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  1. _no_one_

    I'm Leaving WOWS...

    Son I must say if you think wotb is better go ahead, but you really have no idea the crapyou are talking. Bye
  2. In conclusion it is clear that we disagree in some key aspects and that is not going to change. Farewell ;)
  3. Fighter spotting worthless? Unless you are suggesting that all the planes should not spot for the team and of course fighters are included. Because if the squadrons cannot spot for the team but the fighters can then: - I could negate an enemy DD push for a cap. - I could leave fighters above an enemy DD hiding in smoke. - I could leave fighters near the enemy BBs ( around 7km ) to keep them spotted for the team. If the fighters cannot spot then: - I can still use them to help the DD push to the cap. - I can still use them to defend the teammates. Yes that feature that you think is useless. Maybe useless to prevent the first strike but almost impossible for the enemy to make an second attack run on the same target unless he also deploys fighters. So yes there are many different situations where a cv player can help is team.
  4. I never said to use fighters as air defense measure. This is what you are saying not me. In fact I didn't mention any situation where you could use fighters to help your teammates and I could mention at least a few important ones. Interesting is for you to mention that particular situation when I never said anything. Maybe you though more now about that and realized that there is in fact different situations to use the fighters and this could help a lot your teammates? Interesting. There is no problem to admit you were wrong in the first place. To admit our own mistake is a sign of maturity. And yes I agree with you that is a race to deal damage , still there are key moments to use fighters.
  5. Oh really? congratulations for you. Now if you continue to say that fighters dds are completely useless for the team, son what you think is really not important no matter how good you are.
  6. If that is your opinion then it is clear that you have no idea what to do with carriers.
  7. It was suggested many times from other players , me included. but that is half the problem. The other half was to change the interaction between rocket planes and dds.
  8. wrong. The cv player can still deploy fighters to help the teammates.
  9. _no_one_

    CV Balance, what would you do?

    3 changes: -Ships spotted by planes only show up in the minimap. - A timer to prevent planes to stay indefinitely in the air. ( To prevent situation like waiting for someone to go out from smoke or go scouting indefinitely without any consequence. ) - The rocket plane attack shouldn't be a circle but a small line. So if a player manage to make an attack run on DD from bow to stern or vice versa he should be rewarded with extra damage done but in most times this simple change would help DD players to prevent incoming damage with WASD hack.
  10. If you saw a Puerto Rico in a match that was obviously paid for with real $, would it make you want to harass in chat, grief, and/or teamkill them? 1 - I always play with my chat disabled . I play the game to have fun , i don't have the patience or time to handle idiots. 2 - I don't care what others do with their money , the same way i don't like to explain to others what i do with my own money.
  11. _no_one_

    More info required for PT Grind

    I’ll save you time. Don’t bother.
  12. _no_one_

    Combat Missions in Update 0.8.11

    "You’ll find details on how you can grab them below." I miss the part where is says it is possible to grab the PR for free.