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  1. IronCadeyrn

    Friendly Fire Torpedos

    Two things I've noticed ITT: 1. The notion (nay, "right") that green ships may sail around with a lesser situational awareness is troubling, though not all that surprising; and 2. Not paying attention to chat is another symptom of #1. I get it, re friendly torps, but at some point it is on you to pay attention to the minimap, the red position, and, yes, the chat to make sure you aren't cutting across the path of friendly torps. The idea that one can sail around, free as a breeze, solely focused on red, with no regard for green positioning, movement, OPSEC and the like is really frustrating. I DD main (although trended towards BBs lately, when I even have time to play, which hasn't been much), and I am always paying attention to where my team is before I torp. If I see an opportunity that must be taken with the fish, I warn teammates. Sometimes pinging repeatedly. If they do not respond because they aren't paying attention, I frankly don't think that should reflect poorly on me if they change course and sail through my fish. Pay attention to chat. Coordinate. It's a team game, after all.
  2. IronCadeyrn

    Goodbye lootboxes?

    From the article I read, a Senator posed a question to the FTC head during a hearing about whether the FTC would investigate the potential harmful effects of loot boxes on children, and he agreed the FTC would investigate and issue a report. So...it's focused solely on the potential harmful effects of loot box buying on minors. https://www.businessinsider.com/ftc-investigates-video-game-loot-boxes-kids-gambling-connection-2018-11