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  1. PhosphorusForFun

    Was there compensation for the Missouri removal?

    I’d probably settle for a refund of everything i’ve paid in the last 5.5 years... maybe
  2. PhosphorusForFun

    Doubloons Mysteriously Disappearing?

    If you deselect your camo or all your flags and then reselect them, the auto-purchase re-enables. Always shuffling flags around depending what i’m playing or demounting camos, so could easily see this being the cause.
  3. PhosphorusForFun

    Plymouth - anyone seen one in battle?

    I do fine in mine and enjoy it as much as i enjoy anything in this game but its heavily a support ship, if your flankmates spend most of their lunchtimes eating dirt, it can turn into a frustrating experience awful quick.
  4. PhosphorusForFun

    Research Bureau X2 X4

    Reset a line, free exp it without buying ships, reset it again after the multiplier rolls over
  5. PhosphorusForFun

    Any new maps EVER going to come?

    I’d be fine with just randomizing the maps’ orientation as well as selection so that they can turn 90 degrees in either direction.
  6. PhosphorusForFun

    Bonus for accumulating 1 Million Coal?

    I believe they give you a gold star.
  7. Oddly, I’m the opposite, I feel only semi-useful and get around the top of the team. I think you got the better end of the stick, just stop looking at the end screen.
  8. PhosphorusForFun

    Cruisers - Heavy AP Skill?

    And lets not forget about overpens which normally out umber pens: an extra 20-30 damage whoooo... Edit: well maybe not “normally” outnumber pens, but damn is this a swindle of a skill. I probably wouldn’t even get it for 2 points.
  9. PhosphorusForFun

    Cruisers - Heavy AP Skill?

    I find it a complete waste, no way is three points worth a couple hundred citadel damage and a third of that in regular pen damage.
  10. PhosphorusForFun

    People that have Plymouth

    Oh i vastly prefer Plymouth to Mino and won’t touch my Mino anymor, but CVs worry me. I personally do not care about DPM at all unless I’m in a battleship where I fire on cooldown. I’m afraid I can’t try to convince in good conscience, though, considering how long I agonized over buying it myself. It’s basically an Edinburgh that is constantly double uptiered and gets a radar and 4 extra guns to compensate. I’m cool with that.
  11. PhosphorusForFun

    People that have Plymouth

    Radar and Smoke and Hydro in separate slots. Plymouth also has better armor layout and ballistics but half the torpedo load. To be fair, mino has better heal and 10km radar vs 9 and higher overall DPM assuming you shoot alot and hit your shots.
  12. PhosphorusForFun

    People that have Plymouth

    I really like mine but I like RN light cruisers and was never a fan of Minotaur. You can see the stats and extrapolate the info so I usually just stick to telling people that every game in it is very stressful. If a gambit works out, you’ll be a main reason for a win, if it doesn’t work then you’ll just be sunk. If you play safe, your results will be mediocre. I wish I could be playing it more but have been focusing on figuring out captain skills for clanboats. Unsure if I’ll be taking it into T10 clanbattles... probably will if CVs won’t be allowed but will have to consider if CVs are in the mix.
  13. PhosphorusForFun

    Flamu testing deadeye on Republique.

    It does have to be a spotted ship.
  14. PhosphorusForFun

    Flamu testing deadeye on Republique.

    This is correct.