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  1. Here you go: WOWS 0.6.11 Downtime Greetings Captains, The World of Warships servers will be unavailable for 3 hours for patch 0.6.11 with the downtime starting at 03:00 PT/ 06:00 ET until 06:00 PT/ 09:00 ET. Due to a technical issue the downtime for the update was prolonged by 1 hour until 07:00 PT/ 1000 ET. Thank you for your understanding and patience. Action Stations! Your Customer Service Team
  2. It's only been 30 minutes since the scheduled maintenance end-time. Sometimes things do not go as planned. Have another cup of coffee, tea, or other favorite beverage, and take a few deep breaths.
  3. sorry dud


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      i no my  point is people swear parent do not like  it well kids learn to swear from parents , in school ,fron there friends and tv

      as far a bad player well they run into you you get blame shot torp andhit a team mate you get blame even if it was their fault

    3. BartMancuso


      I agree 100% regarding the swearing. 

    4. hellbender500
  4. Resupply

    From WG itself via patch 0.5.12:We've implemented a new system for calculating the cost of a match per battle. "The main chunk of this expense was the cost of repairing the player’s ships, and this value would excessively increase with each tier. Due to this, we noticed that in the higher tiers, and especially at tier X, players were overly cautious, which negatively affected gameplay. Even if a player performed well, the sinking of their ship would lead to a large repair bill, often times negating any profit earned from the battle. To rectify the situation, we decided to make the following changes: - The ship-repair fee has been completely replaced with a fixed service charge, meaning the cost will not be dependent on how much damage the player's ship received in battle. - Reduced the cost of replenishing ammunition and aircraft for a number of vessels, and the higher the tier, the greater the reduction. - By reducing these costs, we aim to encourage players to be more aggressive and take appropriate risks, ensuring that they are properly rewarded -- for example, the change will reduce the average post-battle costs of a tier X ship by 50,000 Credits, and will reduce the chance of losing Credits when in possession of a Premium Account." In making these changes, we want players to concentrate on the gameplay and on having fun, not on playing a specific way in order to "balance the books."
  5. T10 SC bug?

    A second person in the same battle reported the same outcome with his GK.
  6. T10 SC bug?

    I can confirm a bug of some sort. Got the SC after completing a battle with my first 5 T10's. Got the notification with the GK (the one that you get in port with the READ option) but no SC.
  7. To briefly digress, I remember reading somewhere that during World War II a US cruiser saved a destroyer from destruction (as it burned furiously from a kamikaze hit if I recall correctly) by sailing full steam toward the stricken ship, then turning sharply to avoid a collision, causing its wake to wash up onto the DD, putting out the flames.
  8. Yeah, point taken, Makes sense. I actually don't have the Conqueror yet. How does it compare to the Lion within the context of this discussion? Maybe WG could add more dynamic rain events during battles which reduce fire duration or put them out altogether. :)
  9. I'm fairly certain that if that same Yamato were firing HE at you (and hitting you), the result would likely be just as, if not more, devastating.
  10. COOP Battles Prematurely Ending

    Actually, the screenshot you presented above supports Lert's explanation. That is what happens when nobody on your team dies and you kill 6 or more of the bots. The enemy team hit 0 points.
  11. Thanks! And thanks for what you do!
  12. Have the Monarch and working toward the Lion. How is the Lion in comparison?
  13. You're quite the hypocrite, Mike. We just played a match (co-op) where I (in my almost stock Monarch) was between you (in your Eugen) and the enemy for most of the match, taking aggro from 1-3 ships at once while you retreated to the rear hoping that our 6 bots would sort things out for you. The last I saw of you before you sunk about 3-5 minutes into the match, you were showing your broadside to the one ship (bot Monarch) that had targeted you. Not very smart. Near the end of the match you told me in chat that I was "camping" and "not helping out" and that you had "reported" me. We lost the match ultimately because I (along with one very low HP bot cruiser that was in a cap it had secured) was left to face 3 bots, while you were whining on your way to your port. I did not have a great match (a poor one actually by my standards) and made some mistakes (after your death and subsequent rants) which ultimately cost us the win, but I was in the thick of things as soon as I could get my ship into the fight. Did you even notice where I had spawned? My advice to you and others like you is to acquire some situational awareness and actually observe what is going on in the battle around you, instead of assuming and pointing fingers when something goes awry. I knew things were going to go south when your first comments in chat were "there (sic) bots who gives a ****" and "how are the british BBs just as bad as there (sic) CLs I take it." Funny how those same bots took you out without much of an effort. So I suggest that you stop expecting others to cover up for your mistakes, learn how to angle and vary your speed and direction, learn how and when it is best to engage, and to look in the mirror first before blaming others for your own losses and shortcomings. Based on what you said in chat and on what I observed, you had no clue what was going on around you ...
  14. That Moment You Realize....

    Thanks guys. Still one of my favorites after all these years.