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  1. Me too. This week i tried Fratured Space, unfortanely my pc can't handle , and from yesterday i am been playing Dreadnought.
  2. When you hire something to do a job for you . You are going to search for a good professional or some ignorant?
  3. yeah you can really tell , thay by looking to his wtr that he have the knowledge and the competence to be the righ man for the "supertester" job. :P
  4. The funny part where he fails to understand there is something wrong when doing the "super tests". Now i understand why i see so many broken ships coming to wows , when the guys doing the "super tests" and sharing the thoughts to WG are complete idiots. I bet you think the GZ as also ok.
  5. I bet you don't have problems with any ship. You already lack the skill to play for a win.
  6. With your WTR you don't run super tests on anything. You lack the skill and the knowledge to understand if something is broken.
  7. HE to all! Cruisers spamming HE, dds spamming HE and now british spamminh HE. The game now looks like a big barbecue party.
  8. HAHAHHAHAHA!!! I am feeeling the same way. The moment i need to make that 180 turn...oh jesus. :/
  9. Well anyone have its own opinion. I am enjoying the new graphics effects and the new drum sounds.
  10. I don't. In fact i don't care if he is nice or arrogant. When i want to learn i watch flamu ,Circon, or quickybaby. if i want average gameplay but with interesting historical feedback and fun comments i watch jingles. If i was interested in listen to a kid talking i would watch notser.
  11. The funny part is they didn't manage to sink the Prinz Eugen with a nuke.
  12. If you guys want to play wows blitz then install naval creed: warships. Wows blitz is not wows. Is a chinese naval game that WG purchased , changed the name , introduce the wows video into the intro and that is it. Naval creed: warships is also a chinese naval game , the difference is that is an almost exact copy from wows mechanics. In the link below you will see a cv gameplay so you guys will understand the big difference between the 2 games. You can also inspect the armor and the modules in port. open the minimap and set course . lock guns on bearing. track shells flying. it haves quick chat buttons, etc , etc Is very similar to wows but with some differences, as an example , in the japanese cuiser lline we have the tone cruiser with the option to fit a dive bomber instead a fighter. DDs have smoke, cruisers defensive AA, BBs heal, same thing. I also read there is radar but the way it works i think is a 360 sweep i am not sure.