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  1. nagasakee

    Worst Played Ships

    I agree the on the Tirp. I do NOT agree on the Mass. Most people who purchased her (I bought her and the Massachusetts B btw) knew what they were getting, as they were experienced players and loved it. I believe very few newbs bought Big Mamie.
  2. nagasakee

    Help me decide

    LOL, aye 100%.
  3. nagasakee

    Help me decide

    Yep. Damn you Crown Royal :) I meant the X13 of course. Or did I?
  4. nagasakee

    Help me decide

    ^^^ THIS. Get her only if you love the Maple Leaf camo. I did. Love the camo, not the ship
  5. Really good list here, well thought out, good points. Usually I 100% agree with both you and Thunder, but you HAVE to put the Nikolai first...
  6. nagasakee

    Best looking ship in the game?

    I like a lot of them: the Atlanta, the Imperator Nikolai, the Measure 22 blue-hulled Massachusetts (mod), the Bismarck with the yellow turrets, but these two are my favorites now: the Black Massachusetts and the White SEA Arp Lite Yamato.
  7. nagasakee

    Multi-Purpose Porter

    I like the idea, and would support it. But the 5" guns on the USN BB's RoF needs looking at as well...
  8. nagasakee

    [PSA] Jean Bart Release

    I kind of feel the same way. I'm concerned about the constant increase in ship pricing too. I closed my whale wallet with the Massachusetts purchase, (which btw I was very happy with initially) but was considering purchasing both the Alaska and the Jean Bart. I would also have bought the Stalingard as well, a beautiful ship in my mind, but it wasn't available to the great unwashed steel-less Sneetches without Stars. On Advance Notice: Car manufacturers usually have a release road map...Fiat (the car I own and drive) does 5 years out as a minimum so a reasonable adult can plan their purchases. I think if WG put out a 90 day advance notice of all ships due out on their roadmap, people would be happier. I also think the multi-currency-multi options crud needs to stop, for now and forever. Make each ship purchasable in 5 ways: 1) credits, 2) FXP, 3) doubloons, 4) cold hard cash and 5) coal. Post all 5 prices for each and every ship, let the customer decide how (or if) they wish to purchase. Understand that most players are real human beings with budgets and most will NOT ever buy ALL ships. Let us decide when and how. Scrap steel and all the other garbage currencies you've created. There's no need for any of them. As others have posted (and better said than I can) there have been MANY cases, especially recently, where this companies credibility has been tested and found wanting. I think that whoever is community manager/public relations manager should recognize this crisis of confidence and address it. Not with the customers, they understand all too well what is happening, but with the management of WG. There have been far to many threads lately where people here on the forums are angry, and … rightfully … angry. It seems everybody has got something in mind that pissed them off: the $$$ release of a Tier 9, submarines, release of a Tier 10 for pay, the USN upgrades that ignored the 5" RoF and range issue, the nerfing of premiums etc. etc. The straw that closed my wallet, perhaps for good, is the torpedo bulge crap in PT. I feel my Massachusetts was nerfed hard, and recall a promise that premiums were not to be ever nerfed. Something needs to change, soon or WOWS will follow WoT and WoP like this:
  9. good post. Like millions of others, I completely quit Facebook after the myriad data breaches and links to the campaign interference. I won't go there at all anymore, because I'm an IT guy and know the risks.
  10. Again, 100 correct. ^^^THIS is what should have been done.
  11. As someone posted earlier the 5 inch guns probably should have been the very first things addressed if the USN was to be looked at. So of course...no. I really loved this game, but honestly I get the feeling it is starting to circle the drain.
  12. nagasakee

    It's time for Co-Op to get some love

    certainly not. Some random players do come into coop to complete temporary missions, but the vast majority are in coop because they like it better than Randoms.
  13. nagasakee

    It's time for Co-Op to get some love

    I usually agree with you Kiz, but can't here. The mercy rule is annoying, and should go away. It serves no real purpose in coop
  14. nagasakee

    It's time for Co-Op to get some love

    I agree with you completely. Upvoted