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    The Shack was a famous watering hole in Chapel Hill NC across the street from He's Not Here. it was torn down, despite all predictions it would fall down first, about 1990.


  1. All true, but Im for as much accurate simulation as possible until we have an actual sim of this period, which I would prefer (I played Harpoon a lot).
  2. And the first couple minutes of spawn on Saturdays would see a vast expenditure of ammo and torps at friendlies until there's something else to do.
  3. I did this, I had AFT on Clemson, and then worked up the captain for IFHE to use in Atlanta. That captain is usable on Kidd, but does not have SI. I Use my Worcester captain on Kidd, and there is resonable utility. So I have 2 US DD/cruiser captain swaps. I think I have also done some of that with DDs and Phoenix/Omaha/Marblehead, but I got 10pt US commanders at Christmas, so I have some dedicated commanders for cruisers and DDs.
  4. Minekaze is so severely nerfed I wish they had retired its name and renamed the ship. I have kept mine out of fond memory and because I earned a Christmas camo for it.
  5. I guess they are parading back and forth in the carnival shooting gallery for Benson, Fletcher and Gearing clones, Khaba and Zed,
  6. An all time favorite defensive line, especially with Jim Marshall playing as low as about 220 lbs. He took a beating then, but boy was he quick.
  7. Some powercreep buffs like some combination of improved speed, improved concealment, and lessened torpedo visibility are needed to restore the torpboats' viability. I'd be satisfied with just the torpedo visibility going back to where it was, TBH, but while we're at it...
  8. I LOL'd at the Shira comment on her being overpowered "until WG remembered that they hate IJN DDs". Classic!
  9. Helena is a new favorite of mine, I loved CL's already. She is very productive, and just as Helen of mythology was, "una bella cosa a vedere".
  10. sold indy

    Dude, so much this. This coming Christmas hoping that WG will relent and put Iwaki Alpha and Ark Beta in boxes; they are the only Premiums I want that I dont have. It would suck to hear that everybody else got a Nikolai when you get another shiny new Indy in a container. Besides, there is always that chance that they will buff it if enough people continue to do horribly with it.
  11. I hope this traveled directly from your thoughts to the dev's brains.
  12. T10 CV vs Musashi

    Its a lolmagnet for my Ju-87 pilots. After KM BBs, though.
  13. Pan-American nation in!

  14. Pan-American nation in!

    That would be cool, but it was designed to be OP versus what it would face, so it might have to be uptiered or get uncomfortable nerfs. Maybe it could stay with contemporary dreadnoughts since it did not have the Dreyer FCS (as built) by giving it wonky sigma and dispersion to balance having 14 guns. Also, I haven't really given its protection a look. Presumably if it had made it to Brazil, the UK wouldn't have given the Dreyer table to them.