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  1. SomemuttupNorth

    Always kill the DD

    You'd be surprised how many times I've seen DDs make the difference in a match. A game can sometimes be determined a minute or so after the initial capture point slug-fest; whoever has more DDs left is probably going to win.
  2. SomemuttupNorth

    A laptop that can handle WOWS

    I've been using my Lenovo G50 for a few years now with little problem.
  3. SomemuttupNorth

    Where should I assign the Dunkirk brothers?

    I have Jack on Edinburgh, and Bert on Cossack.
  4. SomemuttupNorth

    Exeter coming!

    Finally, a British heavy cruiser! :D
  5. SomemuttupNorth

    Attacked for mounting Spotter on DM

    Hopping in at this point to announce yes, I, too, use the spotter plane in the Des Moines. I even copied Yuro's captain skills. Hold your anger, please. I've gone pretty darn well in the ship anyways. I would say the video provided (even if just highlights) does help justify the decision. One courtesy, though, could be to alert your team in chat that you are not a radar ship, so they don't get frustrated about that later ( I always do such also in my Edinburgh, as I equip her with radar). Unless you're like me and have utilized one build, try them both out, see what works best for you.
  6. With the start of December, the new month of daily missions rolled around, and I was happily surprised to see a Dreadnought mission available. I was less happy when I saw the requirements. 40 daily missions. Granted I'm sure many people will breeze through this, but I just don't have the time, or drive, to push through two daily missions. I can generally do all the flag requirements, but even if I managed to do a mission a day, that brings me a total of 9 short. And with the holidays and lack of internet on some days... yeah that's not happening. So Dreadnought will be available for individual purchase, I hope?
  7. SomemuttupNorth

    Titanic sinking: Morse code messages

    For those who want to listen, here's another video of the messages from the last day.
  8. SomemuttupNorth

    Premium Ship Review #114 - West Virginia 1941

    Saw this ship was out, immediately looked for LWM's review... Wow, you pay a lot for those 16" shotguns. I don't know, I'll have to think about it. Also I know Wargaming is both trying to be funny and hop on the Fallout 76 bandwagon but I don't really like the camo or approve of the jingle-jangle horn. But it's just a game anyhow.
  9. SomemuttupNorth

    Captains: Family Ties

    Greetings fellow Commanders! This is something I had always thought about due to amusing coincidence with my battleship captains: what if captains with the same last names were related? Based on their appearance, what would their family ties be? I decided to delve a little deeper, and was surprised by the number that came up (yes, I know that not everyone with similar last names are related, and it's purely random, but it's still fun to think about). If you're curious, here's the assortment of my captains and their familial ties: First of all (and the one I noticed first) is Admiral Charles Brown, captain of USS Montana. His uncle, Captain Joseph Brown, is CO of USS Texas, and his second cousin is Commodore Matthew Brown, CO of... HMS King George V. Still in the US, we also have Warrant Officer Brian Harper of the Smith, and his son, Lt. Cmdr Richard Harper of USS Helena (time skip because all the Smith-class were scrapped in the 1920s). There's also twin brothers Matthew and Kelly Ward, both Rear Admirals and captain of USS Massachusetts and USS Seattle, respectively (their icons are the exact same), with their cousin Cmdr Harold Ward in command of USS Wickes. Vice Admiral Maurice Reed commands USS Fletcher, while his older brother, Cmdr Lawrence Reed, is on the Clemson. Captain Maurice Dickinson on USS Kidd while his father, Lt George Dickinson, commands USS St. Louis. Finally, there's the Oakley cousins, with Cmdr Benjamin Oakley on Sims, and older cousin Lt Lawrence Oakley on Omaha. Phew! Done! ... With the US, hahaha. Since this list is going to get kind of long, I'll include the rest in a spoiler. If you like the idea, feel free to comment with your family trees!
  10. SomemuttupNorth

    Who have you seen in game

    Well @Chobittsu only lasted another 5 seconds or so after that to savor his victory >XP (his team won though)
  11. SomemuttupNorth

    Norway, Do you need some Hotel Yankee Flags?

    Fortunately, no Royal Norwegian Navy sailors were killed in the accident, and only 8 were injured. Before we all point and laugh at Norway, though, remember the US Navy had the exact same issue last year. Twice.
  12. I thought the Barracuda was an S-boat (S-class submarine), under the assumption that the captains stuck to similar nations (Einstein previously sailed the Igor, based on the St. Louis)
  13. It's TMZ. That's all that really needs to be said on the matter. (Except that glad no one was hurt)