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  1. ShutUp_Karl

    Cannot connect to WOWS

    I get an error message... "the data obtained from the update service is incorrect"
  2. MY thoughts exactly... and ya'll might wanna hire someone to proof read to get rid of this type of issue..
  3. ShutUp_Karl

    Halloween Permanent Camos List?

    Got many of them but most are for Tier 8 and I am still grinding to get. but there was one for the Nassau, but it doesn't show up to put in on the ship. is this a bug worthy of a ticket or what. I would actually rather sell them, they don't really interest me in the least bit.
  4. Perhaps they are giving us mediocre because the Holiday events are going to be awesome... #wishfulthinking #Imkiddingmyself #hashtag
  5. So how does one get the Lighting? Completed all RN Missions Somehow didn't get the Mission for the Lighting.
  6. ShutUp_Karl

    British destroyer smoke. Do you all like it?

    The Mighty Jingles put it best when he stated the smoke was more or less a "get out of jail" card... I prefer to say Get the Frack out of Dodge card
  7. ShutUp_Karl


    you heard wrong... you loose credits & xp, though minuscule it's just the principle of it all. Apparently who came up with this also wrote Michigan No Fault Auto insurance laws.
  8. ShutUp_Karl


    What gets me is, IF a teammate runs into your ship, you get penalized for their action and reap nothing towards repair of the damage caused to your ship.. IF I was not the offending party, why do I have to pay a penalty for the others lack of situational awareness?
  9. ShutUp_Karl

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Don't ya wish your cos-play costume would turn out like this photo
  10. ShutUp_Karl

    Hall Of Fame Rewards?

    wait, there are rewards... And I was just trying to understand why they have missions for RN in a the tier 7 DD and I have yet to unlock it from the other missions.