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    The Shack was a famous watering hole in Chapel Hill NC across the street from He's Not Here. it was torn down, despite all predictions it would fall down first, about 1990.

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  1. I have no interest in this either. I would not begrudge it for those who are interested except for the diversion of effort.
  2. I did very well yesterday with 20 boxes total: 5 premium ships and lots of other good stuff on the first day (yesterday). Today, I got 10 more boxes and no ships, little of interest. I also gave 5X boxes to a couple friends and they got no ships and a little coal. Exceedingly small sample size, so wonder if others experienced the same.
  3. Pugilistic

    Topside Tuesday - Best Looking Ship

    Una bella cosa da vedere.
  4. You needed to hold your fire lol. I dont have a secondary kill on Haida yet, but have on Umikaze (A hull has secondaries), Yubari, Kiev, and others.
  5. Pugilistic

    MM needs tweaking

    I really dont care. I would hate for things to move toward pure mirror matchmaking, like in coop; I also don't care that player skills aren't taken into consideration - all this stuff evens out, and when I am on the short end, I enjoy the challenge.
  6. The seven destroyers and destroyer escorts of Taffy 3 off Samar would like a word with you. The four BBs, eight cruisers and assorted other surface combatants they faced in open water during daylight would also disagree.
  7. Pugilistic

    Helena — American Tier VII cruiser.

    Yes, its likely that it is simply that one of these ships is optimized for my playstyle.
  8. I would gladly grant you the ability to remain submerged the entire game as well as preset serpentine torps and G7es acoustic torpedoes, if you will accept 7-8 knot submerged speed and the inability to dive with a punctured pressure hull, as well as destruction from full health from a couple of Hedgehog hits. My impression of some of the other posters' points are not so much cherry picking what abilities in game subs would have, but that sub capabilities have to be enhanced so drastically from their actual capabilities as to break immersion. I grant that the ships already in game are pretty divorced from their actual capabilities and weaknesses, but not so much that I am unable to suspend my disbelief and remain immersed in the game. I think that would not be true with submarines. My disclaimer is that I was a Harpoon II devotee, and would love a WWII naval sim.
  9. I watched the video with interest, but I also remember who once said "no subs". Does anyone look forward to doing sprint-and-drift ASW searches in the midst of a surface battle?
  10. Very well done, I'd be very interested in this class, and would prefer their specs permit the pugnacity with which these ships were handled in action. The conduct of the navy of the Netherlands in early WWI was a valiant and desperate effort. I've been on the lookout for something on Adm. Doorman. Even if "Ik val aan, volg mij" was not actually sent, it expresses his leadership and conduct.
  11. Pugilistic

    Submarine Tech Trees

    Go away.
  12. Pugilistic

    Matchmaking seems broken and unbalanced.

    I have never cared about MM, except that both teams are full. At all. 3 radars vs 1, one side with 4BBs and the other with 3, destroyer numbers different, I don’t care. I would, however, dislike it a lot if randoms teams were a perfect mirror, like in coop, and this is what a lot of players seem to want.
  13. Pugilistic

    How does AP work at 90°?

    Wow, Haze, someone with more battles than me. I can’t really play any other shooter because of chronic vertigo/nystagmus; WOWs has a horizon, so I can cope with the movement and it’s therefore about all I play. Hex-based strategy games are the only alternative. BTW, enjoyed seeing you in-game recently.
  14. Pugilistic

    How does AP work at 90°?

    LOLZ @ trolling with 19 pt captain gun setup Tachibana. A guilty, infrequent dalliance made possible by the exception.