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  1. Its supposed to be tedious if you don't use french ships. Aigle missions can be completed soon so you can use the 3rd mission as well. Obviously it's easiest with the French BBs, but thats the way these limited campaigns have been structured to drive premium sales for those with less time than money ever since the Graf Spee campaign 2 years ago.
  2. First of all the server is different than the in game servers if you do a trace with a valid application code. Second is that XVM and a stats site like WTR are all using the same source so unless somehow XVM is malware and ddosing the game server both have an equal effect on in game loading, which is to say 0. The database is the same one that the game writes to every time a battle is finished and reads from every time in-game player profile panel or clan panel is accessed. Most XVM apps are built for speed and thus limit the requested fields to the basics. If anything the stats sites like WTR, WoWS-Numbers, Maplesyrup that pull more fields are a bigger hog of bandwidth than XVM apps. However the bandwidth that the stats apps/ sites use is miniscule compared to all the detailed stats that the game clients are already writing and pulling every second. Also look at the limits on the queries. It already has a function to limit queries to prevent a bandwidth/server hogging from external requests.
  3. doesnt on my browser. try this instead: https://developers.wargaming.net/
  4. It doesn't, OP has no idea what hes talking about. All stats apps/sites from all of WG games pull from the same source via the Wargaming API, which is separate from the game servers. It's basically a SQL query that has nothing to do with anything in game and is only written to by the game after a battle ends. https://developers.wargaming.net/reference/na/wows/account/info/?application_id=demo
  5. What do you think of Operation Hermes?

    Love Hermes especially with the current challenges. Got through algerie in about 9 runs with all the bonuses.
  6. In a 1v1 no limits on a large map will always come down to AS Haku vs AS Haku if both sides are rational. Only if a small map is chosen does any non CV stand a chance
  7. Does the Yamato need some tweaks?

    More AA and maybe the return of the old heal would be a decent place to start. Other than that Yamato seems to under preform at times because It is easier to be bad in Yamato than the other T10 BBs. Mistakes are punished harder (higher citadel, slower ship, bad gun traverse) and it requires decent skill and knowledge of the game (where the 460mm guns can and cannot over match and the ability to hit those spots precisely) to get the most out of her. But the skill ceiling is incredibly high if you know what you are doing, especially if you have Yamamoto in her.
  8. [] garfield001's Mod Collection

    Some of the port preview images are missing girls. specifically Marseilles, Hamburg, Dragon, Sarushima, Dunkirk, and Dragon.
  9. damn queues are slow enough already dont make it even worse
  10. T5 doesn't have manual attack for CV so it won't happen.
  11. AFK solution

    I do. Anything more than 30s is annoying. Anything above 1 min in randoms is simply unacceptable to me.
  12. Debate topic: Bailing vs. dying

    You can. It's called leaving and I have no interest in how well my team does. Doing well isn't the issue for me. It's having fun. Winning and losing doesn't matter to me at all. There is no fun in being pounded by a unicum triple conq division. There is no fun for me in a DD when CVs are in the game to perma spot me and my torps. No fun when 6 players from a clan sync queue and get on the same team. The only time I stay in those game is if I need to complete some stuff for missions. I am not there to amuse people at the expense of my own enjoyment. That's what a job is for, and I get paid to put up with that there.
  13. Debate topic: Bailing vs. dying

    If I'm losing that badly I tip my King over and forfeit. Not every chess game is played until checkmate
  14. Debate topic: Bailing vs. dying

    I bail all the time. Especially against unicum CV triple fishing divs vs a ~40% CV. I refuse to waste my time with them. Back to port immediately Before the pregame timer is finished and play another ship.
  15. Is the Loyang worth the doubloons?

    Yes, but depends on how good a Benson player you are. She has 1 less gun and less HP in exchange for the Hydro. So if you play Benson as a torp boat + smoke and shoot BBs for fire damage, she's worse. But if you play Benson as a knifefighter and capper then she is better because the Hydro is OP in the absence of radar cruiser support. That said, I would wait until a doubloon sale to buy the doubloons, then wait until there is a sale in the tech tree.