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  1. Teske

    0.9.8 Update Pre-load

    Done! in 1/4 the time I spent trying to get the update to work.
  2. Teske

    0.9.8 Update Pre-load

    Changed nothing other than uninstalled and am now downloading full client vs just the update. Note: Now I'm throttling at 10 MB/s so there is enough leftover bandwidth for my family to work that will be starting within half a hour from my posting this, also why I don't allow upload as that's much more limited and more disruptive to my families work connection. I suspect this will be done by the time I crawl in bed after making breakfast.
  3. Teske

    0.9.8 Update Pre-load

    There is not reason for this download to be this slow! When installing fresh (with to same settings, for all you "it's your fault" people) I was at 15 MB/s. Last major patch it was faster to uninstall and reinstall the whole game, I was done redownloading and fix all my preferences within 2hours, compared to this patch I'm on hour 4. I'm not to sit with my computer on all week for a download that makes Slowpoke Rodriguez look fast.
  4. Once again great for those that can actually run it. "Improved and optimized", my stern. Tried it again last month, same problems years ago that led me to find the old launcher and not look back: hard crash my main rig, crash to desktop my laptop, and had my brothers computer act like it was possessed. I read, edit, write ancient archaic programs for a living (look up G-code of CNC machines), a consumer ready product in this day and era should work better that this.
  5. Glad for those that can, I can't. 3 times I've tried, it hard crashes my computer. One of those attempts was on a fresh install of OS, it was right after I built my new rig, so spare me if someone wants to go on about about it's on my end, and I'm not being fair, or trying hard enough to make it work, I don't care it doesn't work as advertised for me and thus I view it as defective. WGC is the only program I've ever ran on this rig that constantly BOD's my computer. Other programs have crashed and dumped me at desktop but never the whole rig. Go back to classic launcher, only the usual problems that are share by many members of the community and easily fixed. So, when I can't use the classic launcher or a work around with steam or something else, I'm done, not because I want to be but because I will then be forced out.
  6. One does realize that the vast majority of players don't use the forums, let alone comment and will just disappear.
  7. Teske

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    Chief of quad racing.