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  1. That will be the biggest and more difficult problem. Most likely the rewards are going to be pretty small and the likelyhood of unanimous consensus on who gets the rewards is very slim. Commanders will need to make it clear that reward will go to highest contributors in order, alphabetical, seniority, tallest to shortest, vote or whatever they want just make it clear black and white to avoid the butthurt.
  2. It will only be abused once. Anything beyond that and anyone that sticks around in that clan and it is their own fault at that point
  3. Glad you liked it! He sounded like quite a guy
  4. T_O_dubl_D

    384 planes downed in one match

    Do enough people play WoWP to fill out that many squadrons? As fast as our CV drivers tear through their squadrons (because why not....they can just launch more) we will need a lot of pilots!
  5. T_O_dubl_D

    384 planes downed in one match

    So you want us to believe that these poor CVs were launching 1-2 planes at a time and still got the top 4 spots on the board and got a total of 10 kills? Get real man...you are just ridiculous.
  6. T_O_dubl_D

    Neustrashimy for 20,500 steel

    OPs house...must be nice
  7. T_O_dubl_D

    It's official Yamato Kobayashi Camo overpriced

    If the new Yamato camo were a person...
  8. T_O_dubl_D

    Russian battle ship suggestion

    Only thing I could find for Trabant is a Austria-Hungary torpedo "cruiser" from 1890. Dont know how that translates to Russian Tier 7 Battleship OP needs to lay off the the dope.
  9. T_O_dubl_D

    World of CVs

    @Bobomite It's not just you and unless you want to either play with one of the few DDs with really good AA or you want to slow play them where you stay with the fleet and always have cover from friendly ships then their is no point in playing DDs. If you are just getting back watch a few vids and look around. There are ways to decrease how terrible it is, more aggressive smoking, AA off, throttle control, etc.. but overall life in DDs is pretty tough these days.
  10. T_O_dubl_D

    Think DDs have too much hp

    Ah...gotcha...yeah it's not one of those troll threads lol.
  11. T_O_dubl_D

    Think DDs have too much hp

    It is. OP thinks the proper amount of DD HP is whatever it needs to be so it will be low enough that he can one shot kill it so no matter how badly he played in order for the DD to be able to sneak up on him he can still come out on top.
  12. T_O_dubl_D

    384 planes downed in one match

    4 CVs able to fight hard enough for them to kill 1/2 of the 20 surface ships in the game and get enough xp to the get top 2 spots on both teams while still losing 384 planes. Seems perfectly balanced. Not sure what everyone is upset about.
  13. Vice Admiral Peter Jansen Wessel (Royal Dano-Norwegian Navy - Great Northern War) AKA Peter Tordenskjold (Thunder-Shield) Highlight in History: After gaining a bit of a reputation as courageous, audacious, capable, and in some cases a privateer raider …on 26 July, 1714, Lieutenant Captain Wessel encountered a frigate under English flag near Lindesnes, while flying a Dutch flag on his (Norwegian) 18 gun frigate Løvendals Gallej. The other frigate was De Olbing Galley carrying 28 guns, which had been equipped in England for the Swedes and was on its way to Gothenburg under the command of an English captain named Bactmann. De Olbing Galley signalled for Løvendals Gallej to come closer since the Dutch were allied to England and Sweden, and as Wessel came closer he raised the Danish flag, Bactmann fired a broadside at him. The combat lasted all day, and when De Olbing Galley tried to escape in the evening, Wessel set more sails and continued the duel. The fight was interrupted by nightfall, and renewed again indecisively the following morning.Both ships were badly damaged after around 14 hours of fighting, when Wessel was running out of ammunition. He then sent an envoy to the English ship, cordially thanking the English for a good duel, and asked if he could borrow some of their ammunitions in order to continue the fight. His request was denied, and the captains drank to each other's health, before the ships dispersed. When he heard about the incident, king Frederick IV of Denmark asked for the admiralty to court-martial Wessel. He stood trial in November 1714, accused of disclosing vital military information about his lack of ammunition to the enemy, as well as endangering the ship of king Frederick IV by fighting a superior enemy force. The spirit with which he defended himself and the contempt he poured on his less courageous comrades took the fancy of Frederick IV. He successfully argued a section of the Danish naval code which mandated attacking fleeing enemy ships no matter the size, and was acquitted on 15 December 1714. He then went to the king asking for a promotion, and was raised to the rank of Captain on 28 December 1714. Captain Thunder Shield would go on and continue to serve with distinction and heroism through the end of the war and continue to get promoted and court martialed. He was killed in a sword duel shortly after the war and has a statue in a his honor in Copenhagen, Trondheim, Stavern, Oslo, Haakonsvern and has a township in Minnesota named after him as well as several Danish and Norwegian warships….and I’m not 100% sure but he might be mentioned in the national anthem (might be a previous version of the national anthem.
  14. T_O_dubl_D

    Think DDs have too much hp

    Want to share the replay with us? Was it full health? How much damage did you actually do to it ( i assume you were the Montana?)
  15. T_O_dubl_D

    Population Decline? Data shows otherwise...

    @C14Alpha good stuff. Kind of shocking. I'm not question your data or abilities - but are the players per week #s correct in the screenshot?. 296k in 9/2015 and 69k in 9/2016? Seems pretty steep. If they are correct then the player base fell by about 80% but the games played only fell by about half - so a smaller but much more engaged and involved base. That would have been encouraging back in the day. On the current weekly #s it's also interesting that there was a small recovery and upward trend a couple weeks after the rework that continued for several weeks but then in April the bottom dropped out and the last few weeks have been some of the lowest since the rework with CVs gaining, BBs holding and cruisers and DDs falling a bit. If WG keeps seeing those CV #s offset the losses and at least breaks even of the other ship types they will have to believe they can weather the storm. It would be nice to see February/March/April in previous years to do a legit comparison. Thanks for the spreadsheet! Keep up the good work!