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  1. Flint doesn't have radar
  2. Welcome to the club :"keyboard lag"&sortby=relevancy They just closed another ticket from me (nothing resolved after month of back and forth messaging) Current solution - delete file 'preferences.xml' - careful: you might want to make backup first
  3. Yes, many are innocent. But have you seen at least one person who ever stepped forward and admitted "yes, I've cheated"... nosir, that would be miracle. Hence we have no way of even knowing if vanilla is affected or not. Just as we don't know what mods considered cheats. I, for once, glad that WG going down on cheats. Just hope, that false positives would be resolved quickly (I have only one discord-friend banned, so my estimate is less than 2% of people affected)
  4. I read, agree, phrasing wasn't accurate, still not sure anyone want to go memorize draught of all T6-10 ships... therefore second part of my sentence was true - WG just keep fixing CV class into naval abomination
  5. So we got CV which can't do anything to anything except BB... looks like CV moving away from being "fixed"
  6. Second that, it's sad that we still don't have really cool voices...
  7. No. If you are AS CV - no, if you are spotting low-tiered low-concealment DD (Hatsu) - no. If you are dedicated DD hunter - no, if you are hi-tier german DD - no. Dozens of situations when damage is not the biggest contribution you can make, therefore YES - THERE IS SUCH THING AS FARMING AND IT'S BAD. Problem with farming is quite obvious frankly - here's 2 typical scenario for you in case you never saw (of course you did) 1. Imagine few BB spotted along with DD. And farmers just keep shooting BB ignoring DD ("I can't hit him from 12km - better I set fire on that big fat BB") 2. Setting fire on multiple targets while ignoring different possibilities (like finishing low health, taking your priority target, tanking for team) And 3rd is not scenario but typical farmers MO: shooting at biggest ship in order to get maximum damage (in absolute numbers rather than in hp percentage). In other words: farming is bad and it does exist. Wrong again. There are ships for which switching targets is difficult and long process as well as each salvo (torp for DD and main for BB) should be carefully picked. And there are ships, for which turrets rotation not a thing, RPM is not a thing, distance is not a thing. So when you chasing pesky DD that was picking on BB from backyard and you found him and about to finish and suddenly CV taking this away... - it's a kill steal. When you launched dozen torps perfectly aligned and that big BB is about to eat'em all and die young and suddenly other BB decides to "help" you - it's a kill steal. Sometimes it's not wrong thing to do (kill secure) - it happens. But when only obvious motivation for thief is greed - it's kill steal and it's wrong. It's wrong for the team, it's wrong for moral, it's wrong for the chance of victory. Just be graceful with friends and enemies: if you see that you teammate can his mark on his own - let him do it. Don't substitute lack of grace by word equilibrium Disclaimer: not trying to deny - I'm doing this time to time. Writing whole argument because tired of hearing whining "I've done 100k (put any number here) damage, - I've dont my part, this team is bunch of potatoes etc etc etc". Instead of looking to blame others on loss - look in mirror and fix your damn problems. I know I have lots and lots of problems, hopefully trying to excuse my loss over some other guy incompetence is not one of them.
  8. KGV have it all: maneuverability, survivability, and gun accuracy decent - nothing epic (except fire chance). Forget about secondaries though
  9. Same here - going to take a break. Amount of bugs, lags and stutters is way too frustrating. Frankly we could've lived without news stuff, if developers instead of working on power creeping new fueatures worked on fixing damn thing. - keyboard lag (multiple tickets open - none resolved, all I'm getting is - send us wgcheck report over and over again) - disconnect during loading of battle (tickets - never resolved, I almost always running PingPlotter - no it's not me neither my provider) - unbalanced MM (especially on weekends, steamrolls due to hi-tier Yamato CV missions which brought up srubbiest CV players, which makes for absolutely disgusting match-ups) - stutters in battles (previously just UI now it's everywhere, I though it's just me, but hey - watch some youtubers and ... yeah - its' bad) - crashes (that's new - since 6.10 happens now and then) - bots (I'm not sure here, but can't explain otherwise lots of Player_xxxx characters, who just randomly beach all around spawn and otherwise behave like 3-years old with defective keyboard) I think right now quality wise game is in worst situation ever.
  10. If you like Hind, then you'll love Henri. Des Moines is completely different play style. Personally I find DM the best T10 there is. I'd say my most fun games were in DM, as well as quite few 7-kills games.
  11. Before WG could/would/should make AFK punishment more sever, it needs to fix it's disconnect issue. Which been here for 2 years now. Sometimes it's really bad, sometimes just bad, but it never goes away. I have dozens of tickets, never resolved on disconnect, keyboard lag and other issues. I think fixing of bugs in this game have some bugs on its own
  12. Thank you all Corgi captains. Last event was truly massive. I've never seen such Corginvasion before. And prizes are very very nice (in fact better than ranked ones, ha-ha) Will try to be involved next time
  13. Myself - just keep on trying to be polite and constructive... Some days are really bad - today I was detonated 3 times in Nelson (out of 8 games), after that it's really hard to watch yolo-marches without comments. But still trying...
  14. With introduction of HE BB, it makes hi-tier CA not really great choice. They can't burn RN BB because of magic heal and they can't compete in dealing damage because of magic HE, so...
  15. You still can't watch pass 2nd minute? When you stopped doing that something (spotting) Dude, if you have something to say - go ahead. If you just want to say something - please don't waste other people's time. Anyway - there was no constructive thoughts in this thread so I'm just going to disregard it in future