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  1. Basically Noster committed the greatest sin: Being wrong on the internet.
  2. What premiums would you never buy?

    Kii, Marblehead(or any of the Omaha clones really), Katori, Krazny Krym
  3. Lack of Tier 8+ Soviet Vessels

    High tier soviets other than Khab are all meh. Cruisers are already not in a great spot in high tier battles, and their DDs don't really do the DD thing well. Either bad torps, or bad conceal, or both.
  4. EA SW Battlefront DISASTER

    Iv seen the loot crate system. Maybe I'm just too much of an MMORPG player to be that concerned. I guess I understand the outrage if I was coming from and FPS shooter perspective.
  5. EA SW Battlefront DISASTER

    I just don't see how having progression in a game is bad. Sure maybe the grind was a bit long but they've already reduced it by 75%. So it's the cost that was the issue? Or should all heroes and weapons be available at the start? Plus I mean it's not like they can keep respawning as heros all the time. Still requires them to get enough battle points in a single match.
  6. EA SW Battlefront DISASTER

    I dont understand the controversy, play the game to unlock the heros, or pay more to try to unlock them earlier. The gambling for credits is a bit shady i guess. Would people be happier if they sold credits directly for real money? I guess people don't like progression anymore as I dont see an issue with locking heros behind gameplay. Is it the length people have issues with? because many games without micro transactions also have heros locked behind gameplay, like all the nintendo smash games, and all the mario karts.
  7. Scharnhorst. Scharn>Gnies. Bismarck>Tirptiz especially if you have the free prem camo. Thus Tirptiz is redundant, but Scharn is not.
  8. A Word on Premium Ships

    The two main benefits of premiums in tanks: credits and crew exp. Warships economy is much less punishing than Tanks. In a good Warships game you can even make a small amount of credits at T9 with a standard account even with premium consumables. In Tanks you lose money on a good game at T9 with a premium account. Add in the T10 premium camos and you have an economy where there is little need to grind credits with a specific ship, as many are capable of doing it. Elite commander xp has replaced premiums for captain retraining for many. Especially those with T10s and premium camos The economic incentive to play premiums isnt there for many, so why play them? They have to be relatively fun for the ship to be worth it. So being worse than any tech tree ship at the teir/bracket just makes a premium frustrating to play and not worth the time. So while they don't have to be better than the tech counterparts, they have to be "competitve". So when you have very strong silver ships, the premiums must be just as strong, but are many are relatively unnerfable down the road. IE Minekaze vs kamikaze/fujin., 155 Mogami vs Kutuzov, etc.
  9. I would return Tirptiz. Bought it when it launched in 2015. Used as a captain trainer and credit maker for a while and had fun while she was unique. But then the German BBs got released, and then elite commander xp has made her redundent.
  10. Why does the game take up so much space

    you have an update issue. Most likely the updater did not remove the files with extension ".killme" in the res or res_packages folder Delete those and do and intergrity check
  11. Just gonna leave this here

    funniest one I have ever seen is an Umikaze secondary kill.
  12. Ran into you while you and @Lertwere testing your Tirptiz with your div yesteray, on Haven I think. Thanks for the carry. Finished my KGV grind with that win.
  13. "Message from Beyond" solution

    thanks for the event, now I have a reason to play the scenario after 5 starring it. YAY
  14. too much map control. A single ship can only be one place at once and moves pretty slowly. A CV can be everywhere and reposition planes so fast. The concept of "went the wrong way" and now have to turn around to support other flank doesnt exist for CVs
  15. Musashi unveiled

    Those crooked plane catapults in the screenshot image make my ocd go crazy.