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  1. SomemuttupNorth

    The Legend Lives On

    45 years ago today, the bulk freighter Edmund Fitzgerald went down during a fierce storm on Lake Superior. All 29 men aboard went down with her. All that was found were the two lifeboats, terribly mangled, and some minor debris. The wreck proper was not found until the next spring, in 550 feet of water. The cause of the sinking has never been properly determined, but there are a few strong theories. Of course, I'm posting this in "Music" because of the song Gordon Lightfoot wrote about the wreck: Rest in Peace to all those who don't come ashore, from the ocean or the lakes.
  2. SomemuttupNorth

    German WWI wreck Scharnhorst discovered off Falklands

    Always a grand thing when an old ship is rediscovered.
  3. SomemuttupNorth

    Ship You Still Wish For in the Game

    Lexington battlecruisers, Doolittle Raid USS Hornet, maybe an American armored cruiser class (Pennsylvania class, San Diego as an example, or Tennessee/Memphis), HMAS Sydney or Canberra, HMAS Australia (the battlecruiser)
  4. SomemuttupNorth

    Premium Ship Review #126 - Georgia

    Thanks for the great review as always Mouse! I just can't help but ask... WHY? Why did WG need to shove through a nearly-total fiction USN ship?? Oh well. I'll be saving my coal for Jean Bart anyhow.
  5. SomemuttupNorth

    A War Vet Floats Again

    Throughout the United States, various submarines are serving as memorials and museum ships. One of these is the Balao-class submarine USS Batfish (SS-310), who has spent the last 40 years or so in a landlocked bowl in Muskogee, Oklahoma. However, the Arkansas River (which Batfish navigated back in the 60's to her current home) has recently experienced severe flooding. So severe, in fact, that 15 feet of water is standing in her berth, enough for the old sub to float again. If you look close, you can see her listing a little as the water lifts her off the ground. Firefighters later corrected this list by flooding the ballast tanks of the sub. As of now, there are no reports of involuntary water being taken on. All WWII memorabilia and artifacts were removed prior to the flood as a precaution. Hopefully the community of Muskogee weathers the flood without major damage. Until the waters recede, Batfish stands guard.
  6. SomemuttupNorth

    The Brand New Giant Russian Submarine

    Yesterday, the Sevmash shipyards floated out a behemoth of a submarine. This being the Belgorod, topping out at 604 feet long (184 meters) and weighing 30,000 tons submerged, it's the longest submarine in the world. ... I say brand new, but the hull's been sitting incomplete since 1992, so some of her is older than some of her enlisted crew, but still. She's a derivative of the Oscar-II-class of attack submarines, but she does not carry any missiles. Instead, she's designed for special operations, acting as a mothership for covert underwater missions. She does, however, carry six Poseidon "intercontinental" nuclear torpedoes (wat). So she's a whole bucket of fun, from the looks of it. Also, no, she's not the largest submarine, as the Typhoons beat her in tonnage.
  7. Happy St. Patrick's Day Captains! Hope you're all enjoying yourselves responsibly and flying your Shamrock flags proudly! Last year on this day I mentioned the original ship of the Irish Naval Service, the Muirchu, formerly the HMY Helga II (link here if you want to read about that: This years, I'll bring up three proper warships commissioned post WWII that served for decades after hostilities flying the Irish tricolor. These were the Flower-class corvettes LÉ Macha (01), LÉ Maev (02), and LÉ Cliona (03) ^ LÉ Macha Irish Flower-class Corvettes: Class and type:Flower-class corvette Displacement:1020 tons standard (1280 full load) Length: 205 ft (62 m) Beam: 33 ft (10 m) Depth:14 ft (4.3 m) Installed power: Single reciprocating vertical 4-cylinder triple expansion by John Kincaid, Greenock. Propulsion: 2,759 ihp (2,057 kW) 2 cylindrical Scotch single-ended boilers. Single shaft Speed: 16 knots (30 km/h; 18 mph) max 12 knots (22 km/h; 14 mph) cruise Complement: 5 officers, 74 ratings Sensors and processing systems: ASDIC Radio Radar Gyrocompass Echo sounder Decca Navigator System Electronic warfare & decoys: Degaussing Armament: 1 × BL 4 inch Mk IX naval gunreplaced in 1960 by a QF 4 inch Mk XIX naval gun 1 × QF 2 pounder naval gun 2 × Oerlikon 20 mm cannons 1 × hedgehog mortar 4 × depth-charge throwers 2 × depth-charge racks Past Lives: Macha was built in Greenock and completed 29 April 1942, commissioned as HMS Borage (K120). She escorted over 50 convoys from June 1942 onwards, with only two ships damaged in all those times. She was also part of the JW55B convoy, which was the target of the battleship Scharnhorst before her destruction at the Battle of the North Cape. She was sold in 1946. (Borage during Royal Navy service. She originally had minesweeping gear as seen on her bow, but this was later removed) Maev was built in Glasgow, completed 28 December 1941 and commissioned as HMS Oxlip (K123). She escorted 18 Arctic convoys during her career, before being decommissioned and sold in 1946. Cliona was also built in Greenoch by John Brown and Co., commissioned 20 November 1941 as HMS Bellwort (K114). She sailed South Atlantic convoys, and participated in the Convoy TS 37 battle, where 7 merchants were sunk in one night. She was sold in 1947. Irish Service There isn't a whole lot to say here. They had long, relatively uneventful careers in the INS. Macha, named after an Irish goddess of war, had the honor of carrying William Butler Yeat's body home from France in 1948. The voyage took 17 days, from Nice to Galway. Macha was sold for scrap 22 November 1970. Maev was named after the legendary queen of Connacht, Medb. She had an uneventful career, being decommissioned in 1972. Cliona was named after an Irish goddess of love. on 29 May 1962, she suffered a serious fire during public depth charge exercises. Fortunately, no one was injured, and the ship made port under her own power. Scrolls of recognition were eventually issued to the crews in honor of their efforts in battling the blaze. Cliona was sold for scrap 4 March 1970. That's all for this time. Have a good, fun, and safe Saint Paddy's Day!
  8. SomemuttupNorth

    Are you planning to refund your CV’s?

    I'm not much of a carrier player... ok, barely at all. I ground up to Independence, and may try again. At the very least I'll keep Hosho. Saipan will go, as she's being turned into a mini-Midway; I only kept her because of her unique aircraft.
  9. SomemuttupNorth

    Premium Ship Review: USS Saipan

    Sorry for the necro, but it looks like Saipan will be losing her Corsairs and Skyraiders with the update, replaced with Midway aircraft. Probably going to sell mine if that's the case. If not, I'll happily eat my hat.
  10. SomemuttupNorth

    Always kill the DD

    You'd be surprised how many times I've seen DDs make the difference in a match. A game can sometimes be determined a minute or so after the initial capture point slug-fest; whoever has more DDs left is probably going to win.
  11. SomemuttupNorth

    A laptop that can handle WOWS

    I've been using my Lenovo G50 for a few years now with little problem.
  12. SomemuttupNorth

    Where should I assign the Dunkirk brothers?

    I have Jack on Edinburgh, and Bert on Cossack.
  13. SomemuttupNorth

    Exeter coming!

    Finally, a British heavy cruiser! :D
  14. SomemuttupNorth

    Attacked for mounting Spotter on DM

    Hopping in at this point to announce yes, I, too, use the spotter plane in the Des Moines. I even copied Yuro's captain skills. Hold your anger, please. I've gone pretty darn well in the ship anyways. I would say the video provided (even if just highlights) does help justify the decision. One courtesy, though, could be to alert your team in chat that you are not a radar ship, so they don't get frustrated about that later ( I always do such also in my Edinburgh, as I equip her with radar). Unless you're like me and have utilized one build, try them both out, see what works best for you.
  15. With the start of December, the new month of daily missions rolled around, and I was happily surprised to see a Dreadnought mission available. I was less happy when I saw the requirements. 40 daily missions. Granted I'm sure many people will breeze through this, but I just don't have the time, or drive, to push through two daily missions. I can generally do all the flag requirements, but even if I managed to do a mission a day, that brings me a total of 9 short. And with the holidays and lack of internet on some days... yeah that's not happening. So Dreadnought will be available for individual purchase, I hope?