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    The Shack was a famous watering hole in Chapel Hill NC across the street from He's Not Here. it was torn down, despite all predictions it would fall down first, about 1990.


  1. Shell Splash Change

    I would be ok with this;. I used to play Harpoon. So I would love an accurate simulator WoWS 2
  2. I absolutely hate the new shell splashes. They look unrealistic, and the purpose of the change was questionable. Shell splashes, especially large-caliber ones, SHOULD obscure visibility to the ship they land around, especially when there are a lot of them. This was a known phenomenon of surface ship warfare since at least WWI.
  3. Shell Splash Change

    Can’t have anything keeping you from getting off an aimed shot at a target the instant you have another round chambered, even if it’s because of something that actually SHOULD block your vision. By your reasoning, let’s just be able to shoot through islands, and while we’re at it, remove range limitations altogether. Shell splashes, especially large caliber ones, should degrade vision of the target. So should multiple fires. Kinda borne out by WWII after action reports.
  4. Shell Splash Change

    In the newest patch, the effect of shell splashes degrading visibility of the ship they are splashing around has been reduced. Apparently, there was widespread consternation that something that obscured the target, well, obscured the target. Also, the ships that benefited from this most were the smallest ships, destroyers, and we just can’t have that. I have to report that there has been a hack to this reduced visibility all along. It is called patience. Wait about three seconds and lo, the ship is seen again. The chance of the target breaking detection is small since the context in which this occurs is when a ship is being targeted by multiple enemies. This was unnecessary, and just another removal of a realistic effect. Please, WG, don’t try to turn this game into a test of the players reflexes. There are plenty of those around.
  5. I have earned and opened a large number of these crates, I got the first 3 BB missions on the first or second day, but have never received a Richlieu-class mission. I will probably have enough XP on Lyon to unlock it anyway when the French BBs arrive.
  6. Unexpectedly Fun Ships

    There are things that are great fun that you’d expect to be and are: St Louis, Clemson, Nikolai, Caesare, Molotov, Atlanta, Kutuzov, the Bismarck brothers. There are some that are mehbotes or worse that I find fun and do OK to well in. I actually enjoy Krasny Krim and Huanghe; I have a nearly 70% winrate in the Krim: I guess I just try harder. Either that or the reds see me, laugh, and shoot at something else. I have a liking for basically all glass cruisers, I must like the sense of danger. Izyaslav is a go-to when I feel like causing mischief. I sold Miyogi twice because I couldn’t make it work; I have done well in it during the last period I’ve had it in port. Basically I guess I kinda like everything; I have 203 ships in port at present.
  7. Take my cash now WG, will pay extra to keep torps unchanged lol.
  8. When a group sees 1 enemy DD and all start circling.
  9. DD invincability cloaks

    A mass exodus of bad players, perhaps. BBs are the easiest class to support your win rate and damage output for the majority of the player population. DDs were nerfed constantly for about a year with the million pound craphammer. You are seeing proportionately more Experten in DDs as a result.
  10. Tier 7 USN BB proposal SD(1920)

    Very interesting post. These ships would have been very useful in the battles around the Solomons had they been completed as intended. The balancing problems have been sufficiently covered by others, but If these could be solved, I think they would probably have unique enough playstyle for the US line to be worth including.
  11. Shame on this french event

    Best thing is that all modules on the BBs are unlocked.
  12. In the genre “OMG I cant ride the stripe/park in the back/bow tank in reverse/ and delete stuff with my BB without fearing that the same could happen to me! WG plox gib back my safe space!” Welcome to our world. BBs don’t need help. I just tried a little experiment. For a month I (203 ships as of yesterday, play mostly DD/ cruisers and suck at CV) played BBs a good bit more than usual. The result was that my win rate for that month was 7% higher and my average damage per game was 13k higher. Possible explanations: 1) Statistical variance. Sample size for 30 days was 280 battles. Also, my overall stats (10k battles) include about 4K of utter potato before I began to get a clue. 2) I suck at my favored ships or am better at BB 3) BB is the easiest ship class to play. Repeat: BBs don’t need help. Disclaimer: I’m still bitter about how they handled 0.6.3.
  13. Premium Ship Review: Krasny Krym

    This differ from Atlanta how lol.? I play mine occasionally and am around 70% with it, probably only 30-40 battles. I find that the reds look at me and laugh, then they shoot at something else. I get to burn stuff and it’s pretty decent against planes for tier with my Chappy 19-point captain. A better WR than I am overall in this and the P.A. cruiser probably because I play more carefully in them