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  1. Those crooked plane catapults in the screenshot image make my ocd go crazy.
  2. People have different definitions of "punished" for sailing broadside. Some think 15-20k hit is "punished" while others think that's not nearly enough to count as punished on a t10 bb. personally I think 20k is too low but a consistent full on 90k deletion is too much. I think making a mistake like that should cost you 50-60% of your hp. Similar to what cruisers get when they get caught.
  3. This is why WG will never have a pure vanilla client for the general population. It is free development for them. Minimap Last Known Location Minimap Auras Smoke timer Smoke Circles have all been added to the vanilla game based on mods I'm pretty confident something like monstros smart markers is going to be added eventually as it improves teamplay significantly.
  4. 1 vs 1 would probably be in favor of the Tirpitz. Detect for all ships assuming 19pt CE captains would be around mid 12km. Assuming some kind of decent closing speed at first contact, Enemy BB would already be within secondary range on engage.
  5. The game imposes a 75 fps cap as default, so If you have a 144Hz monitor you will not get the most out of it. to change it do the following: Go to your game folder where ever it is installed. Inside will be a folder named "res" Inside the res folder there is a file called "engine_config.xml" Open it in notepad or wordpad etc. and inside should look like: Change the 75 in the line <maxFrameRate> to 144. Save and close the file. Now your max frame rate in game should be 144 fps depending on if your 1070 can handle it.
  6. The problem is that WOWS does not have Temporal Antialiasing atm. TSSAA in WOT is Temporal Super Sampling Anti-Aliasing. which fixes the way lighting and normalization is done in the big world engine. Reshae SMAA half fixed the issue but was still there. Also if you use a High Refresh Panel, be sure to modify the engine_config file to raise the built in 75fps cap to whatever your monitor max is. Also turn off FXAA as that just makes things blurry to hide jagged lines and actually makes things worse if you if you use enough MSAA. Personally I'm using a 34" 1440p Ultra Wide (so same pixel density as a 27" 1440p) and I have my MSAA set to 4x as I see 0 difference between 4x and 8x
  7. I believe there is a stat monitoring overlay. Saw someone use it on a SEA stream a few days ago. Might have to dig around on the Japanese/Chinese language sites
  8. Man I really want a Groz, but can't get motivated enough to play Udaloy that much.
  9. Called out "you did nothing" in game is what I call the Bronze Salt Trophy. Next step up is Silver which is being called a Hacker, Cheater in game. Good luck on working towards that achievement. Golden Salt Trophy is only reserved for those who get PMed with a long rant after the game. EDIT: Platinum is for those elite Salt miners that can get Salty forum posts, with a S for sprinkles, if said thread gets locked/deleted.
  10. It is a fair value proposition. Expected value from the containers is about the same as the ship at ~$25. The Ultimate bundle is more worthwhile if you need prem time or doubloons but not amazingly so. The question is, do you need more prem time, doubloons, and free xp? And are you willing to play the Okt Rev everyday for a 2 weeks for those containers? Personally FXP and Premium have very little value (400k FXP left after both Missouri and Nelson, + 9 Months prem) for me so I will not be gambling on getting doubloons.
  11. Just reduce the HE alpha to be inline with the other ships, maybe reduce splash radius, and the HE spamming + salt will reduce a lot. Fires aren't that game breaking with HE spamming cruisers around, and 1/4 pen isn't a big deal as IFHE cruisers or KM CL/A pen most stuff anyways. It's mainly the HE shell damage alpha thats too high making HE the optimal choice for most of the game. Only switching to AP for perfect targets. HE spamming BBs are not a new issue, anyone who has has played ranked knows that. 20km HE fusos were the most popular ranked BB last season, but wasn't considered super broken because the Alpha wasn't as high as these new RN BB HE shells.
  12. German and French cruisers had very few calls for nerfs, except maybe Konigsberg/Nurnberg before the BFT/AFT changes to not affect main battery guns >139mm.
  13. Getting all 3 Battleship lines in the game done is always a nice thing to have, as BBs will always be relevant in this game. So there is little downside in investing time in those lines. Plus a "terrible" BB is still better than many of the other ships in the tier.
  14. Akizuki or Yamato as I get a lot of First Bloods in those ships, but im leaning towards Akizuki. I already have a 19pt Yamato captain and my Akizuki captain is only at 14. IMO extra smoke/trop reload would be nicer than an extra Yamato heal. Only thing that makes me consider Yamato is that I get Krakens more easily with her
  15. WG actually believes the opposite. They think games are too long and being drawn out due to island and smoke camping.