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  1. Question, how are people downloading the Test environment... because instructions say it is NOT Public Test server and I don't see the Test Environment on the usable downloads. Pretty sure the instructions are that it won't even be released until 10/17... "When do I start? The test client distribution is about to start (you will need Wargaming.net Game Center for it). We plan to push one last update to the server on Wednesday, Oct 17, about 12:00 UTC, and open the gates!"
  2. Black Ship Idea Tweak

    The one self-interested *bump* i’ll give my own thread because I think this is the way to go and there’s only a month left to push it and I’d like to get more perspectives. Won’t bump again just to bump. Promise.
  3. Black Ship Idea Tweak

    Agree, convertible xp only. It’d also go both ways - you don’t need to work up the tree to get the black version. While this may cause problems with not being ready for a ship, it does also give a way to preview the playstyle of the tree without climbing it. Basically they’d be like normal premiums, but having identical gameplay and stats to the tech tree version.
  4. Black Ship Idea Tweak

    More thoughts on the subject... I think the only downside to this would be the premium/tech tree nerd/buff relationship. In this, I would say the premium ship would have to change when the texh tree ship changes. So, a buyer beware situation, but still all for it.
  5. Black Ship Idea Tweak

    I point my stick to the popularity of Warhammer 40k KV-2 that was created in WoT. A tech tree tank reskinned and turned into a premium that accepted crew without retraining and had premium credit earnings. Precedent exists. Also there is no difference between a Black Asashio and a normal Asashio so no reason to buy one if you already own the other version. Plenty of reason to buy a Black, premium version of your favorite tech tree ships.
  6. Black Ship Idea Tweak

    There seems to be some pushback on the idea of Black Premium Ships (and some support as well). Just wanted to posit the idea of, instead, selling Black TECH TREE Ships as an alternative. I won’t be purchasing any of the Black Ships as the plan seems now; I merely already have some normal versions that I won’t buy reskins for and the others I’m not interested in regardless if normal/black. But let me get Black versions of some tech tree ships that work like Premiums? I’d open my wallet quite quickly for several that could accept captains without retraining and earn premium-rate credits (Fiji, Lightning, Kirov, Fuso, Konigsberg, Kiev all would likely make me rearrange my budget). Thoughts? Support? Opposition? My main point to naysayers would be that the only difference would be the black permacamo and, what’s more, you would likely already know how they play rather than go off of reviews to determine if you risk opening your wallet for a ship you may not play. *Smoke’s first created topic, in case that shows you how much I’d like to see this. Edit: Credit to Yashma for his input in another thread, I’d love for you to post your idea, but not savvy enough to cross-thread quote on a phone.
  7. Black ships... No thanks!

    I’ll take Black versions of tech tree ships as premiums, please. Gimme Kirov, Furutaka, Fuso, Konigsberg, Fiji, New Mexico, and of course LIGHTNING. I’ve sufficed with Green Lightning so far but we MUST have Black Lightning!
  8. No ''fun'' to be had anymore?

    Of course not, that would reveal mechanics working as intended.
  9. No ''fun'' to be had anymore?

    Luckily I have sleeping issues regardless of those things so 3-5 hours of sleep a night lets me play while I listen to the news. And T10 is the best for sure.
  10. No ''fun'' to be had anymore?

    No, you’re correct, it is extremely hard to do to garner any real impact. Tried making it work for months after OWSF left, gave up and shelved a few ships (although I do keep wanting to break out my Blys again, putting it off until I’ve upped my DD game).
  11. No ''fun'' to be had anymore?

    I’m still having tons of fun and if it wasn’t for school, full-time employment with overtime every day, and 3 under-10yo kids, I’d play a lot more. As is, I still get about 30-50 games in a week with only a couple games of those leading to dissatisfaction. Less large-block time consumption than MMOs. More variance than online card games. Feels more cerebral than FPSs. Less stressful than RTSs. Mileage may vary, but this remains my game of choice for enjoyment. Hope it gets better for you, perhaps take randoms less seriously?
  12. Always forget what that command is right when I want it and of course there’s never any time to look it up in game. Need to put a sticky note on my desk or something :/
  13. Should I sell tier IX ships?

    Neptune’s a keeper since she’s good and has a different playstyle than the Minotaur. Other than that and Fletcher, I can’t think of any other T9 keepers. Maybe Alsace. Really enjoyed my Neptune, but I kept my Fiji instead because I love her perma-camo.
  14. Can't skill up Capts or use exp?

    Honestly, I highly suggest doing a fresh install ever 3-4 patches or so.