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    Ducking the boom during jibes
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    Ancient and Medieval history, modern military history, paleontology, microbiology and parasitism.

    The Shack was a famous watering hole in Chapel Hill NC across the street from He's Not Here. it was torn down, despite all predictions it would fall down first, about 1990.

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  1. Pugilistic

    Y'all Notice The Flash Sale on Aisle 9?

    With my mania for CLs, I bought other Steel ships and Plymouth first. Then the realization in the first battle devstriking a Mino at 19km and then putting citadels into Thunderer at range with Stalingrad that I am a silly man.
  2. Pugilistic

    How to Work New Rocket Planes

    Anyone else thunderstruck by the irony of this?
  3. Pugilistic

    Y'all Notice The Flash Sale on Aisle 9?

    Im sweating the Bourg/Stalingrad decision, will probably pull the trigger on one or the other tomorrow. As for coal, I have 359k after buying a couple hundred signals with coal. I have every coal ship except Immelman. Would that there was something to spend it on, I cant imagine bidding to buy any. Please release a surface ship for coal, WG.
  4. Pugilistic


    I had some of the amazing Chateau Palmer 1970 recently. These tears taste better.
  5. Pugilistic

    So was the idea to dumb down the game WG?

    This isnt new. In Alpha, there were shoals that deep draft ships couldnt cross. They are still visible, but no longer impeded navigation. Apparently accidental groundings have resumed with the modeling of the sea floor for the introduction of submarines. Also, grounding caused ship damage.
  6. Pugilistic

    New Ships !!

    Agreed that her development was a series of downgrades with a tiny buff at the end. But if I were an IJN cruiser captain, I think Id rather fight an Omaha than De Ruyter. If I were a plane squadron commander, Id likewise rather strike a 1941-armed Omaha. The existence of the Celebes drawings makes its placement anywhere else moot in any case, I'm just glad she's here and looking forward to the rest of the line and especially to the D7P.
  7. Pugilistic

    New Ships !!

    Enjoyed it though.
  8. Pugilistic

    New Ships !!

    Im a little puzzled at De Ruyter being put down at tier 4. I assume this is because of the small displacement, and the existence of the Celebes study and blueprints. The real ship seems capable enough for T5.
  9. Pugilistic

    Rockets Are Useless Now

    Cant reply to just one post so this is an encyclical: Your anguish sustains me.
  10. Pugilistic

    PSA: Prime Gaming Free T4 Dutch Cruiser Claim Now.

    Dont forget the hull and fire control upgrades, they are included free but you have to select them.
  11. I have secondary kills in Umikaze, Yubari (I consider it an honorary DD ) and Kiev. Haida is proving elusive; I had a possible set up and it got secured. Still miffed that the twin 85's on Siliwangi are not listed as secondaries. I thought that anything down to 75mm counted.
  12. Pugilistic

    Thanks WG for the Benham buff.

    As I read it (admittedly in a cursory manner) you will still get penalties, you just wont deal damage to the friendly ship.
  13. Ranked is where bad players grind Steel. I suppose its also a fast track for players to level up captains and grind ships. Rewards are rewards. A lot of people in ranked are relatively indifferent to outcomes and have no expectation of ranking out. Mostly to only there for the benefits.
  14. Pugilistic

    Outburst about Rockets

    Exactly. This was the intent, though it was couched in different terms. In the past, we were told to Just Dodge. Now I suppose the imperative would be to Just Aim.
  15. Pugilistic

    Why the rocket plane redo ?

    Just Aim