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  1. T_O_dubl_D

    So who is going have to buy the Payto Rico?

    zero. Zero people "HAVE TO" buy anything
  2. T_O_dubl_D

    Seeing thru visual effects

    I agree. Splooshes OP, pls nerf.
  3. T_O_dubl_D

    Gifted ships block account?

    Interesting thread. I've never thought about the gift policy. OP got mixed up in the middle but it makes sense from WGs side and makes sense not to accept gifts from strangers. I will stay tuned for how it all turns out...
  4. T_O_dubl_D

    What Ship Should I Get With My Free XP?

    This thread confuses me. Why burn FXP on THESE SHIPS so low in the tree? At T5 if you play your 30-60 games before you get bored you should be able to get on to T6. None of these ships are great and worth wasting FXP on when the cost is so low to just grind them out. Btw, enjoy the Sinop at T7! One of my faves!
  5. T_O_dubl_D


  6. T_O_dubl_D

    WIns vs losses

    Jeez OP just file a ticket with support and ask to be put on winners only teams...easy fix. .. seriously though what exactly would be your recommendation to fix an individual players skill level and/or losing streak?
  7. Just wanted to post in here because I cant believe this thread was actually made
  8. T_O_dubl_D

    I Have Several Questions...

    Wait. Blys isn't special enough to shoot your wad until you have the better more unique ships that are top shelf. Keep saving for JB or Smol. For Thunderer and Georgia just get Conq and Montana then get the coal equivalents way down the road but still before Blys.
  9. T_O_dubl_D

    Good lord: the FDG is still hot, flaming garbage

    Are you sure it is the ship?
  10. OP - quit caring about stats or players that care about stats. It's a game.
  11. T_O_dubl_D

    Convinced game is rigged and WG hates Me

    I've seen the list of players that WG hates...and you are on it. Doomed!
  12. T_O_dubl_D

    How do you plan to tackle the Puerto Rico grind?

    ignoring it. I knocked off my snowflakes. Play a bit here and there at my own pace and if i accidentally fall into the first 3 directives that get me the Gorizia so be it.
  13. T_O_dubl_D

    PSA: PR Harassment Needs to Stop

    Good luck with that OP. Dont hold your breath
  14. T_O_dubl_D

    Can We All Calm Down a Second?

    We can politely agree to disagree because I think he is being a jerk by simply telling people to calm down and his tone is completely out of touch with the situation. People are right to be angry and upset...especially the ones that have already purchased boosters. I'm not mad or excited or even amused. Havent spent a nickel since the CV rework. This is totally expected behavior on WGs part. I knew immediately I wasnt going to chase the dragon that was the PR. When I went to the website and saw how complex it was I knew right away something wasn't right. I havent campaigned for anything in the game since the PEF nonsense was proposed. The last thing we need is someone encouraging alternate paths of money making it into WGs pockets which is positive reinforcement for this type of action. I know it is David vs Goliath but somehow the playerbase has to make WG learn this has got to change and "calm down" is not how that happens.
  15. T_O_dubl_D

    Can We All Calm Down a Second?

    Trying to campaign for people to reward WG for their behaviour by spending money after they completely misrepresented the event when the actual logical and natural feeling is for people to be pissed off. That fits firmly in lapdog category to me but your mileage may vary. At first it was a holiday event for the people. Now it is for the 1% from SubO's own reddit post. Burnsy is the self appointed elitist spokesperson for us peasants that cant math on our own apparently.