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  1. PhosphorusForFun

    Top 3 Best "looking" camo in the game

    Kiev permacamo Fiji pallete swap permacamo Roma kobayashi camo (that lion on the bow gets me every time)
  2. Shrug, jot me down for instituting BOTH of these changes... 1) Remove cruiser citadels (or reduce to 50% weapon damage on citpen or whatever, #s can be haggled) 2) Remove Fire damage and make it prevent the use of all consumables other than DCP. Can still do 20k to cruisers on a good hit and HE is slightly mitigated while offering up tactical decisions. Just off the cuff thinking, but sounds nice.
  3. PhosphorusForFun

    a question of 3 coal cruisers

    Yoshino’s just fine. Haven’t played my Smolensk yet. Salem’s a waste of coal, just go get a Des Moines.
  4. PhosphorusForFun

    Somers Question

    I was but my midnight-time brain, while chuckling at the idea of torpedos being shot from main battery, lost its attention to detail (and basic facts). But glad I made the mistake as I didn’t realize Puerto Rico was approaching out of the sunset. Thank you sir!
  5. PhosphorusForFun

    Somers Question

    Stalingrad can fire its 12 torpedos every 19? seconds or so. I don’t think Somers is quite so fast. Go Stalingrad, be happy. Edit: only 9 guns. A metaphorical fail, you could say. Friends don’t let friends post late-night.
  6. PhosphorusForFun

    Can you use free xp / doubloons for Research Bureau?

    You got it backwards.
  7. PhosphorusForFun

    Good job wg you just killed CV

    Ah, this thread gives me hope. Will have to start getting games in again to check it out.
  8. PhosphorusForFun

    PSA: Yoshino is in Armory

    I do well in my Azuma and would expect the same in the Yoshino. But haven’t felt like playing a game in a week(s?). Perhaps Yoshino will be able to bring me back...
  9. PhosphorusForFun

    Stop complaining about CVs

    Just give all CVs the same max controllable range as the tange of the second furthest firing battleship in their tier. That’s what? 25km at tier 10 and something like 15km at tier 4? I’d be good then.
  10. PhosphorusForFun

    Time to yank karma from the game

    Karma must stay! Without it, what will we have to validate ourselves? Stats? Pfft, stats are so subjective.
  11. PhosphorusForFun

    Ranked Sprint - Which Ship(s) for You?

    Will try out Boise and Helena, haven’t gotten to play them much. Probably break out the Leningrad, Blys, and Z-39 for awhile. If haven’t ended by then, toss Nelson and Belfast in. So, Stage 1 = mess around, Stage 2= have fun, Stage 3 = remove others’ fun. This way I can have peace of mind and then give a piece of my mind.
  12. PhosphorusForFun

    Such a HUGE difference in fun and mood.

    I used to play for hours, now down to just hitting the 14k for the first two crates (2 games) and switching to something else. Shrug, still just waiting for things to settle down between CVs, AA, and Russian BBs. Hearthstone lost me about 6-8 months ago, hoping I don’t lose this as one of my staple games as well.
  13. PhosphorusForFun

    Your mouse

    Until the make sweat-powered mouses, wired only for me.
  14. PhosphorusForFun

    Hey developers, [edited]....

    Got Battletech and Pillars of Eternity 2 expensive editions for like $50 total over on GoG. Mostly just getting my 14.5k crates in a game or two and working through the Battletech campaign while I wait for the not-public-test-server public test to finalize. Worst case scenario? Didn’t the 1.0 patch for WoT change a few things? Can always wait for that. Might jump into ranked this weekend more, though. Depends on if I can drop the loading screen time in Battletech or not. BTW, I wants a World of Mechs sometime soon, plz. That’d be an easy way to get more of my money. Just sayin
  15. PhosphorusForFun

    Strongest tech tree ship in the game