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  1. The Anti-Pirate Coalition

    Sure about that mate? The US Navy hasn't been too fond of pirates in the past. (And it just so happens I main the American branches)
  2. I gotta say, I really like the steam horns of the low-tier DDs, but there's something about the Cleveland's horn that I like. It's unique, and kind of jarring... sounds a bit like an early diesel locomotive horn, tbh (and if I knew how, I'd put that horn on other ships)
  3. Best BBq joint you've ever eaten at?

    Thanksgiving 2016, my college roommate and I went to Yellowstone. One day we went to visit West Yellowstone (for reasons that ended in disappointment but that's another story). On our way back he remembered a place his family ate at, that we stopped for a meal: Gallatin Riverhouse Grill, a place along US 191, not too far from Big Sky. Overall unassuming, the smoker leaked into the dining room so we reeked of woodsmoke by the end, but I'll be damned if that wasn't some grade-A BBQ. Scenic too, right on the Gallatin River.
  4. Who have you seen in game

    Forgot to post updates. Aside from the previous battles with/against LWM and Mouse, saw JiveTurkey in a game yesterday (unfortunately, our team was utterly crushed). Also this match with Notser: (I'm the Kidd on his team and my fellow FOXEH clanmate is in the Baltimore)
  5. Nice job! I got Guilio Cesare out of one
  6. The U.S.S. The Sullivans is in trouble

    Constitution is still in commission with the US Navy, and run by the National Park Service. A good majority of museum ships like The Sullivans are probably operated by non-profit groups.
  7. Mouse Needs Your Help for Salem Review

    As I don't yet have DM, here's two battles from Premium tier 8 ships, the ARP Takao and Tirpitz Takao first, then Tirpitz
  8. Premium Ship Review #102: Monaghan

    Another great review Mouse! I for one will be skipping Monaghan- she's a Farragut, which is nice, but I feel her end was rather ignoble- she foundered in Typhoon Cobra in 1944. I gave some info on that in this old post here:
  9. Mouse Needs Your Help for Salem Review

    ANY Tier 8 premium you say? Hmm... should be able to get some results in Kidd and Tirpitz later. Standing by for action!
  10. The Hunger Games: Forum Addition

    I got smacked by a fireball. Probably went into the magazine. Whattaya know, I went out like my profile picture just like the gypsy woman said... bleh
  11. I'm game, either in the North Carolina or Fletcher. On the other side, I could do Akatsuki or Harekaze.
  12. Shark Week!

    I lost faith in Shark Week when they started doing those ridiculous fake documentaries. When the focus turned to scaring people instead of educating them. Still, I should play my Indianapolis and Atlanta more often that week.
  13. Memorial Day

    A somber thank you to all veterans of the United States Air Force/Army Air Corps, Navy, Marines, Army, and Coast Guard for putting yourselves between our country and the enemy. Words cannot express the gratitude the people of the United States owe you, but this day will hopefully shine some light on your duties, and on those who made the ultimate sacrifice. And while I don't know if it's recognized elsewhere, but a thankful Memorial Day to the veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces, the Mexican military, Latin American forces, and anyone serving in any military on our planet. You were prepared to lose everything to defend your home. That cannot be honored enough.