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    The Shack was a famous watering hole in Chapel Hill NC across the street from He's Not Here. it was torn down, despite all predictions it would fall down first, about 1990.

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  1. Pugilistic

    Can we quit with the double CV?

    For starters, limit CVs to 1 per game, and stop queue dumps. The screen at start of game states that there is no limit on waiting time for Random games.
  2. Yes, because they are still broken. Broken, broken, broken. The "complainers" who produce the most lengthy and detailed posts with links to replays and stats from the server reporting site showing that CVs are still broken are unicum players in CVs. Don't you just hate that its so bad that they have broken ranks? They are saying the same thing that the complainers who dont play CVs "enough", or indeed, AT ALL, have been saying, showing that a man does not have to be a mahout to recognize an elephant.
  3. I have every special visual 'enhancement' disabled, so meh. I dont see neon, monsters, beer cans or ridiculous hood ornaments.
  4. Pugilistic

    Toxicity at its finest!

    Very common. But not as bad as when the group that has +/- 2:1 numerical advantage opens the range or, as I saw twice recently, break LOS.
  5. That would become the single largest income source.
  6. Pugilistic


    It happens, I thought the same. Odd how I occasionally remember stuff on the devblog more readily than the actual update.
  7. Don't be obtuse. The thread is rhetorical. The implied question is: are CVs unbalanced as a class. My answer is yes. Yours?
  8. I remember during the Watergate fiasco that Woodward and Bernstein referred to certain officials' statements as "non-denial denials". What we have here is a non-affirmation affirmation.
  9. If typical, that's frightening.
  10. Wait, youre blaming the need to fill out low tier battles with bots on a reskinned tier VIII BB? I smell CV on your breath.
  11. Pugilistic

    Ships you Adore.

    Its very gratifying to see that few people are writing odes to OP ships, or the broken class. Thread is a nice read. Shenyang for retribution vs CVs. Konig the king of tank. Abruzzi, please chase me, I kite magically.
  12. Pugilistic

    Ships you Adore.

    Emile Bertin was one of the last ships to get the nerf sledgehammer. Torps reduced from 9km to 6 km.
  13. Im relieved that they did, I think that secondary-reliant ships are silly, it results in ships being player controlled bots for Random Game rewards.
  14. Two minor things that suppress low tier game play are that new lines start with early access and that very few missions can be accomplished with ships below tier V. But this was not a noticeable problem in the past. The recent influx of bots into these low tier games look like a way to expand the herd so that the newer players have a chance to live longer in CV games and have a better game experience. That would be an admission that the CV rework is killing the retention of new players who aren't preferentially playing CVs to the near exception of other classes.