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  1. Settings / disable chat.
  2. If you saw a Puerto Rico in a match that was obviously paid for with real $, would it make you want to harass in chat, grief, and/or teamkill them? 1 - I always play with my chat disabled . I play the game to have fun , i don't have the patience or time to handle idiots. 2 - I don't care what others do with their money , the same way i don't like to explain to others what i do with my own money.
  3. _no_one_

    More info required for PT Grind

    I’ll save you time. Don’t bother.
  4. _no_one_

    Combat Missions in Update 0.8.11

    "You’ll find details on how you can grab them below." I miss the part where is says it is possible to grab the PR for free.
  5. But is exactly what you are saying that makes "Legends" a better game. - There is only 7 tiers! Great there is no need for WG to bring fake paper ships to the game. A big plus. However if i remember well there is no Yamato in game . The Amagi is the tier 7. I don't understand why. - The captain system is amazing. - if i am not mistaken the battles are 9 vs 9 which translates , if you are a super unicum, a higher chance of winning battles and less frustation with your teams. - The controls are awkward of course , that is why me and the OP would like to see a legends version for pc. This would solve this issue. - One advantage, IMO of course , a matter of personal taste is in Legends the camera angle behind the ship. I was hoping someone would create a mod to implement this feature to wows. Sadly until now no luck. - I don't have anything against CVs in game, but again this is a personal opinion.
  6. IMO from what I saw until now. The mechanics in Legends are better. Correct me if I am wrong.
  7. Funny , IMO the Trento is completly broken OP and the Zara is also great , again maybe to much.
  8. Maybe it was me? Anyway, for me the italian cruisers are being a good suprise. I returned to wows this week just to play the italian cruisers. At first i saw many youtubers and players talking how weak they were and i wasn't expecting much from them, but now? I am starting to think some of them are completely broken OP. - The T4 and T5 i don't understant why they have lighter guns but worse turret turn rate in comparison with the italian heavy cruisers. I think WG could buff the turret turn rate to something around 25 seconds and would be balance and more fun play with them. I would also nerf the SAP damage in 20% and buff the rof around 25% and this would make them fun ships to play. However that being said i still keep the T5 in port . Damn that ship is one of the most beautiful ships i saw in game. And i am not saying this because they are bad ships , they are not. But after this 2 ships at t6 the show begins. The Trento is completely broken OP at this tier. My personal stats with the Trento are atm WR 79% and 70k average damage. The Zara at tier 7 is also very good , again maybe to much. My WR is 68% and 82k average damage. I finally got the Amalfi today and it seems to be again same story. The intersting thing was for me i was planning to grind only to get the Amalfi, but after the games i had playing with this ships i decided to go pick the Venezia.
  9. _no_one_

    Help me be better

    Go to youtube » watch flamu playing. Understand what he is doing and why.
  10. _no_one_

    Why is everyone so negative?

  11. Can you guys consider make WOWS legend available to pc or maybe for the google stadia ?
  12. "Our goal is always make the balance as good as possible, given some limitations of test process." You are hired as a comedian right?
  13. _no_one_

    Appreciation to the modeling team!

    Really? The modeling team in wg is nothing special in 3D quality and then they make stupid design choices. This happens a lot when you hire only designers to model fake ships instead hiring a naval architect to give feedback. I can give you many examples in game.
  14. _no_one_

    8.4 same old

    Oh ok. I would found ironic players quiting wows because the carriers and then go to play WT naval forces. It is a nightmare in WT.
  15. _no_one_

    8.4 same old

    You are joking right? They are not playing naval forces right?