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  1. unit_72

    CODE 3

    Unable to bring up redeeming screen. yer dissapointed unit -
  2. unit_72

    New FREE code to grab!

    Yo, working. Thanks mate. Yer grateful unit
  3. unit_72


    Aye, still works, thankee mate. yer greatful unit
  4. Yer right, actually it takes three! yer opinionated unit
  5. unit_72

    Sea/Sun glare options

    Yo mates, There are a few programs out there that reduce the blue on yer screen. I have had some luck with "f.lux". Seems to do me well. yer squinting unit -
  6. unit_72


    I have her. Next to the Atlanta, my favorite boat. Turns like a scow. Enjoyable. Eschew obfuscation! yer friendly unit -
  7. unit_72

    Bot Insanity last night.

    Ah yess, Once again with another snark post in the coop threads. <sigh> Courtesy is the lubrication of society,don['t throw sand in the works. yer friendly unit -
  8. unit_72

    Bonus code

    Still working yer friendly unit -
  9. Not that I wouldn't mind the rewards again but I seriously would not have as many ships, 19 point commanders or as much Free XP earned without Operations. You don't get results like this in every Random battle. Very good return for your time, especially if you are in need of credits. Grinding ship XP is great in scenarios too if you have the ship for the tier that you are grinding, otherwise it's back to randoms for that. With a team you can count on consistent scores every time pretty much, just apply the right signals and go to Rewardville. Last time I saw a post like this was about op Nari, just before it were nerfed. yer friendly unit -
  10. unit_72

    Kami's Mini-Map Tips!

    I looked fer sumpin like this when I first started. Nothing to be found but a few scattered tips here an' there. Good job mate yer appreciative unit -
  11. unit_72

    End of the game

    Hmm. Tried to watch. Felt like a yo-yo. End of viewing. yer corsseyed unit -
  12. Why is it that folk move into a neighborhood and first thing they want is to make it like where they came from? No subs mate. yer opinionated unit -
  13. Hmm... Still be broke. yer friendly unit -
  14. unit_72

    No ''fun'' to be had anymore?

    Don't post much, read a lot. Wonder why a person posts elitist like this on a topic about having fun, not stroking ones e-peen. yer questionin' unit -