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  1. "Our goal is always make the balance as good as possible, given some limitations of test process." You are hired as a comedian right?
  2. _no_one_

    Appreciation to the modeling team!

    Really? The modeling team in wg is nothing special in 3D quality and then they make stupid design choices. This happens a lot when you hire only designers to model fake ships instead hiring a naval architect to give feedback. I can give you many examples in game.
  3. _no_one_

    8.4 same old

    Oh ok. I would found ironic players quiting wows because the carriers and then go to play WT naval forces. It is a nightmare in WT.
  4. _no_one_

    8.4 same old

    You are joking right? They are not playing naval forces right?
  5. _no_one_

    8.4 dive bomb elongated target sight

    I didn't test the DB against DDs yet but i played one game with the Furious and damn that speed nerf :(
  6. _no_one_

    Yet another carrier balance idea

    I also thought about this but not fuel as a range limit but as a timer. As an example could be something around 30 seconds. a) This would not give enough time for carriers to send planes to attack targets in the other side of the map and would promote better positioning by the carrier player. b) This would not give to much time for the carrier player to scout/ search dds, instead would make carrier players to make quick decisions. Go fast , find a target and attack. Repeat. c) This would prevent carriers players to wait outside smoke. The moment the time runs out the planes will return automatically to the carrier.
  7. _no_one_

    Recommended CV Commander Builds

    Easy: You will not want to have TA in the japanese carriers. The reason behind this is , TA increase the arming distance and the japanese torps are already too fast. However TA is important to the american and british carriers. AR is also not really important in a carrier IMO. It will increase the planes speed when they lose HP. When that happens? Only when they are already in the attack run and then you pick another full hp squadron from your carrier and you will not gain anything from AR. So it is useless IMO, but i can be wrong about this. And last. That point skill that give you another fighter. Useless. What matters is not how many fighters you have , is if they can catch the enemy planes. So with this i save you 5 points from the japanese captain and 3 from the american/british captain. And one last thing. In the british carrier you probaly will not want that 4pt skill that improves the aiming , but you will want DE.
  8. _no_one_

    Yet another carrier balance idea

    Turn on subtitles on youtube. I am not a native english speaker and i understood the idea. To the OP. Your idea is interesting. It rewards the carrier player that tries to be near the front line and penalize those who stays in the back. However with this you are increasing the skill gap between players. Increasing the skill gap in the carrier gameplay can lead the rework to become the same issue it was in the past. However it would be interesting to see WG testing this .
  9. Why so many big tits? It is supposed to be female anime girls or hentai porn stars to please the perverts? oh wait...
  10. Not abandoned. " It was planed to lay down four of this ships per year, starting in 1939 so that the complete Z-Plan battle fleet would be operational by 1947. The first three of those ships should get the 28cm (11") turrets removed from the Scharnhorst and Gneisenau during their conversion to 38 cm (15") guns. As it got obvious in 1939 that this conversion would not be able in 1941/42 when it was originally scheduled for, three of the planed Kreuzer P should be modified to get 38 cm turrets which were already in production. This lead to the battlecruiser O-Class . " https://www.german-navy.de/kriegsmarine/zplan/panzerschiffe/kreuzerp1/index.html
  11. It was me who suggested that could be the P- cruiser and i would prefer much more if it was. About : "While being a 'super-Gneis' (though not really because I doubt it has the same armor)" From: https://www.german-navy.de/kriegsmarine/zplan/battlecruisers/schlachtkreuzero/index.html " But in difference to the heavy protected H-Class battleships, those battlecruisers had armor protection of a cruiser only. So it's very doubtful that one of this ships would have been able to attack a good protected allied convoy. " And they don't have many secondaries, but they are fast at 35 knots.
  12. _no_one_

    More maps are needed!

    Okinawa was terrible. Lemming train to A and lose the game. So bad.
  13. The O class and P class were no WG fantasy. They were designed and were considered to be build for the Z plan. If you want 3 x3 11" guns pick the Scharnhost. Now if it is the O-Class with only 6 15" inch guns how is WG going to balance this? Give this ships an amazing reload and accuracy? When all the german BBs have bad dispersion ? Strange.
  14. https://www.german-navy.de/kriegsmarine/zplan/panzerschiffe/kreuzerp1/index.html " Panzerschiff Kreuzer P Class " I am having troubles to see the exact lenght in that barrel on the second turret in the bow. Short barrel it is P - Class. Long barrel O - Class.