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  1. So, this morning, at 4:24 AM Atlantic Time, Puerto Rico was struck with a 6.6 earthquake. The epicenter was a few miles off the south coast of the Island,close to my hometown of Ponce. There has been only 1 death, Thank Goodness, but there is a lot of damage to both old buildings, and new buildings that weren't built according to code.

    My immediate family (Mother & siblings) all live outside Puerto Rico. We've heard from other relatives and friends and most of them are OK, if shaken (no pun intended).

    Many people will be camping outside their homes for the next couple of days. I hope & pray this was THE BIG ONE that we've been expecting for decades (The last major quake was in 1918 ).

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    2. BladedPheonix


      meh I'd rather we not do a back and forth on this.


      besides we both know that if Iran does anything they'll have 40 countries jumping on their back and from what I hear, India the Saudies and even Pakistan  would be happier and more co-operative if the place were turned into a parking lot. it would also allow us to finally stop all that terrorist funding in Africa as well and maybe start getting Africa as a whole lifted into 2nd world status.



      Just in case this does come to pass, my only question is as follows....


      I just want to know what they will be saying 1-200 years from now that when kids open their textbooks and relise that WW3 started over a SNAPCHAT FIGHT!:fish_palm:

      I'll be really Po-ed too because My guess for WW3 was trade disputes in the Western Pacific with china and other countries. They're even  calling it "the new silk road" due to all the new ports china is building all over the place leading to the suez canal.:cap_cool: 


      Kinda wished America would do that to some of the island's we own in the south Pacific, we could use them for bases, renewable energy, or even food production for the people down there. But I guess if it doesn't bring in money or benifit the nation in some matter, they won't green light a program like that. real shame if you think about it.


      :cap_old: oh well...

    3. Jim_Byrnes


      I'm happy to hear your family and loved ones are safe! 

      I'm also guessing from the tone of other comments I'm the only one who was around for the hostage crisis and Carter's sackless incompetence  and held my mother as we welcomed home family from Nam to bury them. There is a huge cultural misunderstanding of Arab countries who only respect someone who can and will destroy them instantly and smile at those like Obama as they lie and hold the knife behind their back tighter. 

      They know we can have air superiority over them in in a matter of hours and sink their navy faster than a co-op game but we choose not too. Bit by a dog? The dog is just a crapstain on a sand dune after being run over by a tank....

    4. BladedPheonix


      @Jim_Byrnes  I wasn't born yet but I study a lot of military and political history


      and yeah I noticed a lot of democrates/Leftists don't do too well when it comes to military decisions, they never listen to the men who actually know how things work. 


      hell there was even a video back in 2012 (I think?) where they wanted to replace the A-10 warthog (hands down one of the best air-to ground planes ever) with B1/B2 bombers FOR CLOSE AIR-SUPPORT!:fish_palm:


      They also never stand tall and firm when things get tough/serious, they always bend the knee or "pay the fine".  as my late grandfather would say

      Yet if you give them a screen to hide behind they magically grow the biggest coa-coa nuts ever seen and will triple down on things! Truly pathetic:Smile_sceptic:


      Also, pretty sure binkov made a scenario about a "what-if" attack against Iran? US won basically every round, he's down 2 videos on the subject already.


      Granted there are better channels with more detail than Binkov, but his deductions seem to have no bias on conflict outcomes.







      Lastly, Wasn't it Winston Churchill that said "Islam is to man, what rabies is to dogs!"? you'd think with a quote like that people would take better precautions. 

      then again most people don't bother reading history these days. maybe that's why the worlds so broken at the moment?:cap_hmm: