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  1. Nothing, not even the hottest of takes can escape
  2. Pacra

    CV Rework Feedback

    A CV is defined by its planes. It is a floating brick without the planes. They are the heart and soul of the CV. Without it, a CV is nothing. If you want an emphasis on the ships part, would you like to manually administrate Damage Control on a CV when you get hit? Other than that and pointing the CV towards spots, there's not much you do with one.
  3. Pacra

    CV Rework Feedback

    That's literally what a CV is? It carries planes, and the planes fly to the ships to drop bombs. If all you see are Grummans and Mitsubishis, then you are playing a CV. There is nothing written in stone that says in order to play a real CV, your planes have to fly like Starcraft.