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  1. Free stuff is inherently more valuable when you pay for it. Clearly a poorly considered event.
  2. T 61 now on sale.

    Shre it was a sales pitch as well, but it was clear that it was $100 in dubloons for other stuff and a free T-61 a week early. Miffs will be met with a raised eyebrow.
  3. Dev Blog - ST Stalingrad changes

    Citadel preferably, whether it’s kron-sized with the odd parts or not.
  4. Dev Blog - ST Stalingrad changes

    Just want to see final armor model.
  5. Charge in and let them have it, doesnt matter what ship I’m in (don’t play CVs or American cruisers much). I’m always happy to see a cyclone pop up. Now wr just need battle events like Pirate Attack, Moving Icebergs, and Dolphin Crossings.
  6. Is anyone else feeling burnt out?

    Burnt out after getting full loyalty for sharks, didnt even do the eagles portion. Taking a slow break for other games til WoWs anniversary will get my steam back.
  7. Skill/floor difference between classes? No. Skill/floor difference between ships within same class? Yes. Also, RNG being a factor leads to it needing to skew towards less differences.
  8. RN DDs Confirmed for 0.7.9

    I actually got lost in this. Way more interesting than what I find where I get mine.
  9. Turn them into battleships that “shoot” air strikes. Get rid of fighters. or just get rid of fighters.
  10. Wargaming’s anniversary, not WoWarships’.
  11. Republique

    Love it but have demounted the legendary mod twice now because it makes me feel restricted when I’m done on a flank. Also removes the ability to get wacky hits in during the early game. Mileage may vary, but i suggest not idolizing the legendary module.
  12. What happened to this game?

    It’s a conundrum. It’s now difficult to get plays made due to the available punishment of brief vulnerabilities escalating drastically. So we get people playing passive in the hopes that reds are sunk in order to mitigate the available punishment when a play is made. I do find it ironic, though, that when someone comes onto the forums to ask advice, it invariably leads to suggesting more passive play. it’s a vicious cycle of us complaining of the meta gamestyle while also encouraging it in others. Pretty much if you want dynamic gameplay you have to rely on divisions, voicecoms, and dedication to follow through. Which is pretty sad since I don’t have friends, like to sing Britney Spears into the mic, and have the attention span of a bunny in Spring. Or play lower tiers, the tends to work too.