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  1. Modpack updated: 14 Februry 2018 Download MultiPack Beta - v.7
  2. Clan emblems. Icon collection for mod

    Sorry, for my mistake some of the comments in the thread were lost.
  3. Modpack updated: 06 December 2017 Download MultiPack Beta - v.91
  4. Fix it. Reinstall multipack again.
  5. Thanks for the screenshots. In the next version I will try to remove errors that have caused you inconvenience. I'm sorry.
  6. Modpack is not intended for Steam and WinStore.
  7. - WG Mod Pack http://dl-wows-gc.wargaming.net/projects/mods/mods_pack/Release/WOWS_MultiPack_beta_0.
  8. [] WoWS Modpack

    Modpak has been tested more than once.It works great.If you are having problems, make sure that modpak was set to clean from outside modifications game client.In any case, help you with solving problems is impossible without the screenshots and logs. Experience shows that the problems encountered by the users most likely to occur due to attempts to establish modpak and other fashion yourself.Specify a set of modifications you have chosen and installed, I will try to reproduce the error and make sure that your words are true.
  9. [] WoWS Modpack

    Remove JSGME Mod manager before using this modpack. These incompatible modpack.
  10. [0.5.13] WoWS Modpack

    Problems not only in global.mo Quite often also xml files change - slightly, but change However even little change, involves unstable operation of the interface. And some fashion, works also with scripts.zip and if to tear this chain, having just copied from one catalog in another, then the client in general can not be started. Here therefore, I categorically against similar councils as the client of a game can seriously break copying.
  11. [0.5.13] WoWS Modpack

    you aren't right.there are modifications which even at small updating break.Your council very harmful in itself as without understanding mechanics of work of modifications, at the enkotorykh of users as a result there will be problems with the client of a game through your fault.
  12. [0.5.13] WoWS Modpack

  13. Friends! Modpack is offered you not instead of other modpack and as an additional opportunity. It expands your choice. It seems to me that it isn't necessary to abuse other assemblies in this subject as it is intended not for this purpose. Respect work of other authors of assemblies! And thanks for the choice of this modpack!
  14. WG ModPack v44