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  1. Why is it that 75% to 80% of the time I pick the side of the map where 2/3 of the enemy fleet shows up?


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    2. Talleyrand


      Next time dont pick a side. Just wait in the back withouth moving.
      There will be a strange bug and the enemy will be teleported to next to you :P


    3. Estimated_Prophet


      You unconsciously think you are a unicum, and inevitably go to the decisive point?

      A counter point to this; is when you and another ship or two are holding that major part of the enemy off, but the rest of your team is so pathetically cowardly and/or  incompetent they can’t push past the 2-3 Reds doing the same thing you are.

      The Reds inevitably beat you down, and your Greens are still cowering from some half-health destroyer hiding behind a rock...

    4. The_first_harbinger


      Eh, at least you are getting a knack with predicting where the enemies will be XD
      Use it to your advantage if you can!