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  1. I can’t remember the last time I used the ‘wide’ spread option for torpedos. There are circumstances where it is useful, but those are so rare that it really isn’t a useful mechanic as is. What do do you guys think about reducing the ‘wide’ spread to 20% wider than the current ‘narrow’ spread, and reducing the current ‘narrow’ spread by 20%. Obviously no change to single fire torps.
  2. G_Potter

    Question...CV/DFAA cooldown balance

    I think there is an imbalance here between DFAA cool down time and how quickly the CV can return with aircraft. But infinite DFAA or only when you need it DFAA isn’t the answer. CVs need to be able to strike opponents. All that’s needed is a slight (5-10 second) reduction in DFAA cool down. Allows CV to reap benefits from baiting DFAA, but would also reduce the window of vulnerability for a ship such that the CV has to be quick to get his strike in before cool down is over
  3. G_Potter

    Calling Helena Pros....

    Absolutely get IFHE. Simple as that.
  4. G_Potter

    Are premium camos worth it?

    I’ll be the dissenting opinion. I don’t think permanent camp is worth it, even for tier X. Take that money and put it towards premium time. Then you get benefit for every boat you play, not just the one you bought camp for. Couple months of premium time, you’ll be sitting on 100M credits.
  5. My most memorable was during a ranked battle. I hadn’t played ranked for several seasons, decided to give it a shot again. Don’t remember what level, but it was a tier VIII match. I’m in my Alabama. Team melts around me, and with 8 minutes to go, I am the only survivor of my team against 4 enemy ships (NC, Edinburgh, Benson, Amagi). Take out the low health Amagi, then snipe the Edinburgh in smoke for a dev strike. Kite away from NC until I wear him down and finally take him out. I’m low health, no more heals, behind on points, and less than 1 min left. Dodge torps from unspotted DD while capping, although it won’t do me any good. Then Benson shoots with about 15 seconds left from ~9km kiting away. Let loose all three turrets of AP (no time to switch), and watch the most glorious RNG spread I have ever seen. 4 hits on target and a kill with 3 seconds left. Ended game with 6 kills (out of 7 enemies), kraken, confederate, high caliber, dev strike, and solo warrior. DD has the game locked up, no way I could spot him or win on points if he hadn’t taken those shots. Makes it all the sweeter...
  6. G_Potter

    Tonnage Tuesday - Most Ships Sunk

    Fujin-1457 kills in 720 battles ultimate seal club
  7. G_Potter

    Randoms are basically unplayable

    I agree, but when baiting DFAA, they couldn't launch an attack. Now they can 'bait out' DFAA while still mounting their first attack, then 'F' key out.
  8. G_Potter

    Randoms are basically unplayable

    I disagree with unplayabe, more like unenjoyable. In addition to what is in the hotfix: 1. Carrier 'F' key vs. DFAA will still be out of balance. If the cruiser uses their consumable, the CV can 'F' key out with (even after the hotfix) very little damage taken. However, the CV can then return ~20 seconds later with new squad to attack, when DFAA is on ~1:30 cooldown. 2. Plane speed/spotting is too powerful. Right now the CV can spot the entire enemy team and land strikes within the first 45 seconds of the match. All other ship classes cannot. DDs can no longer 'scout' at higher tiers.
  9. G_Potter

    Out of curiosity, what lines can we expect this year?

    What about a line split this year? IJN cruisers perhaps?
  10. Thanks very much for this, I'll check it out. My internet speed has always been so insanely slow that it has become an assumption that that is the cause. Never looked into it further.
  11. After 10,000 battles, I have come to the startling conclusion that I enjoy this game, despite the <insert hated game mechanic here>. I have finished the slow progression from "uber-potato" to "slightly starchy vegetable product". I intend to try to achieve "worthy adversary" status. Here's the thing: I have the game mechanics down. Angling, WASD hacks, ammo selection, etc. Where I need to focus next: studying armor models and map positioning. I have started by watching youtube videos, and reading lots of posts on these forums. But the info seems scattered and incomplete. Which leads to my question - Is there a consolidated source that discusses these things? And unfortunately, my internet connection speed prevents me from using voice chat in a division without ping going to 2000+ (yes, it's that slow), so that's not really a viable option. If there isn't, no worries, and GLHF
  12. I have three ideas for game improvements that I wanted to get feedback on: 1. Ability to toggle between normal aiming mode and spotter plane aiming mode when spotter plane is active. It never fails, I put up the spotter plane, 10 seconds later a DD is spotted 10km from me that I want to shoot at. The spotter plane perspective makes it harder to aim correctly on close targets. I don't see why you shouldn't have the ability to use either spotting mode when the spotter plane is up. 2. In port, give me the option to pre-select what type of containers I want to get, and give me the option to 'auto-open' when earned. The 'crane bringing in a container' animation is cool and all, but after 1000 times it's getting pretty old. The ability to select 'give me all try-your-luck' containers and 'auto open' would be much appreciated. 3. Eliminate the preview of the enemy team ships while waiting to drop into battle. List the enemy players only. It would be more fun (and maybe more realistic - but with this game realism is not a huge priority) if you only knew your own fleet, and had to guess at what the enemy had until they're spotted. Let me know what you think.
  13. G_Potter

    Quick question

    Well that sucks. Thanks for the answer.
  14. G_Potter

    Quick question

    When you have your spotter plane up, is there any way to toggle back to 'normal' view? Sometimes when a DD pops up close it would be nice to switch.
  15. G_Potter

    I give up on T10

    But it can be done. I really struggled when I first got to tier X. I was way to aggressive, getting killed early in every match. The easy answer is to complain about how passive tier X is. But realize a lot of those passive players win games. I spent 500+ matches exclusively in tier X to try and get better. The things I learned? Positioning is critical. Focus fire is incredibly strong. Radar sucks, have an escape plan. Learning how to be successful in tier X has made me better in the lower tiers.