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  1. Gearing for divisioning (team work) Shimakaze for queues full of BB's Z-52 if you like agressive cap fights Khabarovsk for mining BB tears Grozovoi just good long-range gun boat They all quite well balanced now (I can't say which is the best, but that's not Shima, for sure)
  2. Exactly, though getting annoyed by it is driving towards answer 'no', and honestly most un-explainable thing for me is why bunch of 20-40 yo guys trying to represent themselves by teenage cartoon girls
  3. Is it possible to have list of mods inside?
  4. Will you address skill based MM problem? There was (and still is) lot of threads on this in forum. In general there are 2 problems: - steamrolls: lots and lots of games goes down very quickly or otherwise bad because of MM stacking good players on one side and well, not so good, on the other. this might be as well because of unicum divisions. I've seen in earlier QnA answer for this as sbmm will put stress on match up time, but what about just switching sides of players on current MM within? - hi-tier potato CV's : during hi-tiers game putting terrible CV player against good one practically sentence team with bad CV to lose, is it possible to exclude somehow CV with very bad WR from spoiling experience for other people? Other ship classes doesn't affect battle that much, but balancing radar ships and balancing DD-leaders vs spotting DD's is also an issue right now (think 2 Tashkent vs 2 Yugumo) p.s. as a measurement I'd suggest not the winrate but average base xp in used ship. Thank you.
  5. I think LWM had all previous game instances so you can ask to share... ? Not sure
  6. Hey - we got few games this season, but yeah, you have point ;-)
  7. No you shouldn't : this topic dedicated to discussion of skill-based mm. If you cannot stay on topic - create one you interested in and go there
  8. We are in the right place: public forum open to any constructive idea on how to improve game. You, on the other hand... Idea of skill-based MM doesn't have anything to do with what kind of people fill the game queue - competitive or not. Idea aimed at improvement of everybody's game experience, because no-one benefits from steamrolls and skill-based mm aims at eliminating or significantly reducing them.
  9. clarification: with skill based mm, stats like winrate will lose importance
  10. I know some ultimate stat-padders won't be happy with this mm
  11. I don't think WG will ever go for splitting randoms into few separate queues. It contradict their philosophy of getting players into random battle ASAP. And honestly it's good thing. Now, if you still going after leagues than, this can be used as simplified skill-based MM: each team gets equal number of players from each league. But at that moment concept of leagues getting unclear - why do we need them if MM can be skill-based w/o them? Now this concept is actually quite nice for also another reason - reducing toxicity against CV players (sorry CV noobs) at hi tiers. Because team getting potato CV player at hi tier always will be screwed and this always cause great pain. here's illustration of what's terribly wrong with hi-tier CV: Ok, so you multiple ways of skill-based mm fail is actually just 2: - weighing by winrate is bad because winrate converge toward 50% - weighing by damage is bad because different ships have different average damage, which also raise from T1 to T10 Those are valid points, but once you start sorting skills by average xp in particular ship you won't have any of this problems. And no - you average xp won't get much worse from balanced teams, (neither it won't get much better). p.s. but this all is still pipe dreams of Sir Thomas More since WG clearly not interested in (their excuse as this will slow down MM I still don't count as anything serious, as I've already mentioned in previous posts, from calculations points of view algorithm could work on already existing team lines by just reshuffling players according to their skill-weights for particular ships)
  12. Is it weekend already? I feel the salt is in the air... On topic: nothing wrong with coordinating plan. Excessive chat really piss off, but unless you in clan/division with friends this is expected from mmo, so I think OP doesn't have a point here.
  13. considering guys was completely tunneled, he might've as well shot through other low-health guy and not even notice that... most mistakes in the match happens from lack of awareness (i know that's how with me)
  14. I was pretty sure that OP had very bad day in DD just about now... checking stats. Yep, I was right. On the topic: previous post was enough
  15. I think this is the very answer why winrate might be poor. Generally trying to farm damage on bb's doesn't help team all that much. I still haven't played H4 so can't say what to do, but ...