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  1. PhosphorusForFun

    Black Friday Ship Predictions!

    Thats a quick way to lose customers to target a demographic that likely prefers games like Apex and CoD, not WoWS.
  2. PhosphorusForFun

    Black Friday Ship Predictions!

    Tech tree ships as premiums would bring me back... Fiji B, Lightning B, Amalfi B, Iowa B would be a dream, but suggestion has been ignored both past years :/
  3. PhosphorusForFun

    Way to ruin a good game

    Haven’t even logged in in the past... week because I dislike playing with CVs. That’s after another two week hiatus, so really only played about two games in the past three weeks. Probably gone for good but keep checking these forums out for non-cv events or the dream: cv-play opt-in/out button. Probably needed another year or so to feel I got my money’s worth from what I’ve purchased, but not gonna do the sunk cost fallacy. Ah, well. Damn
  4. PhosphorusForFun

    Time to add voice to the whole team WG

    I already play with the entire game muted.
  5. Haven’t even bothered to log in for like a week or two merely due to carriers. Given a lot of time and gotten a lot of joy out of this game, but CV games make it not worth it to me. Would rather watch a youtube video of a match without a carrier than play a match that has a carrier.
  6. PhosphorusForFun

    Any CCs you can actually trust these days?

    Notser is fine but NoZoup begs on his knees with tears in his eyes for clicks. I, for one, can’t stand him and would never suggest him.
  7. PhosphorusForFun


    Buy a Salem
  8. PhosphorusForFun

    Free Research Bureau Points This Month.

    Usually they hold rewards you aren’t qualified for until you do qualify for them. Such as when you earn a permacamo but don’t have the ship yet (such as the celebration camo for Kiev or a camo from a halloween crate).
  9. PhosphorusForFun

    Ranked Sprint DD commiseration thread

    Only played one game so far and had a blast in my Kiev, 2250bxp. Wasn’t against a carrier, though.
  10. If Italian BBs are unappealing [to me]. If CVs in clan battles occur for the third time. If Fiji is ever nerfed/powercrept.
  11. PhosphorusForFun

    Tier 8 ranked sprint favourites

    Hrmm will probably give the following a go... Lightning, Amalfi, Cossack, Kiev, Wichita, Lenin
  12. PhosphorusForFun

    who is buying these ships

    I have a feeling we’ll be seeing these exact words over and over again.
  13. PhosphorusForFun

    some people are so stupid its pathetic

    Torpedos have prizes inside. Why, I remember when Russian DDs were first released and some of them were torping themselves looking for the golden ticket.
  14. PhosphorusForFun

    Siegfried vs. Agir

    Hardly play my Alaska but having great fun with both Sieg and Agir both, much like I enjoy Gneisenau and Scharnhorst both, really. Just a taste thing, really. I feel less mobile in my Alaska and less tanky in my Kron, but every so often one will just pull me over, whisper huskily in my ear, and there I go clicking “Battle”. At the absolute least, Agir and Sieg ha e gottwn me playing more than 5 battles a week, so they’re performing enough for me
  15. PhosphorusForFun

    Mid Tier Experience vs High Tier Experience

    I like my Z-52 so will check these out when kids nap, thanks much!