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  1. PT 658

    Huge applause from me for your work on this treasure, and for the thread. Thanks so much for this. I do wish we had more missions with the PT boat type we had with the German mission...think it was Dunkirk. Would be a blast to make them player usable too. But nothing compared to the real world, and thanks for giving us a good glimpse of an important part of it.
  2. Passive CO-OP play!!!!!

    it's called "summer". And the kids are here now.
  3. Soon, there will be Haida

    nice looking ship and camo. Go Canada!
  4. well that's easily solved by just making it an option.
  5. "CamouflageMassachusetts comes with Type 10 Camouflage. During testing this was in the style of Measure 22 historical pattern but is set to change when the ship goes live." Sorry for reviving an old thread @LittleWhiteMouse but I missed this detail the first time. Does this mean the permanent camo will NOT be the normal "all blue" look we see in her photos? if so...darn...because I loved that clean look. Can you detail/image what the perma-camo WILL look like now...is that allowed?
  6. Thanks much Lert! You always have good, timely info and it's much appreciated!
  7. Just curious if there is any advance notice (like today) on what ships will be in Premium Shop tomorrow? Anyone know specifically if the USS Massachusetts will be on sale then?
  8. biggest issue to me is that there are also not enough points to get the full secondary treatment, and buy Superintendent. Looks like Premium upgrade on heals as de rigueur
  9. Thanks LWM! Another great review, and I was happy to provide some limited data for you. I wish this got a gudbote instead of meh...but I will still purchase. A shame it lost both the 900 meters of detection and has only 27.5 knots. Maybe later they could buff her detection that amount and give her a knot or 2 of speed. Again stellar review! I will buy her the day she is available. and some beer!
  10. I am in favor of a mechanism where if there are exact clone ships, WG should just release one of them...but allow the player to select which name they'd like. Again this would be for EXACT clones only. On the other hand, looking at the impending release of the Massachusetts...I am beyond thrilled that it is NOT a clone of the Alabama, but something really very different and unique. It made the ship far more satisfying to me knowing that it is a unique ship. So if the ships like the USS Maine, or USS Wisconsin are not coming into the game, I'd like to see the option for a player to rename an existing in-game clone when earned or purchased. But...if they will eventually WILL come into the game, as the Maine or Wisconsin, I'd like there to be something special about them...as it appears we are getting with Big Mamie. And again THANK YOU WG! To me, the issue can be partially solved if WG would do what car manufacturers do: release a multi-year plan that tells us what the "plan" will do and "when" it will do it...knowing that these things can (and likely will) change before then. We don't even really know yet what 0.7.7 will bring and have no clue as to what 0.7.8 comes with. I know there are competitors like WarT. , but surely knowing for example the USS Johnston IS coming out next February...is not a competitive disadvantage going forward. An enlightened fan-base is a happy fan-base. Please keep us more in the loop.
  11. clearly it logically has to be TorpsWEREus
  12. Not a huge deal

    There is a specific mod for this in Ashlain's. I agree it should be in the game itself, but you can get this info if you apply the mod. I should also have mentioned there is a second mod to see them in color, in port, (instead of the default black and white) as well.
  13. good secondary game though, well done
  14. USS Massachusetts

    Aye, thanks! sounds like a good equal match all things considered, nice job WG! And thanks to you too @Lert
  15. USS Massachusetts

    Thanks Lert! But doesn't Mamie have it over the Bismarck with main guns?