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  1. AngelsOmega

    Hannover first run

    Me too! :)
  2. AngelsOmega

    Hannover first run

  3. My only 'complaint' after converting is that the Friesland flag that I got for purchasing the original package is not converted to the Groningen flag. Not a big deal but would have been nice.
  4. AngelsOmega

    Soviet Cruisers: Early Access

    Following up on my previous post, this is the response to a ticket I posted: "Obtaining all 100 bundles guarantees your receipt of all the in-game items. From the list of items, not all possible items from the event." Not sure what to make of this response.
  5. AngelsOmega

    Soviet Cruisers: Early Access

    40 short of the Riga here after doing the same. Infuriating - especially when the documentation specifically states: "Obtaining all 100 bundles guarantees your receipt of all the in-game items." Sure it does.
  6. AngelsOmega

    My coal! My credits! All are gone!

    Oddly enough, a couple of days ago, precisely the same thing happened to me. And she's a lot of fun with a secondary build, in my opinion.
  7. AngelsOmega

    What are European DDs Like?

    One amusing tactic involves the use of islands. In one co-op battle I circled an island with a New Mex in tow. Took 12 torp hits but I finally managed to sink him. The fast torp reload was the difference.
  8. AngelsOmega

    What are European DDs Like?

    Agreed. You also get murdered if you are detected out in the open and more than one ship targets you. Positional awareness is of the utmost importance with these ships.
  9. For some reason I did not get the 25K XP. Though I did not own the DD at the time the patch was applied, I do own the Moskva - which means that I had to have done the applicable research, right? Edit: Ticket submitted.
  10. As a carrier driver (in co-op as I understand the frustrations endured in randoms), I'd be okay with coodowns, if (a big IF) bomb and torpedo damage is increased to some degree to compensate. Perhaps make the planes more durable as well (though that might not matter as much since you'd have fewer planes in the air in the course of a battle). Though WoW is an arcade game and not a simulation, the delay between attacks would sort of emulate the 'realism' of carrier warfare during that time and might alleviate the sense that one feels of being "constantly focused on by the CV' during the course of a battle. Just my thoughts.
  11. AngelsOmega

    CVs, just stop attacking..LOL

    What's the matter? Did a CV make you spill your Mountain Dew while you were hiding behind an island?
  12. AngelsOmega

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Keep at it, AdmiralThunder. It can definitely get better for you with time and practice. I'll post my high and average damage for each CV I play from each of the three major lines. It might provide a perspective on which CVs give me the best outcomes in co-op. High score listed first, followed by average per battle. Number of battles (all post-rework) in parentheses. T10: Midway (148): 292943 / 102219 Hakuryu (5): 126298 / 99027 Audacious (15): 189236 / 96711 T8: Lexington (125): 204582 / 62131 Shokaku (21): 85581 / 41943 Implacable (142): 119331 / 40079 Enterprise (9): 208610 / 117230 Kaga (24): 144778 / 82244 Graf Zeppelin (1): 67726 / 67726 Saipan (3): 131802 / 79209 T6: Ranger (57): 133174 / 40568 Ryujo (11): 96868 / 60689 Furious (38): 125501 / 35188 For the record, I "feel" most 'comfortable" in the Midway, Kaga, Enterprise, and Lexington. They seem to do damage more quickly (important when you are on a good team that kills stuff dead quickly) and can also carry when you are on a bad team (that leaves you solo against 3-4 bots).
  13. AngelsOmega

    Cold War Era Ships

    "If he fires one, I'll fire one." "Fire one." Boom!
  14. AngelsOmega

    More cv rant

    Grats on getting the GZ!
  15. AngelsOmega

    More cv rant

    And yet the OP still claims he was able to help 'carry' his team to victory. One of the biggest problems I've seen is players like the OP panicking at the sight of a group of planes. They'd rather take broadside hits from a BB or cruiser than let an airdropped torpedo or bomb 'pinch' them, and at T4, that is pretty much what a CV is going to do to a Konig. Part of the problem I see is that the rework has forced quite a few players out of their comfort zones. If you can't handle CVs at T4, OP, then good luck when you are uptiered and face a team with 1 or 2 Midways ...