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  1. shot-19_03.04_23_23.40-0525.thumb.jpg.ff32cfa80e5b18caca3e6706c42c1c75.jpg

    So, I had enough coal to get me a Yubari

    1. Estimated_Prophet


      Now you can annoy Hermes, Lang and Hosho...

      ...better not mess with Hosho -sama...

    2. Rolkatsuki



    3. vonKaiser


      I've done a bunch of reviews on it and it's one of my favorite low tier ships (don't let Emden know I said that).  Don't have many games in her sadly because I retired it with an 11 win 0 loss streak lol.  But from what I remember, if you build for accuracy it's almost TOO accurate.  If your aim is slightly off in other ships, RNG and dispersion will make it so you might still land a shot.  Yubari cares not for chance.  It will put shells EXACTLY where you tell it and if it's your aim that off?  Yubari does not care because it's putting them where you told her too.  Then everyone get's bent out of shape that she's got the worst torpedo arcs, which is true, but if you're using the torps at the risk of being shot in return, well it's probably a lost cause situation to begin with.  I tend to treat her like an oversized DD early on, she's a handful for enemy DD's to deal with, and then once the DD threat is dealt with she's pretty much a USN Light cruiser.  Island are your friend type of style.