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  1. khestergk

    Subs good and bad

    Subs are balanced around Destroyers and cruisers with strong attacks against BB's and CV's. While cruisers are equal to subs in most matters a destroyer is exceptionally strong against subs as they can dodge your torpedos and provide almost an inexhaustible amount of depth chargers against you. I foresee DD's with hydrophone being the new radar. The Bad: There are some definite problems with destroyers against submarines if you are caught by a destroyer your chances of survival are extremely low at close to 2%. What's worse is that destroyer depth charges don't affect friendly subs which a little weird considering that all other weapons affect allies' depth charges should be no different. Destroyers and cruisers seem to have a never-ending reload of depth charges will no cooldown making it impossible to escape a DD which quite literally destroys your sub if the player is half decent. Further, damage of the depth charges shows up on their hits even when a sub is hidden so they can go around dropping depth charges and see what pops up for the damage and drop them again. The depth of the sub seems to have little to no effect at tier 6, with what I want to say is a 15% damage reduction. Smokescreen works underwater: yeah its weird but smoke screen shields subs from seeing targets even if you're submerged. Really Bad: Playing a battleship is even worse now than before, the game is completely unbalanced against them as a single sub salvo as with a DD salvo can destroy even the hardiest of BB's. I fear many players will resign to the fact that the BB is dead.
  2. khestergk

    Losing credits

    Thanks all, first time I have had to deal with losing credits every battle. Even when I do amazing its not like I am making good money.
  3. khestergk

    Losing credits

    Is it normal for my ship to lose credits after every battle, I'm losing like 70k after every fight and almost broke just playing my tier 9