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  1. I've edited my signature again.

    Removed the snarky WOWS 3rd/4th anniversary comment.

    Also removed the Tone and Ise from my wish list. After perusing various forum threads on the subject of hybrid aviation warships, I've come to the conclusion that implementing them in game satisfactorily will be near impossible. In order to make them work WG would have to bring back RTS gameplay, and if they do the CV players will go absolutely berserk (not me, though).

    BTW, I got complimented by @Hiro804 on 2 of my port wishes. Any of you have more suggestions?

    My WOWS Wish Lists
    USN: Lexington class battlecruiser, Northampton class heavy cruiser, 2nd Carrier Branch, 2nd Battleship Branch IJN: Sendai class cruiser, Shinano class carrier & 2nd Carrier Branch Royal Navy Heavy Cruisers & 2nd Carrier Branch • Marine Nationale Carrier Bearn • Regia Marina  Destroyers, Battleships & Carrier Aquila
    Ports: NAS Norfolk  Boston Harbor  Houston Ship Channel (with San Jacinto Monument in background)  San Francisco Golden Gate • San Diego • Halifax • Panama Canal • Rio de Janeiro  Rio de la Plata/River Plate estuary  Liverpool  Scapa Flow  Napoli (with Mt. Vesuvius in background)  Truk Lagoon  Rabaul  Darwin, Australia  Sydney, Australia

    1. Estimated_Prophet




      All it would need in the background would be a Norwegian and French ship passing each other in the narrows...