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    The Shack was a famous watering hole in Chapel Hill NC across the street from He's Not Here. it was torn down, despite all predictions it would fall down first, about 1990.
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  1. I thought the stats themselves were peripheral to the point. Sorry if I offended your sensibilities.
  2. I have a problem with vertigo and nystagmus that flares occasionally, and at baseline make it basically impossible for me to play any FPS. I can play WoWS due to its steady horizon provided by the water level, and its basically all I play. When the background is terrain, things can go phlooey. I was a bad tater for thousands of battles and then began to improve to the degree that I was starting to see blue and dark blue on WT. Ive had basically 4 weeks of a flare up and played on anyway, sometimes even patching the eye that has the nystagmus (a rapid oscillation, its as bad as it sounds). Before WT went down, I was blue back to more than a year ago. Now my WTR for 14, 30, and even my 90 are all about 1060; while my 430 day is blue at 1115. That's a downturn lol. I'm gonna play out of this though, and the flare is settling down. I'm still having a good time, just frustrated with recent results. Just wanted the forum to know that there are those of us with various challenges that enjoy the game regardless of how it limits our performance.
  3. It might change to "occasionally gets taken out of port".
  4. It sure seems like it. Even when they say that BBs are overpopulated, they keep nerfing DDs or buffing BBs.
  5. Would prefer if you couldn't see the other team in the MM until they are spotted, with or without mods. Fog of war, and all that...
  6. No, there was not an outcry from BB players. WG just recently repeated their observation that there is a BB overpopulation in games. Therefore, they nerfed destroyers as they have on each previous occasion that they have made this statement.
  7. So once again WG states there is BB overpopulation, and proceeds to nerf destroyers and cruisers. Im become used to it, unfortunately.
  8. Yep. The term I should have used originally is ... hokey.
  9. Agreed. Close to silly looking.
  10. First of all, you could leave the ship as is and just drop it a tier; pretty much not kidding. But, if it is to remain at tier VIII: The fighters need more durability, they are basically tissue paper at present. Their ammunition expenditure in an initial engagement is often sufficient to make it wise to land them to rearm. Give it a TB squadron of Fi 167's at the expense of a squad of Stukas. The AP delay is madness. I like the idea of sirens as a perk for us crazy wehraboos who bought the thing.
  11. Another up side: It can't be nerfed. There are only buffs in its future.
  12. They knew us wehraboos would buy it just to look at it in port, if nothing else. And they were right. I feel dirty. Not as dirty as when I drive Nikolai, but, well.
  13. Myogi. I rage sold it TWICE, then bought it again and am doing well in it this time around. Also enjoy and do well in Yubari. Used to love Tenryu, have 57% winrate in it but it has beem powercrept. I have an over 70% winrate in Krasny Krim, 40-ish battles.
  14. And I agree with increasing Ocean in the rotation. Make folks develop different licks.