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  1. No opinion on my wild speculation of carrier re-balancing?


    Those of you who played the recent CV test, surely saw that Ranger  was a T6 instead of the usual T7. I read somewhere on the forum that the CV rework would also include rebalancing of ships. 

    My theory is that they plan to do away with Bogue, "demote" Independence, Ranger and Lexington down one notch and then introduce Yorktown as the new T8.


    IV       LANGLEY
    VI       RANGER
    IX       ESSEX
    X        MIDWAY


    And why stop there?
    IV      HŌSHŌ
    V       RYŪJŌ
    VI      HIRYŪ
    VII     AKAGI
    IX      TAIHŌ
    X      HAKURYŪ

    I did my research of the real life specs of Akagi and Hiryu, and they are nearly identical, save for Hiryu's higher speed. My reason for placing Akagi in T7 (she was T8 during the game Alpha stage) is that, like Lexington, she was a converted battlecruiser.

    Also, Akagi on Tier 7 and Yorktown on Tier 8 match their premium sisters, Kaga and Enterprise, respectively.

    As for Wasp and Shinano, they could be released as Premiums, either for pay or for XP.

    So, what do you think? Should I dare post this in the main forum?


    1. Rolkatsuki


      Interesting thought, share it with the wider community and see what the others think, im liking the premium idea CVs 

    2. Jim_Byrnes


      It's thoughtful and well written I'd say post it and see what shakes out.