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  1. TenjinKotone

    Yet Another NTC Alternative

    I like this proposal a lot, might make me regrind some lines I really enjoy just for these perks (imagine being able to play Myoko as a premium ship). I doubt WG's going to listen unless this thread gets like 500+ responses though.
  2. TenjinKotone

    Clan Special Test: General Information + FAQ

    I wonder if my shitter clan will ever be able to CST
  3. TenjinKotone

    Sold my Montana?!

    imagine thinking that the meta battleship is underpowered if ignorance is bliss you must be the happiest person in the world
  4. TenjinKotone

    Not Seeing That Many Azumas

    I'm of the opinion that Azuma has quite a bit that makes her interesting. She hits much harder than any of the conventional cruisers at the tier, with her AP performance allowing her to citadel CA's at her maximum range, so it's no slouch. Her DPM on paper is low, perhaps, but especially compared to the other large cruisers, her accuracy and HE damage give her much more effective DPM due to the flexibility you get out of being able to damage targets in any situation. Her armour is lacking certainly when compared to the other large cruisers, but the key point is that her concealement (which IMO is much more important than armour) is a staggering 11.9km. You're outspotting Moskva's, Henri's, Hindenburg's, while you can bring 9 310mm guns to bear. As far as history nerds go, I picked her up primarily for this reason. She was never built, no, but the design was most certainly there as the design B-65 Super Cruiser, which was key for the night battle doctorines in the Kantai Kessen. I believe she's a good balance between "normal" cruisers and large cruisers at her tier. Her concealement alone is enough to make her a very powerful tool when played properly and i don't for a second consider her to be mediocre.
  5. TenjinKotone

    CV Balance discord server

    Imagine thinking CV's are being needlessly nerfed Even 45% winrate [edited] can click on boats now to do more damage than they ever could've pre rework
  6. TenjinKotone

    Money or Nothing WG?

    i honestly feel like i get cucked more when i have prem time i feel like i try too hard to make the most of my enhanced earnings and crapthat i end up overthinking too many situations and [edited]up more than i would normally xd
  7. TenjinKotone

    New Ship

    Is this confirmation that the Chinese server can actually completely modify the game to suit their entire needs, I wonder. I used to think that China didn't have the ability to make or modify any of the assets and it was all just a special version prepared by Lesta that they published. But if China can release something like this, either Lesta has some ideas or China is actually able to independently develop the game on their side. Interesting, either way.