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  1. SomemuttupNorth

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    I'd call this apology anticlimactic, but it takes effort to even build up to the climax. This is going into Challenger Deep, and just keep going. How deep can this hole get?
  2. SomemuttupNorth

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    sar·casm /ˈsärˌkazəm/ Learn to pronounce noun the use of irony to mock or convey contempt.
  3. SomemuttupNorth

    So who’s ready for the official response?

    Honestly, by now they may just try to put their head in the sand and wait for all this to blow over. Sadly, the internet has a limited attention span, so unless we keep the pressure up this drama will just get folded away.
  4. SomemuttupNorth

    If WOWS and wargming are so bad.....

    I believe Paradox is pretty good, but I only really interact on a surface level.
  5. SomemuttupNorth

    D7P Armada

    Always wondered about that. TIL. Thanks Lert!
  6. SomemuttupNorth

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    Well, they finally did it. They went so far they lost one of the most valuable community contributors this game has ever seen. How much influence do you think Mouse had in determining the success of premium ships? I for one will say that I purchased a few (and stayed away from others) based on her research, data, and conclusions. And ever since having @Chobittsu join in the fun made it that much easier to follow along. I wish I could say I was surprised. I mean, I sort of am, but I'm mostly disappointed. Disappointed that Wargaming allowed their culture to sink to such lows to drive away such an influence. I don't know how much money I've spent on this game. An uncomfortable amount easily. But no more. I haven't touched the game in months but it may be time to leave this rotten tub. I don't know your plans going forward, Mouse, but let me join in the chorus of saying thank you for all the effort you put into this game. You deserved better. Godspeed.
  7. SomemuttupNorth

    Sailor charged with Arson in USS Bonhomme Richard fire

    Not sure how to feel about this considering the last American warship "lost" (retired before usual time) was USS Miami, which was damaged beyond repair by.... arson.
  8. SomemuttupNorth

    USS Thresher

    Literally the only time that picture came up as "Thresher" for me was a Quora answer where a commenter correctly identified it. Of course that could be a Google vs. Bing or something thing As for details, the wrecks of all those ships are in relatively intact portions. When Dr. Ballard surveyed the wreck, though, "Ballard's robotic survey showed that the depth at which Thresher had sunk caused implosion and total destruction; the only recoverable piece was a foot of mangled pipe." That being said there are some photos of notable wreckage: https://www.ibiblio.org/hyperwar/OnlineLibrary/photos/sh-usn/usnsh-t/ssn593-l.htm
  9. SomemuttupNorth

    USS Thresher

    That is not Thresher. That is the wreck of USS O-9, which sank in 1941 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_O-9_(SS-70) The Thresher imploded. Her wreck sits 8,100 feet down, and SOSUS, on the date of her sinking, detected an implosion event at 0918 2,400 feet down. Thresher did not sink slowly enough to remain habitable. The following post goes into detail about the sinking:
  10. SomemuttupNorth

    Val vs. Stuka: Who sank more?

    I didn't think about friendly fire
  11. That's right, we're looking at everyone's favorite subject... WWII aviation! ... Wait, don't go, please! Ok, so I have to admit I'm not a historian outside of a few books and an avid Wikipedia spelunker. However, something I found odd was how discussing the Aichi D3A "Val" carrier dive bomber, its article proclaims this aircraft "sank the most Allied warships out of any Axis aircraft". [edited] also touts this on one of their loading screen fun facts... or used to, I don't know anymore. A lovely lady for a date. But when I look at the ships that are recorded as being sunk solely by Vals, I can't help but wonder how it got this reputation, when surely the amount of action in Europe would put another contender, a dive bomber at that, up first. The one, the only, the screaming meanie, the Junkers Ju 87 Stuka Yes I know it's not a picture but I couldn't find any color pictures of one in flight so shush. Anyways, looking at the kills, below is what the D3A Val is credited for sinking, entirely due to damage they alone created: USS Peary, American destroyer, 19 February 1942 – Australia (Darwin)[20] USS Pope, American destroyer, 1 March 1942 – Java Sea USS Edsall, American destroyer, 1 March 1942- Indian Ocean USS Pecos, American oiler, 1 March 1942- Indian Ocean HMS Cornwall, British heavy cruiser, 5 April 1942 – Indian Ocean HMS Dorsetshire, British heavy cruiser, 5 April 1942 – Indian Ocean HMS Hector, British armed merchant cruiser, 5 April 1942 – Indian Ocean HMS Tenedos, British destroyer, 5 April 1942 – Indian Ocean HMS Hermes, British aircraft carrier, 9 April 1942 – Indian Ocean HMAS Vampire, Australian destroyer, 9 April 1942 – Indian Ocean USS Sims, American destroyer, 7 May 1942 – Pacific Ocean USS De Haven, American destroyer, 1 February 1943 – Pacific Ocean (Ironbottom Sound) USS Aaron Ward, American destroyer, 7 April 1943 – Pacific Ocean (Ironbottom Sound) USS Brownson, American destroyer, 26 December 1943 – Pacific Ocean[21] USS Abner Read, American destroyer, sunk by kamikaze 1 November 1944 – Pacific Ocean[22] USS William D. Porter, American destroyer, sunk by kamikaze 10 June 1945 – Japan (Okinawa) This included kamikaze attacks, which, I mean, should count. I'll also give them the credit for USS Porcupine, USS Pigeon (her article doesn't list the type of dive bomber but the Val was the only one in service at the time), and USS Kanawha (an oiler, but she had armament). I did not give credit if a ship was so damaged that she was scuttled, as technically the aircraft did not sink it. Now to the Stuka. Let's start in Poland (as most nations accept WWII began), where in short order they sank "the 1540-ton destroyer Wicher and the minelayer Gryf of the Polish Navy (both moored in a harbour).[97] The torpedo boat Mazur (412 tons) was sunk at Oksywie; the gunboat General Haller (441 tons) was sunk in Hel Harbour on 6 September—during the Battle of Hel—along with the minesweeper Mewa (183 tons) and its sister ships Czapla and Jaskolka with several auxiliaries." Fast forward to 1940 and the Norwegian campaign, where " HMS Bittern was sunk on 30 April. The French large destroyer Bison was sunk along with HMS Afridi by Sturzkampfgeschwader 1 on 3 May 1940". It feels kind of cheap to add the naval trawlers to the list, but they were technically warships, so we'll include "the Jardine (452 tons) and Warwickshire (466 tons)". The Dutch lost Jan Van Galen (1,316 tons) and Johan Maurits Van Nassau (1,520 tons) when the Netherlands was invaded. The Dunkirk evacuation technically takes us above the number of the Val sinkings listed by its article with the destroyers L' Adroit, HMS Grenade, HMS Keith, Foudroyant... not to mention minesweepers or naval trawlers. So what the heck? Granted, some of the Polish units were likely training ships, and many were at port, but still. I haven't even gotten to the Meditteranean or the Eastern Front. Why does the Val get the credit? If I'm missing something obvious (aside from "WW2 didn't start until December 7, 1941"), let me know. Otherwise, feel free to give theories about this.
  12. SomemuttupNorth

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    Oh don't worry, it's locked up. Was looking forward to the Constellation or even a Doolittle Raid Hornet in the future- but the way that this game and especially its development is going, that's gonna be a hard sell.
  13. SomemuttupNorth

    The Legend Lives On

    45 years ago today, the bulk freighter Edmund Fitzgerald went down during a fierce storm on Lake Superior. All 29 men aboard went down with her. All that was found were the two lifeboats, terribly mangled, and some minor debris. The wreck proper was not found until the next spring, in 550 feet of water. The cause of the sinking has never been properly determined, but there are a few strong theories. Of course, I'm posting this in "Music" because of the song Gordon Lightfoot wrote about the wreck: Rest in Peace to all those who don't come ashore, from the ocean or the lakes.
  14. SomemuttupNorth

    German WWI wreck Scharnhorst discovered off Falklands

    Always a grand thing when an old ship is rediscovered.
  15. SomemuttupNorth

    Ship You Still Wish For in the Game

    Lexington battlecruisers, Doolittle Raid USS Hornet, maybe an American armored cruiser class (Pennsylvania class, San Diego as an example, or Tennessee/Memphis), HMAS Sydney or Canberra, HMAS Australia (the battlecruiser)