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  1. My WOWS Wish List (in no particular order)
    USN: Brooklyn and Worcester class cruisers,
    Alaska class large cruiser,
    Lexington class battlecruiser

    IJN: Sendai, Agano and Tone class cruisers,
    Akagi and Shinano class carriers

    Royal Navy Carriers and Destroyers
    Marine Nationale Battleships and Destroyers
    Regia Marina

    I realize some of these are tough to balance, but I'm willing to wait whatever it takes to get a good product. I trust WG can do it, as long as they learned their lesson from the Graf Zeppelin debacle.

    1. Sledgehammer427


      +1 to lady lex battlecruisers. I really like the as planned lines and halfway wished they weren't redrawn for a CV

    2. Cruiser_SanJuan


      I'm hoping WG picks the name Constellation, as Lexington is already in game as a carrier class with Saratoga being the actual ship.

      Also, wasn't Constellation the 3rd most advanced in construction when they were cancelled?