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  1. As a carrier driver (in co-op as I understand the frustrations endured in randoms), I'd be okay with coodowns, if (a big IF) bomb and torpedo damage is increased to some degree to compensate. Perhaps make the planes more durable as well (though that might not matter as much since you'd have fewer planes in the air in the course of a battle). Though WoW is an arcade game and not a simulation, the delay between attacks would sort of emulate the 'realism' of carrier warfare during that time and might alleviate the sense that one feels of being "constantly focused on by the CV' during the course of a battle. Just my thoughts.
  2. AngelsOmega

    CVs, just stop attacking..LOL

    What's the matter? Did a CV make you spill your Mountain Dew while you were hiding behind an island?
  3. AngelsOmega

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Keep at it, AdmiralThunder. It can definitely get better for you with time and practice. I'll post my high and average damage for each CV I play from each of the three major lines. It might provide a perspective on which CVs give me the best outcomes in co-op. High score listed first, followed by average per battle. Number of battles (all post-rework) in parentheses. T10: Midway (148): 292943 / 102219 Hakuryu (5): 126298 / 99027 Audacious (15): 189236 / 96711 T8: Lexington (125): 204582 / 62131 Shokaku (21): 85581 / 41943 Implacable (142): 119331 / 40079 Enterprise (9): 208610 / 117230 Kaga (24): 144778 / 82244 Graf Zeppelin (1): 67726 / 67726 Saipan (3): 131802 / 79209 T6: Ranger (57): 133174 / 40568 Ryujo (11): 96868 / 60689 Furious (38): 125501 / 35188 For the record, I "feel" most 'comfortable" in the Midway, Kaga, Enterprise, and Lexington. They seem to do damage more quickly (important when you are on a good team that kills stuff dead quickly) and can also carry when you are on a bad team (that leaves you solo against 3-4 bots).
  4. AngelsOmega

    More cv rant

    Grats on getting the GZ!
  5. AngelsOmega

    More cv rant

    And yet the OP still claims he was able to help 'carry' his team to victory. One of the biggest problems I've seen is players like the OP panicking at the sight of a group of planes. They'd rather take broadside hits from a BB or cruiser than let an airdropped torpedo or bomb 'pinch' them, and at T4, that is pretty much what a CV is going to do to a Konig. Part of the problem I see is that the rework has forced quite a few players out of their comfort zones. If you can't handle CVs at T4, OP, then good luck when you are uptiered and face a team with 1 or 2 Midways ...
  6. AngelsOmega

    Midway DB issue?

    Ok - played a few more games and I must have been imagining things. Much better results.
  7. AngelsOmega

    Midway DB issue?

    My sample is still small, but it looks like DBs have been nerfed even when doing the drops properly. I've only played one match since patch (in co-op), and my drops, even when well-aligned, were doing less than half the damage (between 5 and 8K) I was doing yesterday. I play a couple of more games and report back - might just be an anomaly.
  8. AngelsOmega

    No Premium Containers???

    That's what I was thinking. One can hope.
  9. AngelsOmega

    Report Your Local CV

  10. AngelsOmega

    Salt in Co-op

    The saddest part (and I wish I had known this before I responded) was that the guy had over 2K co-op battles under his belt with a win-rate of just 87%. I'm at 94% and I consider myself pretty average. Methinks the guy should really be attending to his own game. :)
  11. AngelsOmega

    Salt in Co-op

    Agreed. Though I do/did try to confine my learning the mechanics to the T6 CV's (I don't think the T4's provide as good a learning experience). I don't think it's a good idea to do your training in a Midway. :)
  12. AngelsOmega

    Salt in Co-op

    While in one of my CV's yesterday, I had one guy in a Tirpitz yell in chat at the start of a match, "Our CV better sink a battleship this time" (as if I were somehow connected to a CV skipper he had previously encountered). I lost my cool and regretfully replied, "How about you play your own game and STFU." I say 'regretfully' because in retrospect it was a missed opportunity. What I should have said was this: "How about I start with yours?" :)
  13. I'm actually enjoying playing my Implacable in co-op (don't want to be a liability in random battles until I have mastered the mechanics of the new system). I was playing the Implacable (T8) because I was completing the Halsey campaign and was repeating the 75 bomb/torp hits mission to acquire stars quickly in the last phase. The problem I see with the T8's is that they are extremely difficult at first to manage when up-tiered with T10s. AA from many T9-10 ships will take an entire squadron down in seconds if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. You can do fairly well once you can isolate targets, but in co-op the games usually end by the time that happens. I think there might be an issue (bug) with AA because there are times when I think I am out of the danger zone, and suddenly my planes all evaporate in a blink of an eye. Perhaps long-range AA needs to be toned down (or de-bugged). I submit these comments with the caveat that I have only played my CVs in co-op (until I reach a reasonable level of competency). So the experiences people are having in random battles might be different. One suggestion I have for WG is to increase the damage (slightly) done by torps, either directly or by an increased chance of applying flooding. It seems to take way too many torp hits to sink BB, more than 8-10 torp hits in my experience, and these hits require at least two squadrons successfully hitting their target over several minutes time. Now I understand that careful attention needs to be paid for balancing purposes, but in this game, damage is still king It seems to me that CVs have no means of delivering an alpha strike, and that means their damage numbers will be left behind since they can only manage one squadron at a time. Another suggestion I have is to eliminate up-tiering of CVs in co-op (not going to speak for random battles), or to limit the tiering range to plus or minus one tier. I understand that CVs are a work-in-progress, and as I stated, I am enjoying the process for the most part. Just my thoughts on the matter.
  14. Actually, he's not lying. AA does shoot through islands. Maybe you should take the time to see for yourself instead of showcasing your ignorance.
  15. AngelsOmega

    Museum Ships in WoWS

    Agreed re Big Mamie. I visit her every summer as I live only about 15 minutes away.