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  1. When I went to see Pearl Harbor I was expecting "Saving Private Ryan on the Sea", and instead I got "Titanic with Explosions".

    Today I saw Midway, hoping not to repeat the PH experience and thankfully I wasn't disappointed.

    The story was kept faithful to historical events. It was shown from both sides of the conflict.

     The interaction between the protagonist and their spouses was portrayed without any melodramatic embellishments.

    CGI use was just right,  not excessive. The warships and planes involved were portrayed accurately.

    Before the end credits rolled they showed photos of the real-life historical protagonists with captions telling their fate during the war, including that of Admiral Yamamoto.

    I give it 5 out of 5 stars and strongly recommend it. 

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    2. BladedPheonix


      also just saw the movie last night. great film though there were 5 things I would've changed


      1: show USS Lexington being attacked during the fight

      2: make the IJN fleet into 2 units like they were in real life. Yamato was like 30 miles away form the CVs IRL

      3: have the IJN spotter plane later discover the carriers and have an added scene where the IJN admiral struggles to decide his course of action

      4:  remove the remark "they also have the biggest battlrship in the world with them" from the film, because we didn't even know about the yamato class bbs at this time

      5: show another scene where the IJN attack planes attack Lexington again and make it seem as they are finding a "new" CV yet its the same ship. maybe have a remark by a crew member, saying "better get ready for round 2" or somthing along those lines



    3. Estimated_Prophet


      You mean Yorktown?

      Though the ‘Lexington’ they showed sinking in the brief Coral Sea bit was a repurposed version of a Yorktown model.

      (Either just being cheap, or saving money on creating a new model for a short scene at best, (coughstealfromwowscough,) or being blindingly unaware Lexington was a different class entirely at worst.)

    4. BladedPheonix


      your'e right, my bad. always mix those 2 up.:Smile_veryhappy: