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  1. Submarine Watch - Update

    I gave that idea. I just like to mention that i also suggested the subs to have only deep water torps. 2 reasons behind this. First is to make DDs imune to attack from subs. i think this is easy to understand. The second is because subs can launch only 4 or 6 torps in a salvo, so to make them strong against cruisers and bbs this gimmick would help .
  2. Flamu

    And so you come here to the public foruns to talk about his personality. One small advice to you son. Life is too short, and to spend talking about others, well you are doing wrong.
  3. Flamu

    Do you? Tell me what is your interest in talking about others?
  4. Submarine Watch - Update

    Subs will never be was powerful as carriers so your argument doesn't make any sense.
  5. Submarine Watch - Update

    About the argument used by some players here against subs in wows, that because subs where used in a strategic manner against merchant ships they shouldn't be in wows.
  6. Flamu

    "Lil" i don't understand the meaning. ( english is not my native language ) But yes he tries to stay low profile on the servers just to prevent focus on fire on him.
  7. Submarine Watch - Update

    Historical note: The USA doctrine about subs prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor was to sail with the fleet. Scout ahead and engage targets.
  8. Flamu

    Also the NA server.
  9. I am griding the Roon and with this new commander i have some questions. My initial plan was to sell the Roon the moment i unlock the Hindenburg. However i am really enjoying the Roon and i don't know if i want to sell. But i will probaly will not play the Roon the moment i have the Hindenburg unless there is rank tier IX battles in the future, so this doens't sound a good option. Another thing is that i have my full secondaries captain in the Bismarck and i always wanted a new captain to grind the H39-41. This new captain can serve this purpose. However i will not use jack of all trades and vigillance so this looks a waste in that aspect. Another thing how could it be this new captain on the Hindenburg? Is this a good choice? Captain skills: First 10 points: PT, AR, DE, CE ( Flamu suggestion ) And the next 9 points could be: Option A: PM, Jack of all trades, Vigillance, SI Option B: Jack of all trades, Vigillance , AFT Share your opinions about this. Thx
  10. Franz -- DD or CL/A

    jack of all trades and vigilance sounds great for the Hindenburg, not so much in a dd
  11. Submarine Watch - Update

    If he doesn't have any idea where the subs is. He is wasting precious time in chasing a ghost instead of doing something useful for the team. Now if he knows there is a sub near him that is a different story. About BBs players you only need one thing. Read the minimap. "You have good thinking about the submarine and the destroyer hunting it, yet are leaving all the rest wide open. When you want a wide sweeping change like that you need to think of all the things that can go wrong first, as a matter of course." I already cover all the possibilities. If you have any doubts ask me and i will explain .
  12. Roon - i need help.

    thank you for sharing your opinions in this matter. I am using atm the double rudder and the reload module and i am enjoying this setup. With the Hindenburg with this setup the concealment go to 14km. So the time i reach tier X i will probaly switch the reload for the range and spam he . Interesting note: i went on to compare the stats on the ibuki and zao vs roon hindenburg. The germans are actually the best firestaters. The japans cruisers can't compete with the rate of fire in the germans cruisers.