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  1. Alaska HP question?

    It is a battlecruiser.
  2. Champions du Monde!!!

    It was an interested match. Is not every day you see a small country vs the best african players.
  3. Alaska HP question?

    Sure no problem. Call it a large cruiser if you want. I made research on the google about alaska and i found the same thing what is happening here. People calling a large cruiser and others calling a battlecruiser. There is no common sense and that is not going to change. https://www.navygeneralboard.com/alaska-class-americas-not-quite-battlecruisers/ https://padresteve.com/2010/01/15/the-alaska-class-battle-cruisers-the-last-of-the-line/
  4. Alaska HP question?

    "Planners wanted a ship that could protect carriers from fast-moving heavy cruisers and tackle the pocket battleships of Germany and Japan. (Jane’s and U.S. intelligence believed rumors of a 30-knot Japanese class of up to 15,000 tons, armed with six 12in guns.)" A Battlecruiser.
  5. How can it be good if the best player only have 73k average dmg. It needs ROF buff
  6. Alaska HP question?

    The British battlecruisers from ww1 had cruiser speed, cruiser armor, and BB guns , so they shared more aspects with a cruiser. This is to show to you that is not that easy to classify them . About Baltimore and Alaska armor. Baltimore had 6 inch belt armor , Alaska had 9 inch belt armor. You just can't compare both.
  7. Alaska HP question?

    With 203mm guns you got a common heavy cruiser from ww2 time period. Battlecruiser got guns bigger to defeat any cruiser armor. Heavy cruisers we're armed with 8 inch guns. The exception was the Deutschland class with his 11 inch guns. Light cruisers we're armed with 6 inch guns or smaller caliber. Because the troubles with tonnage , costs and practical situations in naval actions. The designers never considered in making a cruiser with armor to defeat BB caliber guns but expected ( not always special because the Washington naval treaty) to at least give some protection to defend them from cruisers with the same caliber if possible. With this in mind it is easy to understand the role of the battlecruiser. You know you need the speed to chase them , you have the armor to protect you at least from 8 inch guns and you got the guns to defeat their armor. Compare the Alaska technical details with the other heavy cruisers of time period and you will understand that you have a cruiser hunter. Now you could argue that Alaska armor was not enough to defend from BB guns and from that reason doesn't have a place in the battle line and so the designation to large cruiser is more appropriate. I think that was the final designation gave by the americans to the Alaska. So yes if you consider this aspect large cruiser suits better. It is sometimes difficult to say one is a large cruiser or a battlecruiser. The Germans we're more practical in this situation and made them with enough armor to be part in the battle line .
  8. Alaska HP question?

    First you need to understand the definition about battlecruiser designs change from a country to another. The British prefer to have BB guns , cruiser armor and speed. The Germans in WWI prefer to had slightly smaller gun caliber in comparison BB, slightly armor scheme in comparison with BB , but also cruiser speed. Each country had slightly different opinions about battlecruiser designs. But in the end what makes a battlecruiser is the combination in speed to chase a cruiser, enough armor to defend attacks from another cruisers but not BB guns , and guns powerful enough to annihilate any cruiser. In short the Alaska is a battlecruiser.
  9. I would prefer to see the P-class at tier 7.
  10. Alaska HP question?

    It had CC designation in the beginning, but doesn't matter. It was designed to hunt cruisers and survive. In other words a battlecruiser.
  11. Balance changes

    You are joking right? Read the patch notes if interested. Google is your friend.
  12. The moment you understand this is a new Cesare you will change your opinion.