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  1. Mexicanarmada15

    Warship Wednesday - Current Vessels

    Alaska - Pretty new ship to play with Missouri - Need credits since I just got to Ibuki, Monarch, and Buffalo all at once (so poor) Buffalo - To test it out and about to start the grind for des memes (saving up coal for salem)
  2. Mexicanarmada15

    Why you like your username?

    Mexican - because the country we (family) are from Armada - because ships are cool 15 - was meant to be 1588 but WG has an issue with 88 apparently. It was supposed to be a joke about Mexicanarmada1588 since mexico didn't have a real navy and the 1588 was about the sinking of the armada as in I will probably sink in the match... (my survival rate is a bit low).
  3. I am sorry for your loss.

    I remember reading his detailed series when the forums had just started.  I mean I still remember his topic about getting married and being a father....... I feel for their family and hope that they are doing well.

    For the sea is so wide and the ship so small, may the waves be calm and the wind gently blowing, onto the next course onto the next journey.

  4. i would tell you not to i hate the new mogami and you will too. if you have the credits free XP it

  5. Mexicanarmada15

    Premium Ship Review -- PLAN Anshan (2.0)

    I absolutely love the gnevy, one of my favorite dds. Its good at killing dds at its tier as well as being able to citadel cruisers that come to close. Nothing like charging down a bb who will panic and then torp him in the face. I have repeatedly killed 6 ships in one game with it though haven't been able to get higher lol. Getting the anshan will at least give me a reason to get the kiev once that discount comes around. The anshan in the battles I have used it plays exactly like a gnevy but the torps at 8km give it versatility through utility. It is a dd that can do well in more situations making it more dangerous for its tier. At tier 6 which is probably where it should be with those torps and guns means you will face bensons and fubukis in which case you stay closer to cruisers who will assist you in taking them down. But in tiers 5 6 and even 7 it is very competitive. If the gnevy was like the anshan I would say drop the ognevoi lol.
  6. Mexicanarmada15

    A Marine term in WoWS for Lemmings

    Salmon would be good. Team races until the first engagement then runs back to original spawn(ing) point.
  7. Mexicanarmada15

    Premium Ship Review: IJN Fujin

    Yeah I don't mind the bright orange since its 50 percent xp, with the detection 6.0, plus its reloadable without paying credits or gold ^u^. Definitely glad premium ships are getting this.