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  1. Well, I whine about not knowing whether Yahagi had been released or not, and, lo and behold, she shows up on the WOWS front page. :Smile_teethhappy::Smile-_tongue:

    1. vonKaiser


      Just finishing up my review video on it.  Basically if you like the Yubari, you'll probably like Yahagi.  Squishy though.  Guns have a high arc at range.  Good fire chance though.

    2. vonKaiser


      First time out, dev struck.  Managed to pull off a decent showing in the second game though :/

    3. Jim_Byrnes


      So what's your assessment of Yahagi? The comments I've seen so far suggest many players forgot the playstyle difference between IJN light and heavy cruisers and seem to expect her to be a baby Atago. That and the fact that IJN cruisers are built of bamboo with gumwrappers for hull armor.