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  1. Without animus to offend anyone....

    This is how some CV players are feeling right now.


    (Yes, I started watching Aggretsuko. It's hilarious)

    1. Jim_Byrnes


      Being a BB and CA main I haven't really followed the CV debate closely. From the videos I have watched it looks like a step forward but the controls issue is a common theme. Are you seeing a positive outcome likely?

    2. Cruiser_SanJuan


      Well, like I told @Estimated_Prophet, I'm ok so far. I'm a mellow guy.

      It's the fanatical, sanctimonious players that I can't stand. Probably because of my mellowness. 

      Dude, wanna chill? What's your booze of choice? Beer, Whiskey, Rum, Vodka, Sake or Port Wine?


      see what I mean? :Smile_glasses:

    3. Jim_Byrnes


      Mean people and elitist people suck! :cap_rambo:

      But yes, another round of sake flavored with strawberry would hit the spot!