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  1. sicwiitit

    Player game Summary

    It's a known issue. It has been reported. They say there working on it. Don't hold your breath though.
  2. In this lastest update when you select certain premium ships to see your stats for an individual ship (in Random Battles category) it doesn't show you anything. I have no mods installed. Anyone else seeing this as well?
  3. sicwiitit

    Santa Crates

    The incompetence is to heavy. I'll eat the $47.99. I'm canceling my refund. I just have this feeling that things are going to go sideways, and there gunna do something other than what I asked for. (trust broken) (Rollback, take more than what was given in crates, or worse) This refund thing is not something that there accustomed to doing. I shouldn't have to attach in my ticket @Hapa_Fodder and YabbaCOE response to this situation reminding them that I am eligible for a refund per these WG announcements. I have spent no Santa Crate items. Clearly, all of WG's staff wasn't briefed about this situation. (CIS, EU, SEA, NA) The response this morning was sorry BUT we're gunna have to roll your account back. Let us know if this is what you want. NOT HAPPENING. Thanks for the customer experience.
  4. sicwiitit

    Santa Crates

    WG response to the refund: Hello sicwiitit, Thank you for reaching out to Wargaming Player Support. I hope this message finds you well. We are sorry that you left disappointed by the Santa Containers this year. We know this is something that a lot of our players look forward to and the last thing we want is to see you upset approaching holiday season. Since all purchased Santa Containers have been opened, we can offer to restore the account on 2020-12-03 22:38:38 -08:00, thereby cancelling invoices and refunding the purchases of Santa Containers you made. This procedure will return the account's state on the specified date (including demobilized captains, undistributed and free experience, statistics, equipment, upgrades and progress in missions etc.), all actions performed on the account after this date will be erased. Please let us know if you agree to restore the account. NOTE: The account can be restored only once after containers have been opened. So if you decide to purchase Santa Containers again, we will not be able to assist you. We are looking forward to hearing from you. WARGAMING WINS the battle BUT they won't win the war for my wallet in 2021. Rollback was denied! Not worth it! smh
  5. sicwiitit

    Is Server Down?

    Back up boy!! 7:39 a.m. EST
  6. sicwiitit

    WoWS x Transformers: Warships in Disguise

    Can I move these commanders to different ships? Optimus Prime from Montana to a french ship? EXAMPLE
  7. sicwiitit

    Public Test 0.9.9

    With the release of Update 0.9.9, players will be able to play on all World of Warships servers within one game client, without the need to install separate game instances for each region. The game server will be determined by the currently selected account in the Wargaming Game Center. Does this mean that we can bring all the ships from our port in NA to another server (region)? Before this update, we had to start from scratch if we wanted to play on another server, and grind everything over again for that server.
  8. I'm sure they checked that spread sheet with how many Grafs are out there. Saw that there were a lot of captains with her in port collecting barnacles on her hull. . . . Realized they may take a loss ($$$) to give doubloons or coal to the people who will probably grind at least to the Graf. And then said. . . . Credits it will be! Smh
  9. sicwiitit

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.0

    In short, WARGAMING DO NOT have people regrinding for these upgrades IF they have obtained or are in the process of obtaining them. RESPECT must be shown for the time people have put in to get these Legendary mods.
  10. I'm curious about this "changing servers". I can take currency from one server to another?
  11. sicwiitit

    First Karma Ship in WoWs

    How about do away with Karma completely! It's vastly useless to most. To top it off reporting offenses is just as useless.
  12. sicwiitit

    Future of Arsenal

    So, I noticed on Flamu's latest video that the Flint and Black were not not present in the Arsenal on the next update? A string of tier X's for coal were shown, however, in the Arsenal! Are the Black and Flint going away? Say it ain't so. I've been grinding to hard to see that happen!