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  1. stronk_like_bear

    stop reporting cv players for the act of playing cv alone

    I've been complimenting my team's CV when they help spot when badly needed (DD flanking the BBs for example). But the reason people do that is because the cv-surface ship interaction is bad from the surface ship's perspective. Being repeatedly attacked, with no ability to defend yourself or fight back and do damage makes the surface ship player feel abused. Moreover, some CVs are extra abusive in the way they play, being in a Kaga and repeatedly targeting a t6 BB for example to farm damage when focusing the t8 ships would probably help their team more. It's making people feel abused that causes people to report because they feel they have no other outlet. Still, the CV players didn't create this bad interaction, so they shouldn't receive the bulk of the blame.
  2. stronk_like_bear

    WoWs players have a HUGE karma problem.

    But the data from the API returns null for karma. So, how?
  3. stronk_like_bear

    Solo Warrior

    I have 2, but really liked this one.
  4. stronk_like_bear

    Research Bureau question

    I was a on a break when this came out, so... To be clear...one only gets research points when you've re-researched a ship then played it? You don't get any for just resetting the line? I could see resetting lines if you didn't like the ships, but re-researching seems quite tedious.
  5. No it's just random. Pretty sure they don't factor in win rates or skill at all, just matching based on ships and tiers. I've been gathering stats and doing some analysis for a long time. Seems nothing more than random mix of players available. And since ships aren't replenished in battle, most matches snowball because if you get it to 12 v 9, that's a serious advantage. So just the nature of the game I think. There is an argument for balancing the number of potatoes per team. But balancing based on skill would eventually just narrow the bell curve around 50%. And queue times might go through the roof.
  6. stronk_like_bear

    World of Warplanes?

    Too many cvs is a plague, especially in the 4-5 tier area. I've seen more than one 6 cv match get down to 6 cvs left with all other ships dead. A DD might be able to dodge some torps and bombs, but generally there is NOTHING you can do at that level. So best to just ignore them. Some ships have a moderately better AA ( some cruisers and british BBs are pretty good comparatively) but it won't stop attacks, just slow the CV down a little on plane output.
  7. stronk_like_bear

    What is the median W/R?

    I've been watching stats for a while now and this is about right. With true median around 49.8 (due to draws) I consider sub 47% potato range, but if they have less than 500 games, I'd say they're still learning. Bots who just rush forward at start to die have somewhere around 35-37% wr. Which is a good marker for how much a bad player can effect their team (aside from TKing). While constantly afk players are around 39-40 (they at least don't die at start). 60% or higher is top 2% of players. The biggest thing I notice is how the worst players die super early and the best players find a way to survive.
  8. stronk_like_bear

    PSA: A small matter of courtesy in Operation Narai.

    I did not know this. I think most people just enter and shoot the reds not reading the details much. So, good to know.
  9. stronk_like_bear

    How WG could 'Hotfix' the PR event.

    Another one: Just removing a trailing 0 from many directives would let the event still be "grindy" as they desire, but reduce the impossible aspect. If they did it just on the ones that haven't started yet, it'd go a long way to making players feel like it was possible.
  10. stronk_like_bear

    The Core issue with CVs

    Yes, that's all people want...to be able to DO something to lower the damage taken. Hence they want a pvp interaction instead of a predator/prey interaction. I've seen more than one t5 battle with 3 cvs each get down to 6 cvs left where they finally start attacking each other. I love all the other whiny responses from cv players who miss the point entirely. It's the surface ships part of the interaction that's a problem, not the CVs. There is no pvp element in interaction between planes and ship. DDs may be able to dodge some, but most ships are just going to get bashed over and over and the only possible cost to CVs is slightly longer reload time. And I've yet to see a CV not send another squad as soon as one gets done. I came back after more than a year away so I saw this all fresh. I tried a few matches in coop (because i don't want to handicap a team learning the new controls), and I can see that the gameplay for cv is better than before. That's why I only suggest minor changes to make there be a cost to attacking.
  11. stronk_like_bear

    CV Player issue with karma

    >> if you get top 3 in your team, an automatic Karma point should be earned. Also, if you do 0 damage (AFK) you auto-loose a Karma point. I do agree that top player maybe 3, should gain a karma pt and afks lose one.
  12. stronk_like_bear

    CV Player issue with karma

    Even as a surface ship player, I get Karma dinged for good games, especially 5+ kill games. But some compliments too. But this shows very directly how people feel about CV players in general. WG could use it as a metric for what players like. See my other post for how having 1-2 players acting as predators vs all the surface ships as prey. Sucks to be the mouse with hawks flying around. I'm curious what other CV players have for karma.
  13. stronk_like_bear

    The Core issue with CVs

    The core problem with CV gameplay is a lack of any type of pvp element in CV interactions. They don't attack each other, but rather just prey on ships the entire game. Surface ships can only hope their AA takes out enough so they don't get the strike off, and even then shooting down planes doesn't stop the CV from sending more squads as they don't run out of planes. There is no way to even hurt the CV. So it's a simple predator/prey interaction with the majority of players being prey. And feeling like prey when you want to pvp is driving people away from the game. There must be a cost and risk to attacking. Without it, there will always be the predator/prey dynamic instead of pvp. So what are some possible solutions? There must be a limit on planes. All other ships have a limit on health, and planes are essentially the health of the CV. Each plane shot down can lower the health of the CV by a percentage of planes it started with. Example: With 50 planes in hangar, if you shoot down 25 the CV loses half health. Add an option to not enter CV matches. This would quite quickly show who likes the CV state as it is. It might also stop people from leaving the game due to the CV problem. Make fighters more useful to encourage CV vs CV play and encourage a friendly CV to protect his fleet. Taking CV health with planes shot down (above) would greatly encourage this. I'm sure this will get lots of the usual flames, but most people realize there is a serious problem here.
  14. stronk_like_bear

    Why almost all good players hate CVs

    So, I just came back to the game after a year away. I was hopeful the cv changes (that hadn't happened when I left) would limit their OPness. At lower and mid levels it seems worse. Because there are even more cvs, often 3 per side in lower games. This thread hits on the main issues I have with it, in that you simply can't counter a mediocre cv if you don't have massive AA. Most lower tier and leveling ships don't have that. And even then, do they ever run out of planes? A mechanic that utterly negates skill really ruins the game.
  15. stronk_like_bear

    Inactive Clan Leader

    That's what I thought, and why I asked here instead of doing a ticket. Thanks!