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  1. PhosphorusForFun

    (DIEBL)Diet Bleach Recruitment

    Since getting Diet Bleach, I don't need anything else, it cleans and sanitizes! Come apply and have some fun in divs, enjoy a conversation in Discord, you'll be happy with Diet Bleach, it's better than regular.
  2. PhosphorusForFun


    I prefer onomatopoeia
  3. PhosphorusForFun

    That’s it, no more!

    I was actually curious why so many topics get repeated within a very short timeframe, as if people are trying to stamp their names on a topic.
  4. PhosphorusForFun

    That’s it, no more!

    What’s with all the click-baity titled threads these days. There some award for most thread views I don’t know about?
  5. PhosphorusForFun

    are DDs OP?

    Yes, merely because most random teams will not demonstrate the teamwork needed to recuperate advantage. But DDs are not OP. Your title and question are wholly different.
  6. Bad stats are bad. Ignoring variables such as new ships and not giving gameplay totals of all types create bad stats. Can’t say your % of pie is going down if you don’t talk about the size of the whole pie. That creates biased analysis.
  7. PhosphorusForFun

    A cruel joke?

    I think it is fun and don’t regret the purchase at all, it’s a giant cruiser, basically.
  8. PhosphorusForFun

    A cruel joke?

    My 30% expired the day before vanguard release. Got my second 30% not 30 minutes after i bought and played first battle in the Vanguard 4 days after release. The single most infuriating week for me in WoWS.
  9. PhosphorusForFun

    To buy or to wait, that is the question

    If you are uncertain or managing limited resources, the answer is to either... 1) Wait until you have made a decision 2) Wait until right before the ability to make a decision is taken from you and then make a decision
  10. PhosphorusForFun

    Wargaming Store Clearance sale.

    Plushikaze please
  11. PhosphorusForFun

    Talk To Me About The Gremmy

    Believe it was OWSF mechanics before those went away. Now, it’s mostly just a good general purpose DD that can work in either role. Been awhile sinxe I took mine out, so might be missing something in more recent metas.
  12. PhosphorusForFun

    Clan names

    They’re also cracking down on “High” and “Smoke” as far as I can tell.
  13. Ha! WoWS is pay to win, ha!. Look at any ships WR. What’s the highest? 56? 57? Crrtainly no higher than 65 at the extreme. If you are paying to win and your desire is 65%, i’ve got some exotic premium fishing lures to sell you. In WoT you can literally play against tanks a couple tiers above you that you can’t penetrate without throwing money at it. Bait and switch? The tuned down a soon-to-be-released premium from a crazy powerful state. Overtuned? Maybe. But bait and switch would be where you click the button buying one thing and you are delivered something else. If you didn’t follow its development or latest reviews or wait for a post-release review to see that it changed long before it was released, thats on you. ”Only in WoWS are they OP enough that they are worth cash”. About a ship that you can get for free and, even then, there are people saying it’s not worth it. Have you seen many of the recent tanks in WoT? And you compare such as the defender or chrysler to anything in WoWS? Good lord.
  14. PhosphorusForFun

    I Just Got Grober Kurfurst

    420s irrationally work better for me.
  15. Aye, and to you as well. Think i’ll head out before my heels get dug in. I think I heard someone talk smack about Roma... cccchhhhhhaaaaarrrgggeee!