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  1. unit_72

    Black Screen

    Same issue. Checked Aslain's site, said he updated the EC. Was runnin' .03, uploaded .13. Works fine now. Makes me feel like the tall hog at the trough. :) yer updated unit -
  2. unit_72

    Dead Eye reset unfair

    "Kid, fair is getting yours." Dr. Stafford Miller, Music dept. dean responding to a belligerent student. yer friendly unit -
  3. unit_72

    Dead Eye reset unfair

    Oops error
  4. unit_72

    Almost unbelievable work with models

    @Herr_Reitz Yeh, had the Lasic thing. Still needed readers. Same issue with fit. Had an old comfy frame fitted with reader lenses. Cost a bit. But comfort be priceless. yer chillin' unit - eschew obfuscation, say what you mean.
  5. unit_72

    Almost unbelievable work with models

    Tried that once, waste of time and money from my point of view. :) yer friendly unit -
  6. unit_72

    Almost unbelievable work with models

    Facinatin'. Too bad me fine motor control went the way of the Dodo. That would be fun to make. Nice post. yer impressed unit -
  7. unit_72

    CONTROLS controls

    Sry for the delay mate. I just don't know how to operate it to access the camera for the feedback. I'm off and on fer quite a bit here mate, so I may be slow to respond. And thanks for replyin'. yer friendly unit -
  8. unit_72

    CONTROLS controls

    So, perusing through the controls section in game settings I find an option to enable camera feedback when damage is taken. Nice. So how to access this option (in game or in port). As you can see, I be totally lost here. Yer responses will be precitated. Eschew obfuscation, say what ya means. yer inquirin' unit -
  9. unit_72

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Just a T-V cruiser, kinda lucky I guess.
  10. I'd be really happy just to be able to play without going through that game center. ... Eschew obfuscation, say what you mean. yer complaining unit -
  11. Browser add-ons? Some will block it. Just disable em for the task. Yer friendly unit
  12. unit_72

    Bonus Code FESTUM

    I don't say thanks enough when youse folk does this fer us. THANKS Courtesy is the lubrication of society, don't throw sand in the works! yer friendly unit
  13. unit_72

    No more AFT for cruisers?

    Each an' every day, it becomes harder an' harder to just log in to find enjoyment. Bring on the nerf hammer to the players fav ships, it's OK. Courtesy is the lubrication of society, why throw sand in the works?
  14. unit_72

    CODE 3

    Unable to bring up redeeming screen. yer dissapointed unit -
  15. unit_72

    New FREE code to grab!

    Yo, working. Thanks mate. Yer grateful unit