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  1. Gearing with Fletcher torps and the legendary upgrade is amazing
  2. Dodgy_Cookies

    Motivation Monday - Back Under Weigh!

    Jump in Gremyashchy. Kill everything. Div up with a Giulio Cesare if need be.
  3. Dodgy_Cookies

    Premium Ship Review: Aigle

    and people keep wanting even more stuff in them too. like horn reviews
  4. Dodgy_Cookies

    Premium Ship Review: Kii

    Kii also has slightly better turret angles on turrets 1 and 3. Combined with the slightly better rudder shift, seems to be a better kiter if not for the accuracy. Only thing holding me back from buying her is the 1.7 sigma.
  5. Dodgy_Cookies

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Takaka will do this and make you use a blueprint AND a catapult for Hotel K2
  6. Dodgy_Cookies

    Premium Ship Review -- Fog Kongo

    you forgot the best part. NO RUST