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  1. unit_72

    US Independence Day Mystery Achievement(s??)

    Got it first game in Lanta in co-op. Sank a Schors as it sank me. Don't have fleshwound in co-op. yer undistinguished unit =
  2. So, why do you care what mode I play mate?
  3. unit_72

    Game Login taking over 4 Minutes

    Greetin's, Since the update, I now have time for two or three rounds of solitaire before login, maybe one more after that. Watchin' me resource monitor shows laggardly activity vrs other loadins. yer friendly unit -
  4. unit_72

    Code for Free Stuff

    Aye, tnx mate yer grateful unit -
  5. Try it without the mods (if yer runnin' any). yer friendly unit -
  6. unit_72

    NA Server down?

    Well, just a bit ere the disconnect, I were noticin' that the screens after battle so slow I were reminded of me C-64 loads. Thinkin' on it, I may just break it out. Cant be worse. yer pessimistic unit -
  7. Yo all, Been here since 11/15. Haven't taken a vacation yet, but close. Game gettin' worse but marginally palyable, IMHO. Don't post much but read a lot. Good to see yer handle again mate. o7 yer congratulatory unit -
  8. I also do be finding that its slow to log on. Forum slow loading as well. yer notsospeedy unit -
  9. Yo mate, Mayhap y'all should look again. This post is a "CNN" type move and has been debunked many times on the forum. eschew obfuscation yer friendly unit -
  10. unit_72

    Black Screen

    Same issue. Checked Aslain's site, said he updated the EC. Was runnin' .03, uploaded .13. Works fine now. Makes me feel like the tall hog at the trough. :) yer updated unit -
  11. unit_72

    Dead Eye reset unfair

    "Kid, fair is getting yours." Dr. Stafford Miller, Music dept. dean responding to a belligerent student. yer friendly unit -
  12. unit_72

    Dead Eye reset unfair

    Oops error
  13. unit_72

    Almost unbelievable work with models

    @Herr_Reitz Yeh, had the Lasic thing. Still needed readers. Same issue with fit. Had an old comfy frame fitted with reader lenses. Cost a bit. But comfort be priceless. yer chillin' unit - eschew obfuscation, say what you mean.
  14. unit_72

    Almost unbelievable work with models

    Tried that once, waste of time and money from my point of view. :) yer friendly unit -
  15. unit_72

    Almost unbelievable work with models

    Facinatin'. Too bad me fine motor control went the way of the Dodo. That would be fun to make. Nice post. yer impressed unit -