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    The Shack was a famous watering hole in Chapel Hill NC across the street from He's Not Here. it was torn down, despite all predictions it would fall down first, about 1990.
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  1. IMO the changes in this patch caused the greatest negative change in the meta of any single patch I can remember. Formerly, DDs were the primary generators of aggressive movement; now they must be markedly more careful, leading to an increase in general campiness. Still never any response to extensive player comments on this change. An extremely high cost was paid in general play quality in order to eliminate OWSF when other solutions were possible.
  2. And I agree with increasing Ocean in the rotation. Make folks develop different licks.
  3. I have posted the first point myself, and agree heartily. The second, you put more succinctly than I have in the past. +1
  4. Just realized that I'm at 9883 battles; started playing in September 2015. Cant decide what to get myself as a 10K gift, as if I need an excuse. Still waiting to git gud.
  5. The solution to BB overpopulation continues to be.... nerf DDs. Slow clap.
  6. Likewise the erroneous term used instead of the original "buck naked".
  7. I cant find the threads there, and the posts I made in them do not appear in my activity anymore.
  8. It does make you stand out in the crowd.
  9. I don't want to use it either. There have been numerous threads about this where fairly sophisticated objections have been raised by posters, but all of them were either locked or sent to gulag (i.e., deleted entirely).
  10. ​Haven't seen a post from you in awhile. You seem to have an affinity for success in ships a lot of folks don't like, IIRC.
  11. Reading OP, WG pls nerf.
  12. Reduce the spotting bloom duration when firing guns to 12 sec for DDs and leader-sized CLs. Possibly also reduce the range of spotting bloom to 75-80% of range.
  13. ​This. And what if a large enough number of downvotes could lock out the poster who gets them from continuing to post in the thread...
  14. ​The answer that leaps out at me is that the majority of capital ship losses in gun engagements in the 20th century were detonations. Detonations: Indefatigable, Invincible, Queen Mary, and Hood. (Lion was very close also). So 4 total. Sunk by gunfire without detonation: Kirishima. I'll give you Yamashiro also, she was probably in a sinking condition when finished off by DD torps. Bismarck and Scharnhorst- not in a sinking condition when sunk by torpedoes, and indeed they had given up trying to sink Bismarck with gunfire. Hiei was steaming after battle until crippled by torpedo bombers and sunk by the IJN. So 2 total. And its interesting that of all the other capital ships sunk by other means, the only detonation I can think of was Arizona; the other capital ships sunk by bombs/torpedoes/mines all just foundered. Barham blew up after being torpedoed, but she was rolling over at the time. This is all just from memory, so any additions are welcome.