tier 9, and the feel of the ship vs say the Tier 8 Massachusetts, is that the ship is poor, almost fragile, at tanking. I believe that with a T8 Massachusetts battling one on one with a T9 Minnesota, the Massachusetts will win each and every time. Indeed it doesn't even have much more in the way of HP over a Mass. I originally thought perhaps WG wanted this ship to be a T9 brawler/secondary ship, but with that build and a flag they only go out to 7.6 km. (Useless.) Not only that, but there's only four good ones a side. The T8 Mass has five. Its agility might be worse, just try turning in a close up battle with another BB...don't time it with a stop watch, bring a calendar. It's rudder shift is 23+ seconds vs the Mass's 15. So it's painfully slow, can't maneuver or turn to save its life, doesn't accelerate well, cant be a sniper, cant be a brawler, has lousy HP, crappy secondaries, But that camo! This ship needs a LOT of love: top speed should be in the 27-29 km range, needs more HP in the 80K range, needs much better secondary range (10-11), and need a major agility bump for turning. How the heck did this ship get out of testing like this?
  12. nagasakee

    I'm back (for now) - getting caught up. (PVE Thread)

    Welcome Back Admiral. You are one of the very best posters on the forum, so if you left permanently we'd all be the worse for it. I am discouraged by the upcoming captain skills changes, and especially the secondaries nerf. I'm kind of hanging on to see if I can buy a Kitikami for cash, doubloons or xp. If it goes steel or RB point I may leave for good. The game seems to get worse each update now. But I digress. Welcome back my friend!
  13. nagasakee

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    can't upload for some reason
  14. nagasakee

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Got my ol' Yamato out this morning and I think broke my record for most planes shot down, with 72. The Yammy is my second favorite ship, and I still don't regret the Izumo grind :) I also broke a plateau for me, for the very first time: 1044 stars! Never broke the the 1K barrier before!
  15. nagasakee

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Today's game, new best on secondaries I think : 691