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  1. SlartiBartFastE2

    Ranked vs Randoms

    You mixing apples and oranges here: ranking out is result WTR is your measure of success I'm ranking out every season because I like competition and unlike randoms (where you always will be tossed with 3/4 to 11/12 of bad players who don't know what they doing and playing with them causing me severe nausea) there's a chance to have interesting duels and see good play every game. And my ranking WTR always goes from 60-70% first 20-60 battles (until reaching R5) to 40% next hundred or two until I understand what meta is and what my best ships would be. Then WR goes back to my normal 60% and I rank out. This season I've tried multiple options but ultimate ranking out ships were Jutland and Udaloy btw so tl;dr: to succeed you need to find your ship and understand meta (which for me is what tactic/ships is strong and what doesn't worth it) p.s. speaking of meta: surprised how many ships were effective this season (which is very positive change from previous seasons, let's all recall "Balfast days"). the only 3 ugly duckling were : Ibuki, Tashkent and Roon.
  2. SlartiBartFastE2

    PSA - Free Captain Respec's Expire < 24 Hours

    I concur - they should extend free respec until AA and spotting mess-up solved
  3. SlartiBartFastE2

    Simple way to balance premiums

    I have even better idea - let's get rid of tiers all together. You got into battle in Mikasa with Montana - tough luck and remember - enemy Mikasa struggle and hate WG just like you. Better game next time. With amount of salt post 0.8 it will be unnoticeable spicing up. But things will get much simpler.
  4. SlartiBartFastE2

    Dear Lord, how are they going to rework their way out of this

    great wall of text (no, not just useless comment, here's an idea - rephrase it into 4-5 bullet points so people would actually read)
  5. SlartiBartFastE2

    Port UI got screwed

    It was bad. Always. All 3 years I'm playing this game it was terrible and everybody just suffered through and ignored. But with 0.8 it became insufferable. It freezes over and over again so even simplest task of pressing "Battle" take about half a minute of clicking. WG: why you hate your game?
  6. Ship dissociation bug Playing random. Fired HE on cruiser, fire started in one place (see on the right of screen). Title of ship slightly moved to center: Omaha. And ship itself kept going to the left (see left of the screen). That would be weirdest bug I've ever seen. I don't have any mods or such. Best
  7. SlartiBartFastE2

    The true core of the problem has not been fixed.

    I like, that this idea (relaying only minimap positioning from planes) going popular after rework gone production. My personal impression from CV rework is mostly positive (balancing to be expected of course), but change in spotting which made whole fleet pretty much perma-spotted is a disaster. Current meta is every team just group up for AA death-balls. And this ruining game experience for everybody. Part of the problem is super-fast planes, instant start of squadrons and shortened AA-range (AFT doesn't extend AA range anymore). It would be very interesting to hear WG position on this question: are you considering this (specifically for planes - not just radar/sonar)? Is spotting damage statistics changed recently? Best,
  8. I think the best way is let planes only spot ships on minimap - do not let this info to render ships in the sea. Because currently spotting by CV ruining gameplay. Let CV have it's damage but let it's not ruin game for others. (but I'm fine with spotting by fighters left by flying by strike planes - that would be cool tactical trick to hang spotters in certain area)
  9. SlartiBartFastE2

    3 CVs per team

    Let's make it 4 or 5 CV per team, better yet let's make only CVs battle and let them play separately. btw. post first two battles - still no DD's...
  10. SlartiBartFastE2

    Update Hotfix

    Why no revert on gun-bloom concealment? There were polls both on EU and NA with 90% vote and more than thousand participants. Can you really ignore this big chunk of active players? This change promote arcade simplified level of play. Is it where we're going?
  11. SlartiBartFastE2

    I'm actually really liking this Ranked Season

    I don't like this ranking season. It turned into Mario Carts with botes running around picking cherries (I like how somebody called this "forcing team to play strategically", joke of the season) and unsinkable ships (due to heal buffs). Turning game into arcade more and more. I guess it suits more teenage part of target group. Sad edit: actually this ranked season have 2 pluses - Tier 9 which I think is very interesting and rich tier to play and it's only place where you won't see untested "rework"
  12. SlartiBartFastE2

    cv will never be removed from the game

    yep this rework definitely calls for taking at least a big break... just ranking out and taking break, let somebody else test this circus
  13. SlartiBartFastE2

    Poll on 8.0 patch

    it was my evil twin ;( he reads forums first p.s. on the serious note - no. i did not. something fishy
  14. SlartiBartFastE2

    [0.8.0] First CV rework tweaks and changes

    Yes. Yes. Please. Was just about to write exactly the same - glad there's more people thinking same way
  15. SlartiBartFastE2

    [0.8.0] First CV rework tweaks and changes

    no gunbloom bug-re-fix? that's disappointing though overall very good reaction (except why limiting to 1 CV is open question - no clue: during the test this seems to be very simple decision)