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    Can we get rid of Balensk?

    I'm agreement that Smolensk is fairly outrageous and it's a shame that a single ship is currently putting me off from playing T10 games. It's no coincidence that so many players in Smolensk are topping the scoreboards without outrageous numbers and I know that a lot of players who bought this thing and are playing well with it will go 'lol it's about skill hihihi', but it's fully unbalanced. It doesn't need to be deleted, just repaired.
  2. If the CV update was intended to improve the popularity of CVs in the game, it surely has. I think that Wargaming wants to make this class a regular contribution toward every match, but this seems to alternate wildly through the day and through tiers. Maybe it's time for tier 5 7 9 CVs? With some long and hard thought, maybe. As a player who only recently took up CVs, I've been trying to get from T4 to T6, but this jump is incredibly long and incredibly boring. T4 CV gameplay basically puts to me to sleep and if anything is going to put me off playing CVs at higher tiers, it's having to play 50 - 100 games on a T4 CV, because this slow, boring gameplay will leave me with a bad impression of what higher tier CV gameplay would be like. I'd have already stopped long ago if I didn't start off with a T8 impression thanks to getting Enterprise out of RNG boxes. Otherwise, I can sincerely say that this grind is way too damn long and way too boring. First impressions are key to keep someone interested. Collectors will love it Correct if I'm wrong, but I get the idea that World of Warships' player population has a strong selection of collectors who simply want to unlock their favourite ships from history and maybe the game's paper warships too. The more ships in the game, the merrier these players are. CV popularity should increase Because players are wasting AA II and Fighter II consumables in games that have no carriers, not to mention AA builds. The fact that losing a resource based on the probability of encountering a CV is a disappointing one. It's also fantastic when players give up on playing AA builds because of this, then the CVs start coming. I don't want my earned resources to be absolutely wasted because of this. It can balance itself With the current tiering of carriers, I feel like I have there's a strong probability to either of the following: 1. I'll be too effective. 2. I'll be too ineffective. Meaning that being balanced somewhere in between is hard to achieve because on one hand, I'll be smashing ships two tiers down and on the other ships that are two tiers up will demolish my aircraft. With more CVs in between these tiers, I believe that it's credible for broader balancing to take effect. In other words, the odds change drastically and thanks to that the 2 probabilities described above become scarcer. A genuine decline in upper tiers I rarely ever have a tier match in range of tier 4 without any CVs, not to mention often 2 of them, sometimes even 3. Low tier CV gameplay appears to attract a lot of attention, but because of the vast gap between T4 - 6 I suspect that most players give up somewhere in between the grind. In range of T6 and above I've noticed that the probability of seeing a CV plummets drastically. I could be wrong, but this is based on what I've seen in-game. Wargaming has the statistics. Destroyers should be crying Please don't kill me for saying this, but before the rework, skilled destroyers could go to town on a team without being spotted throughout an entire match. They could employ wholly riskless gameplay and be incredibly effective while doing so. Carriers mitigate this and push players to rely on their team and reconsider the solo gameplay typical of many destroyer players. It is, after all, a team game. They can no longer get away with that and that is balancing in effect. It's simply a case of having to rethink your strategy. The above, true rivals It's in this way that I observe Destroyers and Carriers as true rivals on the seas. Because destroyers love sneaking up on carriers and carriers love foiling destroyers. Camping carriers getting out-right deleted by sneaky destroyers does tend to happen and over-extending destroyers do get sent to the bottom of the seas by carriers when caught.
  3. My game has also started crashing. It only started last night.
  4. - The AA buff feels a tad too harsh. Even ships beneath tier with mediocre AA seem to be demolishing planes; ships above tier with mediocre AA feel nigh untouchable now. In addition, it sort of makes the Enterprise's heal especially useless now. I'm all for balancing CVs because they have felt a bit over the top and quite easy to progress with as opposed to any other 'class' in the game, but it might just be a bit over the top at the moment. I know the Great CV Debate is an especially fiery one at the moment so it sort of feels like criticising overwhelming AA feels as though I've put a target on my head and I'm all for balancing CVs, because they can be overwhelmingly effective in some instances. Starting off a game and having 20k damage after a first attack run feels highly irregular to me. At the same time; everyone shouldn't expect their ships to fair well against planes. World of Warships is still a team game. - "Return to Ship" bug Is still there. Deploying fighters and then having them fly off without me still happens and I have to recall them, essentially wasting them. - Rogue Wave is Good, but Economy is weird Fast-paced gameplay on a temporary event is hella fun. I can do this all day and barely stops being exciting, but the economy when playing third tier ships seems highly throttling. The odds of having winning game against four teams are fairly slim as is surviving very long whilst dishing out damage in this game mode; its unpredictability has means that more often than not we'll be dying easily. I've also had some mixed feelings about balancing of Rogue Wave ships as you progress upward. I suppose that having earned them ought to make it feel like a reward by giving it a superior health bar, but I feel like the armament of all ships are somewhat on par with one other irrespective of tiers. The chief differences, to me, are found in their gameplay and mechanics. Each ship feels different in its own way, in a way that it sets it apart from its compatriots in its 'class'. I feel like therein should be the focus of balancing, not by increasing HP bars, because this has a tendency to make the event insufferable to newcomers when they've left at a substantial disadvantage and also makes earlier ships fall out of fashion while players cling to the higher tier ships.