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  1. Russian DD line is fun and isn't really team play focused so having bad teammates is less frustrating. Though i dislike the straight up P2W flavor of the Premium DDs. Having Leningrad and Anshan then playing Gnevny and Minsk felt uncomfortable.
  2. GIves advantages: Angle indicator Propulsion Indicator Smart Markers indicates dots and consumable use on friendlies. Advanced Minimap (especially the gun range indicator helps with firing over mountains without tapping M) Ship name and HP indicators on the top icon row. Ship stats on the Team Page. Ship Names in Chat is a convenience. Rest is mainly GUI customs. though the sunglasses one reduces the glare a lot.
  3. I actually like the Hipper and IMO Eugen isn't bad, just Meh. If you want to not grind the KM CL/A line then yeah she's not bad. For those that actually played the line and want to spend $40, Hindy camo is a better investment than a Hipper clone.
  4. wth happened that game. How are both CV's dead?
  5. Also I am glad that on the NA server we get to buy Papa Papa flags for a pretty low cost. $4 for 100 is a pretty good deal, especially if you have premium time + a high tier prem (or t10 with camo).
  6. Premium Soviet DDs. All the gunning and running + usable torpedoes. EDIT: wow totally misread the question. I would work on the German line until T8, I think Bismarck is the peak of the line, and find FDG and GK inferior to the other lines. Then do USN to 10. It is a trudge through 7 teirs but NC Iowa and Montana are great.
  7. Damn her citadel is huge. That bow facing citadel area must be bigger than pre buff montanas.
  8. or just make it like the ships. Once you have a premium ship and it pops in the SC, it rerolls until you get a ship you don't have. Once you max out on reserve slots, make them turn into port slots, then free xp, etc.
  9. Too many Yamatos at T9 and USN armor scheme isn't the greatest at protecting the turrets against bow over matches unlike Yamato and GK. I tried it and removed it on my Missouri. Yamato just has too much effective pen that the barbettes aren't strong enough. If I had an Arizona I would probably use it on her. At T6 pen values are mediocre to poor for the ships that can overmatch (Bayern, Mutsu, Warspite). So even if they can overmatch the bow they don't have the pen to actually disable the turret.
  10. No it doesn't. Matchmaking Monitor shows the stats of the ship the player is in rather than overall and as a default hides those who have under 10 games in the ship as the sample isn't big enough. get it from there. After opening click on the directory name and chance the install directory to where your WoWS is installed
  11. For DDs, i would buy and play more T6 if it was restricted to sub T8. The concealment module access at 8 is difficult to deal with many times. Would probs play/buy more at T7 cruisers if it was sub T9. Reload mod (or accuracy mod for USN BBs) and T9 cruiserheals make it difficult to pick up T7 prem cruisers.
  12. Maybe a DD. Most IJN DD builds skip SI, so the extra smoke/torp booster/speedboost could be useful and First blood isn't terribly difficult to achieve with them. Otherwise probably Yamato.
  13. Depends on how good her guns are especially how good the sigma is, the dispersion seems similar to KAs but she has huge range 15km vs 12. However she looks to be pretty squishy compared to HA. Less HP and the large sections of 16mm plating make her overmatched by 305mm shells everywhere and also pretty vulnerable to HE spam. While KA has 20-30mm decks along with pretty heavy casemate armor which shatter many HE shells and prevents overmatching especially at those ranges with lower trajectory. Also KA is premium and driven by high point captains. I use my 19pters in mine.
  14. retraining is the cost of moving from ship to ship, not redistributing skill points. currently 200 doubloons to move a captain rather than 500
  15. Right. I never said Zao is weak. She is really strong, just can be unfun to play compared to the other T10 cruisers. Just like Yamato who destroys everything she sets her sights on, but imo is bleh to play because shes slow and fat and has terrible traverse. A strong, even OP, ship doesn't mean she is super fun.