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  1. nope not at all. The automated system handles it. Anyone and everyone that's been around knows that. Why make a thread about it?
  2. NOBODY cares. Not us on the forum, not WG. You know the drill man. Submit a ticket and go about your business.
  3. T_O_dubl_D

    Am I the Only One This Unlucky?

    Wow! 27,000 dubs to get a tech tree ship
  4. T_O_dubl_D

    Karma - Can we be notified better?

    Or Harugumo or Asashio. That is, if you actually care about your useless and meaningless karma score.
  5. T_O_dubl_D

    Perma HE Rain

    HE was here before CVs became popular again (because they were low skill OP). CVs were by no means a savior to stop it either. He can be dealt with and countered. I'd rather have HE spam every game rather than an OP CV like we had before .8.5
  6. T_O_dubl_D

    The Case for IJN Long Lance

    Yeah @_RC1138 ...how dare you make judgements on a weapon based on it's performance in combat!
  7. T_O_dubl_D

    AA mechanics are all wrong

    Adapt to the new meta If a game doesnt change it gets stagnant Just dodge Git gud scrub ....these were the highlights that CV players were saying when AA was completely broken in the other direction. Take your pick of whichever is your favorite.
  8. T_O_dubl_D

    Protest French Event - Cash Grab

    Wrong friend...you dont HAVE TO PAY anything...I'm playing for frenchflakes and coal rewards and I wont spend a nickel and I'll have the ships in a month or so for free. If you pay it's because you CHOSE TO PAY.
  9. T_O_dubl_D

    Protest French Event - Cash Grab

    Gotcha. I cant find that particular screen on mobile but I recall seeing it last night on my desktop. I wasn't sure what the zero/ meant and I got that the second number meant some bundles were 5/30, 3/30, etc... so now that zero makes sense. That is keeping track of attempts and how much money have people blown. Thanks!
  10. T_O_dubl_D

    Protest French Event - Cash Grab

    Does it say specifically there are no repeats? I read it as after you spend the 1k a new bundle out of the whole 30 generates (not 30 - # of previous attempts) which would mean theoretically you could roll forever and not hit the magic number. Either way I wont be going for it and even if it was guaranteed for a max of 30k that is absolutely ridiculous...but to each his own...just want to be clear that people arent being told wrong
  11. T_O_dubl_D

    Enough already

    WG doesn't want hoarding so they give you the special currency with a timer. You spend or get cashed out. Everyone goes back to zero and is forced to start over if they choose to participate in the next event with the next currency.
  12. T_O_dubl_D

    Protest French Event - Cash Grab

    Pretty sure you aren't correct on those details but how is this different than any other 'cash grab' they have ever done? I salute your personal choice to protest and not participate...now please stop making threads about this.
  13. T_O_dubl_D

    A solution to your problem (Ship Toast)

    This is hilarious. I like it. Of course WG will just sell premium drain plugs and we're right back to business as usual
  14. T_O_dubl_D

    First goal reached!

    Congrats! What's next on your list?