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  1. SlartiBartFastE2

    Cruisers in Ranked Sprint

    C'mon - you did 9 battles by now. That's just nothing (to make statements about class spreads)
  2. SlartiBartFastE2

    Cruisers in Ranked Sprint

    This is called observation bias. No - in sprint all classes represented rather equally. To make such statement you need to play more than few games
  3. SlartiBartFastE2

    Help With Smolensk

    Actually valid point, no matter how we perceive this. Thank you for bringing up this from interesting perspective
  4. SlartiBartFastE2

    WG, Fix this!

    I'm quite seriously thinking about leaving for good. I always taking breaks from this game twice a year for a month or so. Last time break was right after CV rework coming out - that was very easy decision. CV still bad, but now I think biggest problem is game losing good players and people coming over just have no idea how to play hi-tiers, so random games are really chaotic and looks more like CO-OP where real players randomly dropped into battle from either side. Here's MM screenshot that quite perfectly illustrate (i was not picking anything special - this is how most of the battles look like WR/XP/KD-wise - that is the terrible state of players right now) - this is how it looks most of the time - 2 normal players and red sea around. Just year ago situation was very different
  5. SlartiBartFastE2

    WG, Fix this!

    uninstall. in all seriousness if that is your criteria this is an honest answer
  6. SlartiBartFastE2

    Ranked Sprint

    happy to have civilized conversation too, so refreshing to exchange logical arguments instead of shouts and capital letters .... 1. "one trying to win" is actually every-single-one player in this game by the very nature of what the "game" is. exception here are people with "loss" mentality (simple example: unexperienced "Tirpitz" in T10 game, who rush cap from start with last word "am low tier anyway, - what else can I do, better end this stupidity right now". this is perfect example of negative impact. similar situation happens when (some) people see CV in the teams line-up in ranked and start acting irrational). I don't see actual argument how "saving star" is easier, more effective and "better" strategy to actually save the star (which is to earn most base XP) comparing to "trying to win". 2. On the guy with avg 2 kills, low WR and low avg dmg. Thing is - it can be bad symptom for few games, but if this is well-established statistics (and you referring to this as "his stats looked" so yes - this is statistics, not few battles average), that means he is exceptionally good at killing - at finishing wounded ships and this is one of the most important part of battle: ship damaged does the same amount of return fire as ship not damaged maybe more due to AR, sunken ship gives your team score bonus, reduce opponent overall chances). 3. Again, same argument. For few cases "sitting back and scoring big at the end" might work well, but when you looking at this as behavioral pattern, it won't work. If your team collapses and you left sitting behind there's high chances that you will be focused by multiple opponents and go down quick, hence not much time to do any serious impact. Yes - you might have a chance to finish some severely damaged opponents, but this is more of exception than rule - good players always balance risk with reward (and remember my definition of good player - high K/D so you value losing your ship more than killing enemy's). Another point: if you waiting for your "star-saving hour" whole battle than you missing lots of opportunities. Sniping from far reduces your risks, but also greatly limits your XP-earning opportunities. Unless you are really good sniper chances are - you won't earn anything (and even if you are William Tell, RNGesus will take away half your apples). Good positioning is one of the biggest provider of opportunities, and that means dynamic re-positioning as well. As far as i see at this point neither side have clear "winning" argument. So I'm going to present more "circumstantial" evidence. I'm going to record 2 simple metrics from couple dozen ranked games (I'm using difficult/bad ships for current ranked sprint so pretty sure I can "extend" my ranking out to couple dozen matches, ha ha). Who saved star on losing team plus who is the best killer. Let's see how often it's the same guy. I bet there's a huge correlation (causation in fact, but that's beyond the point). Also I bet important metrics as overall WR, XP and even number of battles will align with saving star. And that is the main idea behind "saving star" mechanic - to allow good players progress better and with less remorse if put into "complete potato team" environment.
  7. SlartiBartFastE2

    Ranked Sprint

    1. I'm not saying that. It's your implication, that guy sitting behind and farming will score more than guy in front. 2. Kills is really important metric. I'm stat junkie - my main work is related to mathematics, so whenever I play I always look at the MM monitor and note the numbers. And you know what is the most important number in the team line-up when the battle starts? It's not winrate, not number of battles in this ships, not even average xp. It's average number of kills. If my team has worse average WR, but have more players with average kills above 1.0, - I'm confident we will win. So yeah - "kills" is the most important metric. 3. And I want always to have this exactly guy on my team, because if he kills more than 1.0, he already good in my book. 4. Same argument about giving extra star to highest XP earner can be applied to winning team - it's team game and XP system doesn't really take into account "team actions". Example: the fact that you distracted enemy by torps turning cruiser broadside and your teammate BB blup-ped him. This won't reflect on your XP but will increase your win-rate 5. The problem is - that is a lie, which bad players tells each other to sleep well. I'm ranked veteran - I've seen'em all. BB rushing and dying, BB sitting behind and farming, cruisers farming, DD invisi-firing, CV capping. People farming, people "dying for the team". Fact is: if every team member would try to score most XP possible chances of team winning will increase. Team work among people from different clans and different competitive background is very very difficult if not possible. Everybody have ego and that breaks it. If you aware how good every team member of your team - you have better information whom to trust, whom to support and for whom to spot. p.s. little distracted sidestory. I'm regrinding Pan-Asian line right now and using ranked sprint to grind Hsen-Yang a bit. It's not the shiniest DD among T8's so it's rather difficult. Plus in meta filled with CV's (ranked CV is retardation, but that's another problem) you can't take radar hence only real HY niche advantage is made mute. Thing is - HY does not allow you to save star really - you are good "bait and smoke" kind of boat, which provides good spotting capabilities and sometimes can put DWT into unexpecting face of overzealous red BB. That's what I was thinking yesterday, but through few battles I've came up with understanding how to score more XP in match. And after few depressing losses it (thinking and figuring out) start paying back - I've started saving stars and then wins got raking up. My point is - they come along. If you consistently saving stars - you consistently trying to make win for your team.
  8. SlartiBartFastE2

    Ranked Sprint

    Wrong. It rewards not losing the star to the person who played best. Period. If you are useless - you not getting XP. DD crying that he spotted and “they just yolo and die” or “ignore my spotting and don’t cover me”. Grown up. Put aside your ego. Even CV, saving star, is just enabled by opposing team - not dodging, keep capping while he “scores” on reset. I despise CV’s in this game (until they stop being “spotting gods”). But their stars are more of bad play by opposing team. Hit and don’t let them hit you.
  9. SlartiBartFastE2

    Ranked Sprint

    This. Very much so. Just today talking with clan-mates on discord: “I’m done with ranked, those .... carriers....”, I think he was not happy about adding unbalanced ship type in the competitive mode. I think he is right p.s. On “saving star” controversy - you can remove it from ranked sprint to test how it will change things. Average players will still be able to rank out and good players will barely notice that
  10. SlartiBartFastE2

    Research Bureau

    Little cryptic message we have here... My understanding is OP concerned that he wasted a lot of Free XP (I would assume more than 500,000 FXP) to grind 4 lines and didn't enjoy the process as he expected to. I've finished re-grinding 4 lines so far (PanAs DD, Ru BB, Ru CA, IJN gun DD). Basically there's 3 major moments you should consider before regrind: 1. how much do you like T8 and T9 ships of chosen line (and how good those ships in current meta). For example - I am DD-main so going through any DD line for me is simple, but as with any line there are notorious problematic ships like Izumo for IJN BB. In my chosen lines - Pan-Asian DD only one ships is really somewhat challenging - Hsenyang. But it's not that bad, - another more or less challenging among DD right now I'd call Yugumo as it's just not in the very good place of meta right now - too many gunboats and French DD is a serious threat for one. 2. do you have enough camo+flags to carry you through difficult (not enjoying) ships. Again - in my example to get through T9 ship (240k xp) I needed somewhere between 18 to 50 battles with +100%XP camo and +100%XP flag (i was really low on camo's at the moment since i don't stockpile them normally throwing just away in randoms) 3. do you have captains for those lines. this is serious, before making decision of choosing line it pays to look into how many captains do you have for those ships, how many captains and with how big skills will you need. Example - since I was cruiser main in previous couple of years and played in Supremacy league for some time I had bunch of russian 19pt captains therefor regrinding Ru BB and Ru CA lines was fairy simple. Plus honestly for Ru BB you can be effective starting at 10 pts (you do need 14 pts for Russian T7,8 cruisers since IFHE is a big deal there and concealment can make or break fun of playing them). This criteria also important because some lines requires good captains (most DD lines, usually you need better captain with higher tier) and some lines can do without (Ru BB again, - basically you don't need much until T7 when you'd better have 10pt to have Fire Prevention) After brewing on those things just prepare about 100k FXP for every regrinded line (if you don't want to wait for hull/guns/torps/sights upgrades - it is very individual, generally you can grind torps/guns but you want to immediately have better hull). Every time when regrinding line I end up with the same FXP level as when I've started, but that's because I'm using and always have seems to have endless supply of Papa Papa flags plus some FXP camos. p.s. overall RB seems something I actually enjoy since with my mileage there's no really anything else to do ;)
  11. SlartiBartFastE2

    T8 Ranked: seems hopeless for DD

    1. CV won't be in every game 2. if you are playing dd and afraid to deal with radar cruiser - don't play dd 3. plenty DD can do about anything - spot, fall back to cruisers, don't yolo, torp possible attack areas, distract enemy by shooting and hiding behind islands
  12. SlartiBartFastE2

    Clickbait: you can see players quality in queue

    I did not alter this picture, since last changes to MM this is what happens if you play for few hours or I misunderstood you
  13. No, it's not a bug - it's accurate depiction of bad players in queue. potatoes represented by negative numbers p.s. i really wish that wasn't true. But as one of the oldest players here i have to admit - this year we have worst average playerbase. Yes - i'm using mm monitor and average team WR is about 40-40% (and no it doesn't contradict math) - good players almost stopped playing. Also - damn - i was killed why writing this topic... back to potatoland
  14. SlartiBartFastE2

    Did WG Mess Up T6 MM?

    Thanks, that is interesting. I think this is first time I see WG comments on new MM in regards of divisions. also interesting - what are the guaranteed numbers for other tiers (we know that for T8 it’s 40%)
  15. SlartiBartFastE2

    Putting out the Summer Heat - 2nd - 9th

    Not the most floods, but not bad game overall still