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  1. This is how you save the star in ranked

    I'm not crying about bad teammates - I'm going straight for the kill p.s. sorry Lo Yang
  2. Is WG is selectively rigging ranked MM?

    Actually success in certain ship relates more to current meta (which is different throughout season) and dominant composition (if there's a lot of DD, anti-DD CL/CA is good choice, if there's a lot of CA - BB is good choice and so on)
  3. Is WG is selectively rigging ranked MM?

    Good advice for bad player. Bad advice for good player.
  4. Is WG is selectively rigging ranked MM?

    Few obvious reasons here at play. I was in few games with you as yesterday and today. 1. Blaming your teammates from start, calling names and so on does not help neither you neither your team. Teamwork can't exist in toxic environment. You are good player (most of the time) but you not good enough to carry team without teamwork. 2. Playing Bismark in cruiser heavy meta does not help your team . I remember you from many previous seasons and afaik you can pick other ship. 3. Playing for star not for team : sitting in Bismark behind islands, shooting in DD from smoke, not using smoke to provide tactical advantage of team. This is my observation. p.s. I do not mean to offend by this replay. Intention is honest opinion
  5. Ranked battle

    I think current season have smaller toxicity level compared with T6's one. Once you hit R5 things (at least right now) are actually very competent and polite (more or less, ha ha). And no - division never should be allowed in Ranked
  6. I don't think we need this level of complication. My proposed solution is very simple and reliable to compare different gun/firechance scenarios. Discrete probability distribution would give you answer of amount of fires, set with given amount of shells and hits distributed by hull parts, but fact is - you (well I at least) only want to compare which solution is better for starting fire. (To make educated guess between BFT and DE perks)
  7. Actually this is wrong - correct way of calculation of fire chance for 90 rounds is : 1.0 - (1.00-0.10)**90 = 0.99992382265 You cannot just divide and declare 9 fires, sorry - this doesn't work like this. But. If you want to compare fire chance with 1 minute of shooting from 8" guns, that is 1.0 - (1.00 - 0.17) ** 40 = 0.999420406. (disclaimer: i did not take numbers from the game but rather from OP, so) So as result probability of setting fire with 6" is just 0.05% better (1.0005037). p.s. you people go to school, right?
  8. A question about accuracy

    Kiting in either is not recommended - you bowon with them (you kite with Amagi/Kii)
  9. A question about accuracy

    I wonder if statistics on Devastating Strikes per battle can be calculated for the same users with NC vs Alabama
  10. Is the Grozovoi worth it?

    Grozovoi is difficult. I'd say it's skill floor is top among T10 DD (have them all, playing them all at decent level). It is fun to do burst AP damage at 8-12 km at broadside targets - huge damage potential. Also if paired up with sneaky/sonar DD it can murder red DD's with ease (thanks to fantastic gun's accuracy and muzzle velocity). If paired with decent CV players it also gives you good edge (especially if you pair up with T9 CV). But again - it's difficult. If you're looking for challenge - Grozovoi is definitely up your alley. Otherwise don't bother - experience with it can be very brutal
  11. Best team play I have seen in a long time..

    I still think it's all ruse - teams of late are full of winterbroken kids I'm actually pretty sure last 2 weeks are topping potato trend of the year
  12. AP vs HE bombs

    Let me put it simple. DFAA panic targeted squadron. Targeted squadron drop in big area. There is NO level of panic - squadron either panicked or not. I did not ask to shot down the planes (this is why not and AA) - but I found that DFAA did not work as intended and I call this WG-fail.
  13. What a guaranteed loss looks like

    Well put, Mr.Crane ;) On-topic. While I see what makes OP sad about MM, this is far from bad match-up. Usually bad dd combo is 3 low-concealment vs 2 russians (think 3 yugumo vs 2 tash). In that situation contesting caps become truly team effort...
  14. Most embarassing win?

    Starting game in Khabarovsk, switching to read a bit of forums while match loads, reading this thread, forgetting about match, switching back to see I've been nucked by fail-divisioned Mahan from opponents, waiting to see results and after win, proceeding with this sentence:)
  15. Very good compliment to whole APOC ;))) ffew DD's were slayed this game from 10+ km by main guns...