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  1. Motivation Monday - Back Under Weigh!

    Jump in Gremyashchy. Kill everything. Div up with a Giulio Cesare if need be.
  2. What are the odds?

    meh it all depends on MM, I keep track of the teams I have from MM monitor and over the past 400 games I have been on the worse team 77% of the time by win rate and 82% of the time by PR/WTR. Iv carried a few game but mainly its been losses around 45% win rate. When I get a 50% 50% team distribution I win about 70% of the time. 87% of the time the better CV wins the game regardless of my own play. I don't really care about winning or losing, just interesting to track MM for me.
  3. My Gremy has her staple diet of potatoes and salt. Her guns turn so slow that any knowledge of the WSAD hack makes things difficult. It's why I somehow do more damage in a T5 destroyer than some T8 battleships.
  4. I didn't understand what happened

    Probably didn’t repair one. A full duration fire on a proper specced BB only lasts like 35s.
  5. Premium ship "Must Buy"?

    Gremy isn't even that OP. It's the fact you can use 19pt commanders against ships that might only have 8, on a class that scales greatly with commandeer points. A 19pt Nicholas would destroy Gremy's in a duel.
  6. Throwback Thursday - Premium Ships

    Leningrad provides a fast paced and fun experience. Little down time due to amazing guns and short reload torpedoes. Now with new and improved Expert Marksman courtesy of Victor Znamenskiy. Time to grind more commander xp to get Victor to 19 points
  7. New Soviet Commander

    New commander is great for premium soviet DDs. Slow traverse on Leningrad and Gremyaschy means EM is necessary and improved version will be great particularly for the Gremy. PM is required for DDs as well. Especially the Leningrad will benefit from the improved version which many people use the Spood Beest mod on which means no propulsion mod 1. Moskva benefits from the EM but PM isn't in every build.
  8. New Ranked is split T8/T10

    6-10 is going to be rough with 10 being irrevocable.
  9. So about the Announcement for Ranked...

    T6 is bad because there is no radar. Makes it very campy. hated it. Even with the smoke changes, it still won't be great. too little counter play to DD and light cruisers in smoke without radar. The only reason against T10 is the playerbase exclusivity and the service costs. Other than that it's probably the most balanced tier, plus no premiums. They probably looked at the playerbase who played rank 2-10 and saw most had T10 ships so excluding players wasn't a big issue.
  10. Thoughts on IJN Kii BB?

    AP bombs make German BBs not fun these days
  11. Thoughts on IJN Kii BB?

    It's a worse Amagi. Has better AA and torps, but worse torp bulge and accuracy. Mediocre ship. Best T8 premium BB is still Alabama atm.
  12. Its supposed to be tedious if you don't use french ships. Aigle missions can be completed soon so you can use the 3rd mission as well. Obviously it's easiest with the French BBs, but thats the way these limited campaigns have been structured to drive premium sales for those with less time than money ever since the Graf Spee campaign 2 years ago.
  13. First of all the server is different than the in game servers if you do a trace with a valid application code. Second is that XVM and a stats site like WTR are all using the same source so unless somehow XVM is malware and ddosing the game server both have an equal effect on in game loading, which is to say 0. The database is the same one that the game writes to every time a battle is finished and reads from every time in-game player profile panel or clan panel is accessed. Most XVM apps are built for speed and thus limit the requested fields to the basics. If anything the stats sites like WTR, WoWS-Numbers, Maplesyrup that pull more fields are a bigger hog of bandwidth than XVM apps. However the bandwidth that the stats apps/ sites use is miniscule compared to all the detailed stats that the game clients are already writing and pulling every second. Also look at the limits on the queries. It already has a function to limit queries to prevent a bandwidth/server hogging from external requests.
  14. doesnt on my browser. try this instead: https://developers.wargaming.net/
  15. It doesn't, OP has no idea what hes talking about. All stats apps/sites from all of WG games pull from the same source via the Wargaming API, which is separate from the game servers. It's basically a SQL query that has nothing to do with anything in game and is only written to by the game after a battle ends. https://developers.wargaming.net/reference/na/wows/account/info/?application_id=demo