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  1. totallyaverage

    Naval and Defense News (cont.)

    The signal generator and waveguides are under water. Scrap 'em.
  2. totallyaverage

    Naval and Defense News (cont.)

    It's not illegal. China is not beholden to any agreement regarding their missile capabilities.
  3. totallyaverage

    Naval and Defense News (cont.)

    True, the political element must always be considered.
  4. totallyaverage

    Naval and Defense News (cont.)

    Lots of VLS may not be a huge priority. Remember, the Ticos were designed when being able to quad pack missiles into one cell wasn't even a concept. You could replace SM-2s with a quad pack, either a two-stage missile or a very fast dual-pulse missile (akin to a naval PAC-3 MSE). And to be frank, it's not like the USN is lacking in VLS cells or anything...
  5. totallyaverage

    Naval and Defense News (cont.)

    They haven't discussed their FFG(X) offering: Source
  6. totallyaverage

    Naval and Defense News (cont.)

    Interestingly, HII still hasn't publicly discussed their FFG(X) bid, or what hull it is based upon. There is a good chance it may not be based on the NSC at all, rather it may be a baby Burke or a foreign design (it would be kind of hilarious if they put forward a French FREMM-based offering).
  7. totallyaverage

    Keep or remove harpoon launchers now?

    Replace them with NSM launchers. There's no reason to clog up valuable VLS space when you already have the deck room to mount a dedicated launcher.
  8. totallyaverage

    The new Royal Australian Navy "Frigate": the Hunter Class.

    Note that the price ceiling is for ships 2-20, excluding the first ship. There are major, major economic differences between Asian shipbuilders and western ones. Japan is the third largest shipbuilding nation in the world, compared to the US which comprises about 0.5% of the market. Australia and Europe have even smaller market shares. Block buys, or multi-year procurements, are when the service negotiates with the builders for 5-10 years of guaranteed production. To my knowledge there were no MYPs for the LCS; there were for the SSNs and DDGs (new MYPs are being negotiated for both). It's still possible for the RN to do a MYP-type contract for the Type 26 despite the atrocious build rate. Shipbuilding isn't a minimum wage career.
  9. totallyaverage

    Is the line blurry between a Destoyer and a Cruiser?

    Ticonderoga-class cruisers in the USN have one capability that neither class of destroyer does-command and control. Ticos carry the CSGs' Air Defense Commander and their support team. Flight III DDGs will have some of this capability (thanks to the deletion of the signal generator by going to AMDR freeing up space), but Ticos will still be better. A similar distinction exists between the Slava and Soveremenny-classes.