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  1. SlartiBartFastE2

    LOL Teams

    They want more people in hi-tiers. This will be counterproductive for them, so it's only going to be worse
  2. SlartiBartFastE2

    Seattle — American Tier IX cruiser.

    And this is exactly the reason we have steamrolls/blow-outs in hi-tiers. Disclaimer. Sensitive people don't read further.
  3. SlartiBartFastE2

    Seattle — American Tier IX cruiser.

    To all Seattle haters. Here's little but hardly deniable proof that it is good ship. Disclaimer. I do have quite experience with all ships in WOWS (30k battles will do this to you). Currently my WR sits around 60%+ (but swinging massive red tail of 4+ years derping is hard, ha). Last 2 months (Jan/Feb) I was regrinding USN cruiser lines (just finished actually both). So this is result of Seattle re-grind Again - my average WR is not 70%. My point - if you know how to work with it - it's very good ship. Also if I'm not mistaken I haven't played this one in divisions (in case you object that it was statpadding) How. Seattle is all about positioning, searching good cover and choking points. If you have pushing BB - you score damage, if you have closing angles with DD - you murder them. If CV flyby - you get great XP boost. This ship great plus is it's ability to deal with any threat. But, only if you think through your positioning (and exit strategy)
  4. SlartiBartFastE2

    Research Bureau Line Reset Tips

    Step 1. You don't need to do this - captain sent to reserve upon reset of line automatically Step 2. You don't need to do this - all upgrades (including legendary - tested on USN CA line) demounted automatically and for free Step 3. You don't need to do this - all flags and camo demounted automatically and for free Step 4. You don't need to do this - all XP fo your ships in line is not lost. It goes to Tier I ship of that line. Step 5. You can do in randoms. Normally if you got to TX going through T2-4 (you don't need to go through T1 really) is pleasant walk no matter ship line. Step 6. Why would you do this in Co-op eludes me. The only reason would be - if you plan to play always in Co-op. Because it is easy mode which have nothing to do with random tactics and pain. Co-op will not prepare you for real encounter and it will train your reflexes wrong. Otherwise I agree
  5. SlartiBartFastE2

    To Devs about MM and tiers

    WoWs player evolution red - thinks he's a hero blue - hates all heroes purple - afraid of those who think they are heroes dark purple - is a hero
  6. SlartiBartFastE2

    Double Tier 10 CV match

    oh joy, both DD felt warm and loved, i'm sure
  7. SlartiBartFastE2

    DD's get [edited] yet again

    Specifics, specifics - for your DD of choice (which are RU DD) this will be beneficial - RU DD torps when rush. But if you'd be DD main with inclination towards DWT boats, you'd might see different story. Disclaimer - I'm hybrid ;) - i play both CA/CL/CB and DD and amongst DD i like/competent in all trees. currently finishing regrind on PA and both RU lines and just finished regrind on both IJN lines. (did not play germans lately but have good mileage in Z52 still)
  8. SlartiBartFastE2

    6 more veterans that i knew quit the game last week

    As a veteran player, who stopped spending more than year ago (pro-tip - I always have premium time just by getting doubloons while ranking out) I'd say this sounds about right.
  9. SlartiBartFastE2

    6 more veterans that i knew quit the game last week

    Yep - one of the reasons people quit this... One of the reasons my next break may become permanent (taking breaks from WOWS twice a year became good practice for me - since I'm not playing any other games it allows to keep good life balance). This feature was in game since doubloon camo's were introduced and was requested to be removed since then. I think it is very good indicator of how WG treats it's customers.
  10. SlartiBartFastE2

    Is there Russian Bias by War Gaming?

    Oh boy, such a strong argument, 72 point size font. You obviously right, how will I dare with puny default-sized font to argue, forgive my insolence. p.s. original topic did not specified that we narrowing down to tech tree and even then what besides Kremlin is OP?
  11. SlartiBartFastE2

    Is there Russian Bias by War Gaming?

    Belfast. Bourgogne. Benham. Colbert. Gulio Cesare. Kamikaze, list goes on If you want to be fixated - you will be fixated. Your choice
  12. SlartiBartFastE2

    Multiple cv's a side has to go WG.

    as an underline for this topic. ignoring situation with CV won't do any good, yes, that was somebody's rage and maybe doesn't worth mentioning but this is happening every day (btw that was Bismark with barely 1300 battles and 47% but the problem is he will never have chance to become good player because he was raged into uninstall and this is sad)
  13. SlartiBartFastE2

    Running Out OF Juliet Charlies and Detonating

    The least they should fix moments when if you detonate multiple times per day - you should get multiple time detonation consolation prize (flags). I haven't been detonated multiple times per day lately, but I still have nightmares about being detonated 5 times in my Khaba in one day couple years ago... PTSD detonation veterans should get compensation - memorable premium camo "Burning Man" with liquid metal splashes and smoked decks (with -100% detonation bonus)
  14. SlartiBartFastE2

    Changes in the armory

    With nickname like this, that'd be hardly fair bet.
  15. SlartiBartFastE2

    Matching system is broken period

    They actually did - it's the stupid 3 min rule. If CV's wait in queue 3 mins they still get to populate 6-CV games. This was the fix. It's just this "fix" happening too often to help alleviate the problem. I think, (until normal ship to CV interaction change meaningfully) CV should be restricted 1 per team no matter wait time. This is how it works in competitive and it works. (Not to go into how bad CV are right now - it's slightly different topic)