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  1. nagasakee

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Wow this thread went to over 150 pages!!! Nice work Admiral Thunder. Here's today's game with my favorite ship, the USS Massachusetts: 547 hits with the secondaries, 44 planes. I usually do well with Big Mamie, but not this well :)
  2. nagasakee

    Flag round cartoon captains?

    That didn't work, but thank you for replying. What did work was shutting off a mod I did not know I had in Ashlain's: Poland Ball Commanders. sigh...
  3. Just starting playing again this weekend, after a fairly break. I see many of my captains are cartoons, roundish blobs with a flag face. How do I get rid of them please and go back to normal cartoon people?
  4. nagasakee

    Alabama or Massachusetts??

    Aye, I agree there, good point btw. There is of course a difference in YOLOing, and just getting in close enough for the Mass to be effective. I find focusing upon DD's first, then other ships helps a lot. But again I play coop in the vast majority of games/
  5. nagasakee

    Alabama or Massachusetts??

    Fixed those for you. Have the Bama, and both Mass's (which by the way should NOT ever be called "Big Mammy", but Big MAMIE) and the accuracy difference honestly comes down to very little in game play, as others have already stated, and which for me is mostly coop. Because you almost always get in closer with the Mass than the Bama (which is itself usually closer to the battle than the NC) the accuracy is quite good closeup, under 12km on avg.. My shots in the 15-17km range ARE bad...and that's the price you pay for the golden secondaries. BTW, the AA difference is negligible also, especially with the new AA rework coming. But all American BB's are good as antiaircraft boats. Neither the Mass or the Bama are a Des Moines of course, but both are very, very good. I may sell the Alabama. Its a really good tough and agile ship, but after playing the Massachusetts, she feels like she is fighting with hand tied behind her back.
  6. My prediction is that the game will see a large number of players leaving to do other games. Sad, but I do think it happens this year.
  7. nagasakee

    I can't be the only one...

    so I was wrong again, and my apologies to WG for suspecting a nerf. In EVERY other game I played today the secondaries were just fine. Clearly the issue was my tactics, gameplay, or lack of strong coffee. Anyway sorry, I was wrong. again. still.
  8. nagasakee

    I can't be the only one...

    Not really, though part of the time vs the NC was doing the circle dance.
  9. nagasakee

    I can't be the only one...

    And so here is the very next match (yes I am sucking today...) where my secondaries did almost as much damage as primaries. No flag changes, no captain changes, still the same crappy player. Is this merely RNG Jesus biting me, or something else?
  10. nagasakee

    New RTS WW2 Naval Game suggestions?

    I used to work for the guy that invented Electronic Battleship, Andy Rifkin. He created a couple of Barbie games that were huge too. Genius at electronic gaming, but deficient elsewhere.
  11. nagasakee

    I can't be the only one...

    . I used to love the ship, now not so sure at all. I think they've made the rumored secondary change that was supposed to occur soon. I've grown truly disenchanted with the way WG is proceeding, and don't play nearly as much as I used to because of it, (so odds are I missed this change). For example, last year spent $ 400 on Santa Crates...this year not a dime. But I digress. I just played this game with a 19 pt. Admiral Halsey Captain, full secondary build. Here are my stats, above, for one match this morning in coop. 226 secondary hits, for a total of 594 damage. Note that I am running IFHE and manual secondaries. which hit at 61%. Going to play a couple more games with the Mass, but honestly if they nerfed a Premium ship like this, who's a two trick pony with secondaries and heals...then trust is gone.
  12. nagasakee

    Worst Played Ships

    I agree the on the Tirp. I do NOT agree on the Mass. Most people who purchased her (I bought her and the Massachusetts B btw) knew what they were getting, as they were experienced players and loved it. I believe very few newbs bought Big Mamie.
  13. nagasakee

    Help me decide

    LOL, aye 100%.
  14. nagasakee

    Help me decide

    Yep. Damn you Crown Royal :) I meant the X13 of course. Or did I?
  15. nagasakee

    Help me decide

    ^^^ THIS. Get her only if you love the Maple Leaf camo. I did. Love the camo, not the ship