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  1. 7.8 patch notes are up

    I play at 4K on a large monitor, so the UI Scaling is the most important update here. Thank you WG!
  2. Do you buy flag using Coal?

    I buy the secondary flags for my Massachusetts there, but other than that don't really purchase anything else. I always use the coupons when I have them.
  3. A secondary focused IJN BB?

    I'm going next week I think, can't wait!
  4. A secondary focused IJN BB?

    As @KiyoSenkan points out there are already 3 good secondary ships. I agree the Yamato is the best of them. As someone that has live over 40 years in Massachusetts, the term "Masshole" is reserved for the people of the Commonwealth, not for the ship. Frankly if you called Big Mamie "masshole" here in the state, you'd probably rightfully be punched right in the mouth. The folks here love that ship, and would be offended,
  5. Favourite Low Tier Ships

    Black Swan, Imp. Nikolai, Ceaser, Derzki
  6. Pin-Up: Trailer

    Like your Commodore logo @Katakis. I'm more of an Amiga guy though. Frankly didn't care for the video, thought our sensibilities towards women were way past that. Guess not.
  7. A Camo suggestion

    If I understand it, you want an all white ship with the existing gold trim pieces? If so, that sounds pretty elegant, and I'd support it.
  8. Post of the Year, upvoted as well as 50 others. Thank you, agree with all of them.
  9. oh man, would love a Kitakami. But never I suspect.
  10. Paper Ships anyone? A-150s

    Would love an A150 Super Yamato frankly. But would not want anyone else to get one To be serious, a ship like that would require a Tier 11 I think...which is unlikely. More chance of the USS Forrestal than the IJN Shinano. A shame really, just very doubtful.
  11. It’s not “Wooster”

    That's true. used to live (for 30 years) In New Port Richey and Land O'Lakes, Wesley Chapel too
  12. Go Navy Was a Mistake

    It IS a dichotomy all right...keep the co op option in the events, even if the event ruins its core nature. I understand though.