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  1. SomemuttupNorth

    PSA Hurricane Michael and the SE US

    Hurricane Michael made landfall today as a Category 4 hurricane. Hopefully those in the path of the storm did not try to ride it out and evacuated. It was estimated that the storm would bring a 12-ft storm surge, and winds of over 145 mph. Stay safe all those affected.
  2. SomemuttupNorth

    Who have you seen in game

    @Pigeon_of_War and I just sank each other- him in the Scharnhorst, me in my Lyon, on the Neighbors map. I'd call that a fitting end to my Lyon grind
  3. SomemuttupNorth


    They did it. Those crazy sons of boats, they did it.
  4. SomemuttupNorth

    Video - Dunkirk Movies list

    One thing I really like about the movie poster... See the ship behind Tommy? That's L'Adroit, a French destroyer beached following an attack by HE-111s. Everyone on board survived. UPDATE: Turns out the poster one is a replica they made for the movie. Neat
  5. SomemuttupNorth

    A sad day in FL: Mass-shooting at Gaming Tourney

    Saw the video of the moment of the incident... horrible indeed, and all the support to victims and families. (I will not post the link here, as it has graphic audio). And of course, being the NA forum, this turned political quickly. InB4 the thread lock.
  6. SomemuttupNorth

    Aircraft squadrons

    Greetings fellow captains, Rare sights as they are, carriers are definitely unique in game, and I enjoy downing my share of their planes. Something to note, though, is that in my games, each squadron of aircraft is represented by a single plane, with the number of aircraft in green/red above them. Meanwhile, in replays, you can see the full squadrons. Is there a way to edit the aircraft in my settings, or is it set to graphics? I sail on low graphics because I play on a laptop. Thanks, and happy hunting!
  7. SomemuttupNorth

    The Anti-Pirate Coalition

    Sure about that mate? The US Navy hasn't been too fond of pirates in the past. (And it just so happens I main the American branches)
  8. I gotta say, I really like the steam horns of the low-tier DDs, but there's something about the Cleveland's horn that I like. It's unique, and kind of jarring... sounds a bit like an early diesel locomotive horn, tbh (and if I knew how, I'd put that horn on other ships)
  9. SomemuttupNorth

    Best BBq joint you've ever eaten at?

    Thanksgiving 2016, my college roommate and I went to Yellowstone. One day we went to visit West Yellowstone (for reasons that ended in disappointment but that's another story). On our way back he remembered a place his family ate at, that we stopped for a meal: Gallatin Riverhouse Grill, a place along US 191, not too far from Big Sky. Overall unassuming, the smoker leaked into the dining room so we reeked of woodsmoke by the end, but I'll be damned if that wasn't some grade-A BBQ. Scenic too, right on the Gallatin River.
  10. SomemuttupNorth

    Who have you seen in game

    Forgot to post updates. Aside from the previous battles with/against LWM and Mouse, saw JiveTurkey in a game yesterday (unfortunately, our team was utterly crushed). Also this match with Notser: (I'm the Kidd on his team and my fellow FOXEH clanmate is in the Baltimore)
  11. SomemuttupNorth

    Finally something to brag about from a super container

    Nice job! I got Guilio Cesare out of one
  12. SomemuttupNorth

    The U.S.S. The Sullivans is in trouble

    Constitution is still in commission with the US Navy, and run by the National Park Service. A good majority of museum ships like The Sullivans are probably operated by non-profit groups.