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  1. Yo, Usually, I just reads the posts an' move on. However, I were laughin' at the start on this one. Even more laughs as I read the comments from posters that, havin' read their missives before, should have gotten the joke before the first paragraph ended. We all have fun in our own way. hehe yer amusedunit -
  2. Hmm, Sad to see this level of angst on the forum. Kinda makes me feel like I'm playing PvP. /s yer friendly unit -
  3. Ah, Thankye Special_Kay mate. yer appreciative unit -
  4. Yo, Don't post much (actually first one), usually find what I need here in the forums. However, I have been unable to figger out how to enter into the scout plane view that folks be talkin about. Lookin fer clue here mates. Thankye yer friendly unit -
  5. Just been here a couple days now. Still doin' a passel o' readin', with an occasional jump into the game to see what things be doin'. I be a refugee from another game what were destroyed by them Dev folk. A mate from there sez to try this one. Lookin' good so far. yer friendly unit -