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  1. SmokeHenge

    Huang He better then Le Terrible

    Do you by chance mean the Huang Hellyeah!
  2. SmokeHenge

    Bourgogne vs Republique?

    Republique is a beast but BG will feel more... comforting to most, I expect. Don’t have BG but, for quite a while, Republique was quite underrated.
  3. All I’ve gotten out of the OP is that XP-earning and credit-stacking are P2W. As soon as the majority of the playerbase consider a person’s amount of credits as the measure of success in this game, then I’ll agree... and completely vacate the forums. Somw old saying... winter... nuts...
  4. SmokeHenge

    What happened to my Steven Segal Captain?

    Should have been Stevie that changed his name to John Doe so we could have kept Steven Seagal.
  5. SmokeHenge

    ...do premium players get better maps?

    Your problem is you were playing games where the Red team had more Premium Players than your team. You have to check the “Premium Teams Only” check box on the Premium VIP Dashboard.
  6. SmokeHenge

    ...do premium players get better maps?

    Premium players get better everything. Buy naow.
  7. SmokeHenge

    Spicy christmas crate rolls

    Just confused at the proliferation of the word “spicy” here and in other games.
  8. SmokeHenge

    I'm calling ********

    I happen to love multi-billion dollar companies and have never been treated badly by WG. Think I’ll buy an extra one tonight to show them my support. Thanks again, WG!
  9. Should have a spot above payment method selection... ”For iamaplaya” or “as gift” i think is the wording
  10. Ikr, i’mma install game on work computer so i can participate
  11. Don’t even want any of the ships, just the dragon signals. Just watch, I’ll open three or four ships and not get the signals :/.
  12. SmokeHenge


    Will there even be an Xmas this year? Robot Santa set quite a record last year.
  13. SmokeHenge


    Pure speculation, but... probably sometime around Christmas.
  14. SmokeHenge

    Thankful and Grateful Mission, part 3

    Ding ding.
  15. SmokeHenge

    Why everyone should play Clan Battles

    Well... you can work my overtime, do my homework, and babysit my 3 kids while keeping my chinese wife and her parents from destroying the house at any given opportunity. I’ll boot up the game while you drive over.